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  • 43.8K Subscribers
    108 Avg.Video Views
    1.95% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: My name is Sagar Salunke and I am from Pune, India. On this channel, you will find videos on various software technologies like C, C++, Java, VBScript, Selenium, UFT, Cucumber, Appium, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Linux, Windows and many more! *********My Youtube Channels********* Technical Channel - Food Channel - Lifestyle Channel - My Wife's Channels Priyanka's Kitchen - Priya's Lovely Kitchen - Websites **Connect with me** Business Email - Facebook Username -
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  • 7.99K Subscribers
    3.96K Avg.Video Views
    1.64% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Software developer.
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  • 126K Subscribers
    33.92K Avg.Video Views
    4.7% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Live programming as a form of art. Niche entertainment from hardware I grew with (NES, PC, AdLib). Inspiration for information scientists. C++ and programming tutorials. Introductions to various technology. Video game science, or just playing casually. E-MAIL POLICY:  For personal messages only (including if you represent a company): . For questions regarding my content, I recommend joining my Discord server ( and asking on #general or #programming. Chances are it’s a FAQ, and that other people there can answer it faster than it is to wait for me! MAILING ADDRESS:  J. YLILUOMA  P.O. Box 16  FI-04301 TUUSULA  FINLAND
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