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  • 361K Subscribers
    60.39K Avg.Video Views
    4.07% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: FNAF PLUSH SEASON 2: 3 months after the menace Zar1 and his master Electro formed together to make ZAR1NATOR were defeated, our citizens of Fazbear hills have slowly made a recovery. All though, Freddy our hero is experiencing some scary visions, stopping him from living a normal life again. The gifted children are in school learning how to use and manipulate their powers in case a force like ZAR1NATOR rises up again. Ennard with the help of local scientists have band together to unlock the secrets of the protosphere and hopefully use it for good in the future. Mayor Zorkle and scientists down in stupidoplis are exploiting the battle field where the final battle took place. A massive power source is their from the protosphere doing such damage. How will our hero’s rebuild their society and what mysteries are to behold? Is their a new form of darkness rising beneath the shadows? Find out in season 2 of FNAF Plush!
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  • 9.73K Subscribers
    21.9K Avg.Video Views
    1.08% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: This is Random Acts of Plushy, another GTV Productions, Inc. creation. This channel does scripted skits and parody's with Plushes from FNAF and Mario.
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  • 739K Subscribers
    230.94K Avg.Video Views
    4.99% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Ethan Fineshriber is a Ninja teen having won 9 martial arts world championship titles and is also a tricking enthusiast. He makes lots of family friendly funny vlogs of his trips, challenges with his Ninja friends Bryton, Ashton, Payton & Paxton and of course Karla! He is a Brand Ambassador for the ATA (American Taekwondo Association) and has competed in many leagues and for many teams. He loves vlogging about life and his passions. He also enjoys cubing, origami, roller coasters, Herping for snakes and doing magic card tricks. He is the Green Power Ranger on the Ninja Kidz TV Power Rangers series. Ethan has been featured on Nickelodeon's Lip Sync Battle Shorties, Devin Super Tramp, and several other shows. Ethan is also on the Autism Spectrum but very high functioning. Lately Ethan has been thinking a lot about his crushes. He has a crush on several girls. "Who's My Crush" is the question of the day for Ethan Fineshriber.
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