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  • 30K Subscribers
    1.76M Avg.Video Views
    0.02% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: T-Bull is one of the largest companies producing mobile games in Poland. Founded by Damian Fijałkowski and Grzegorz Zwoliński in 2010, the studio based in Wrocław, has grown from a five-person team working out of a home office to over 60 individuals headquartered in the most famous skyscraper in the country. Their apps have accumulated more than 250 million downloads on Google Play, App Store, BlackBerry World and Windows Store. Follow us on Facebook! T-Bull games are downloaded by over 300 thousand people every day!
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  • 1.35K Subscribers
    56 Avg.Video Views
    20.99% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Yes, I am an actual English Teacher. Yes, I will play almost any game you ask me to. Yes, you should subscribe because I am hilarious. RS67QX
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  • 281K Subscribers
    15.18K Avg.Video Views
    6.7% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Не знаете где найти ЛУЧШИЕ ИГРЫ НА АНДРОИД? Решаете ВО ЧТО ПОИГРАТЬ на АНДРОИД. Или может вас интересуют ЛУЧШИЕ ОНЛАЙН ИГРЫ на ПК 2017 года? Тогда добро пожаловать на канал KINATVIDEO. Лучшие мобильные игры на Андроид и онлайн игры на ПК. Подписывайтесь на канал и оставляйте свои комментарии. А так же не забывайте ставить палец вверх, если вам понравилось. ПОЛЕЗНЫЕ ССЫЛКИ: РЕКЛАМА (предложения и цены): Зарабатываю на канале ТУТ:
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  • 28.5K Subscribers
    7.52K Avg.Video Views
    5.52% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Hello Indie Game Fan! Welcome to the channel where the focus is on the Best Indie Games! I want to help you discover great Indie Games, bring you the BEST and FRESHEST titles out there! If you love indie games, subscribe today! Upload Schedule: New Videos Every Week! Patreon► YouTube Channel Membership► Paypal me!► Humble Monthly► Epic►CLEMMYGAMES Buy me a Cup of Coffee!► Steam Curation► Twitter► Subscriber Milestones: 100! : 12/9/16 200!: 9/8/17 300!: 8/1/18 500!: 16/4/18 1k!: 23/8/18 2k!: 29/11/18 5k!: 20/03/19 10k!: 18/07/19 15k!: 01/01/20 20k!: 06/03/20 Epic Partner Code: YZEP1P Don't cover mobile games so please don't send me those!
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