InflueNex User Guide

Learn about how to use InflueNex social media influencer marketing platform with detailed guide below.

User Guide Tracking Effect

Track Effects

InflueNex enables you to track the effects of your campaign, and it’s easy to be done. The following tutorial will show you how to get the work done in detail.

How to Track Effects of Your Campaign Video

Step 1

Choose the Tracking option in Key Features at the top of the webpage, and you’ll be navigated to the tracking page. If you haven’t added any campaign video yet, the page will be empty. Now you’ll need to click the Add Campaign Video button at the middle of the page.

Step 2

After clicking the Add Campaign Video button, you’ll see a pop-up form that asks you to enter the required information, including the product link, video type, video link, etc. Fill in the form and click the Submit button at the lower-right bottom.

Step 3

After submitting the information of campaign video, you’ll be able to see profile of the channel in the tracking page.

Step 4

Now you can click the Tracking button at the lower-right bottom of the video profile to view the effects of the campaign video. InflueNex displays the over performance and CPV of the video, and the chart of views and clicks of this campaign video. You can click the Re-Hire button to cooperate with the influencer again, or click the Rating button to give the influencer an over-all rating.