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User Guide Compare Channels

Compare Channels

When you find two channels you’d like to cooperate with, but you wonder which one is better, you can take advantage of this channel comparison tool; Or you’re a YouTube creator, and want to compare your channel to another similar channel to know the differences, you can use the channel comparison tool. The following tutorial will show you how to compare channels with InflueNex channel comparison tool.

How to Compare Channels

Step 1

Visit, and log in with your InflueNex account. Then you’ll need to choose YouTube Channel Compare under Key Features drop-down menu.

Step 2

Click the Add to Compare button, and then you’ll see the channel input column. Now you can enter the channel name or link you’d like to compare. You’re allowed to add up to 3 channels for comparison.

Step 3

After adding the channels, InflueNex Channel Comparison tool will display the comparison of the channels immediately, including the Data Compare Report, YouTube Views Tendency, YouTube Subscriber Tendency and more.