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  • 27.6K Subscribers
    311 Avg.Video Views
    3.9% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: For sponsorship contact:
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  • 191K Subscribers
    46.71K Avg.Video Views
    0.44% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Unique toys and fun new ways to enjoy education for all ages! Learn words, colors, numbers, shapes and more. Great for ESL too. Join the FUN today and be our Koalafied Friend! Q. Do you have another channel? A. YES! Subscribe to HobbyKidsTV and HobbyFamilyTV for adventures and surprises. Q. Is your channel baby-friendly? A. YES! We take pride in keeping a clean unique channel for families of all ages. We are parents and know the importance of having a safe place for learning. Q. Do you play Video Games? A. YES! Visit our family safe gaming channel: HobbyFamilyGaming Q. Do you have other kids gaming? A. YES! Visit our channels: HobbyPigTV, HobbyFrogTV and HobbyBearTV Q. Do you have friends who also do learning?: A. YES! Visit Squishee Nugget, Gogo Dino, Mama Llama, Puggy Pineapple Thanks for Subscribing to Koalafied Fun for Qualified Learning!
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  • 9.42K Subscribers
    2.66K Avg.Video Views
    0.53% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Παίζουμε, διασκεδάζουμε, διδάσκουμε, αλλά και μαθαίνουμε ✨ Μα πάνω από όλα είμαστε γονείς που αγαπούν, θαυμάζουν και είναι περήφανοι για τα παιδιά τους! We are playful, joyful, teaching and learning✨ Most of all, we are parents who love, admire and are proud of their kids For business inquiries: This channel is managed by the parents.
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  • 7.81K Subscribers
    128 Avg.Video Views
    4.88% Engagement Rate
    Channel Info: Who doesn’t love toys? Capture the joy of playtime and join Savar as he reviews some of the most fun toys out there! In our videos, Savar unboxes and reviews all sorts of toys! Our kids toys channel features new toys, educational toys, sports gear, building sets, and so much more! Each of our reviews explores all of the best parts of the toy. We’re excited to share these fun-filled reviews with you. You’ll never run out of things to watch when you follow along with Savar! Can’t get enough of our toy review videos? Then check out our website: Plus, you can follow Savar and his kids toys reviews on Social Media: Instagram: Reddit: Twitter: Pinterest: Facebook: We donate some toys to local charities once we’ve finished our toy reviews.
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