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  • 153 Subscribers
    1.31K Avg.Video Views
    0.8% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: 年間7,000 冊以上の英文書籍、2,000 誌を超えるジャーナルを出版し、そのすべてのコンテンツはオンライン・サービスとしてSpringerLinkなどからご利用いただけます。
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  • 986 Subscribers
    52.28K Avg.Video Views
    3.6% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: I am an idiot in his basement clawing his way through college while making videos in his spare time. Join me on my journey to Internet Mediocrity.
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  • 440K Subscribers
    46.95K Avg.Video Views
    14.28% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: this channel for sharing life experiences , skills and inspirational events in many fileds About Dr. Moustafa Yaser - Medical student - Film Maker - Public Speaker and Trainer - Writer - Video Editor - CEO of Glow store _ LST Founder For Ads or Media Inquires :
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  • 46.9K Subscribers
    473 Avg.Video Views
    6.44% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: svsembedded provides 100% output guaranteed Real Time projects for final year engineering students in various categories We are providing final year projects kits and training for engineering students. ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, EIE Engineering Projects, Final year Projects, Latest IEEE Projects, Mini Projects, School Projects, Science Working Models, Hardware Projects, Electronics Circuit Ideas,Tutorials, Our area of specialization includes: Embedded Systems Projects, Robotics Projects, Instrumentation Projects, Wireless Projects, Electrical, Electronics and Automation, Microcontroller Projects for electronics students and hobbyists. We can do any custom project ideas and real time product development. Fully working Hardware and Software with guaranteed output. Email: Website1: Website2: Whats App1: +91 9491535690 Whats App2: +91 7842358459 Blog: Subscribe my channel to get notified for my videos.
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    Channel Info:
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