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  • 2.23K Subscribers
    1.93K Avg.Video Views
    2.23% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Inseeya is an engineer by qualification working full time @TAROTINSEEYA .She is a certified Tarot analyst,Fengshui healer, and Reiki Grandmaster.She has done Tv programmes,written for media and done talk shows on various Radio channels.Conducts her NoMind workshops across the globe.She can be consulted in person in Hyderabad or Online too.Email: Whatsapp :08686024224.
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  • 22.2K Subscribers
    1.02K Avg.Video Views
    7.77% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: I teach women how to be in their feminine energy, radiance and essence in their life, work and relationships. I'm Candice Oneida. This channel is about empowering women to shine in their feminine energy. My videos teach about feminine power, how to get more energy, how to stop being stressed out and how to re-define what success feels like in a woman's body. If you are a woman who is experiencing low energy, is stressed out and asking yourself why am I always tired or why don't I want sex or why am I so overwhelmed, then you are in the right place! I publish a video every Sunday on the topics of feminine power, feminine energy, self care, sexuality, understanding desire, relationships and becoming the most authentic version of you! I also sometimes drop in with a longer livestream on a topic that you can ask me in the comments! Subscribe now to be notified when a new video is uploaded. You can also check out: for more information.
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  • 4.76K Subscribers
    80 Avg.Video Views
    7.84% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: This channel is about travelling and entertainment. Please subscribe 😊
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