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  • 18.5K Subscribers
    46 Avg.Video Views
    14.96% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: We are all invite you to play pubg survivetilldawn, pubgzombie, pubgdarkestnight in Tamil.
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  • 41.8K Subscribers
    303 Avg.Video Views
    8.32% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: It's Multi Entertainment Gaming Channel.Here we talk about gaming news,games live streaming and many more about games so show your support and SUBSCRIBE us Thank you..
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  • 85K Subscribers
    7.85K Avg.Video Views
    3.07% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: I'm Vinay & I'm based in Mumbai. My Passion, Work & Hobby is Automobiles I've worked with India's various Auto OEMs like Maruti Suzuki and Tata motors. I specialize whole 9yards of car customisation, Car restoration and car bodyshop. Here on this channel I post videos related to.... You guessed it.. Automobiles. Sometimes I vlog also and do product and car reviews. I'm based currently based in Mumbai and I don't have any branches elsewhere. My Email : Only WhatsApp +91 77000 07141 Please only text if you are genuinely interested in Customisation.
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  • 9.51K Subscribers
    168 Avg.Video Views
    12.04% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Upload 4-5 videos every week! Vlogs, MotoVlogs, Personal Reviews, Tips/DIY, Travel & Lifestyle. Twitter & Instagram: @theahmedmakki Facebook: ahmedmakkiofficial Hope to entertain, inform & inspire. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel (on the right) and don't forget to turn on the notification bell. Support me by showing your love: Instamojo: FAQ: How old are you? 29 Single? Nope Where do you live (Currently)? New Delhi Where were you raised and brought up? Kuwait, Middle-East How long were you there? 23 Years Do you have a job? Nope, got a couple of business ventures What camera(s) do you use? Canon 200D, Oneplus 5T, YI 4K+, YI 4K Audio? BOYA-MM1, BOYA M1 Lavalier Mic Editing Software? Filmora9, Adobe Premiere CC For Video sharing and Collaboration contact me Thanks for your support! Love, Peace! Life is short so live every day!
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