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  • 88K Subscribers
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    Channel Info: Pussy Riot - russian art collective, who making protest actions and videos. In 2012 three members of our group - Katia, Nadia and Masha were arrested and sent to prison for the song against president Putin. Nadya and Masha spend 2 years in russian prison, Katia spend in jail almost a year.
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  • 321 Subscribers
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    Channel Info: rNetwork is a Revolutionary Financial Movement. That is shifting the power and profits from the big businesses and big banks back to the individual. Through the power of the network, we can leverage exclusive savings and drive a greater income into your back pocket. The rNetwork was conceived around the idea of creating wealth by saving you money and making you money on your existing budgets. Revvolution is the name given to the suite of exclusive products and offerings designed to help you make more money than you spend. Revvolution will connect seamlessly to the revv card and the Member’s linked debit card. When the Member utilizes their card for purchases, they receive discounts and rewards as well as share in commissions generated from these activities. The revvolution suite of products allows you to make money when people in your network save. When Others Save, You Get Paid
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    93 Avg.Video Views
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    Channel Info: REVV IT UP Ohio.[coming shortly] Welcome to the Revvitup vvlog by a nonvlogger. The blockchain internet evolves in 2020 ! #buzzirk Ohio Dude wishes folks massive success online or offline.. Eos is the dapp it Dan blockchain project. #voicetoken In fact ,Ohio dude was told if the crypto begins with E and ends with os is potentially a very successful blockchain (s) ..#bitcoinunique "if marketing does not sell it then why SELL it "- Ohio dude #HASHPOWER2U The Fat Jerry Team cares! call 919-274-1628 almost anytime ! give a holla for a KALA ! #revvitup Awesome Beta Buzzirk biz presentation coming January 2020 ... #GIGAHASH is a Frugal entry to cryptocurrency mining .Ohio Dude's VvLOGS are not financial advice please consult the pros,. Hyperexchange is a brilliant idea for a place to store and keep safe all of your gold/ fiat/crypto currencies! #hyperdex Blockchain internet! the golden grail of a digital membership is rNetwork Revv it up #revvaccount for Naysayers!
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  • 370 Subscribers
    29 Avg.Video Views
    7.86% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Is My Life Style
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