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Learn about how to use Influenex social media influencer marketing platform with detailed guide below.

User Guide Analyze Audience Demographics

Analyze Audience Demographics

When you’ve found an influencer, you probably want to analyze the demographics of this influencer’s audience, such as geography, age, gender and so on. This tutorial will show you how to do that easily with Influenex

How to Analyze Demographics of an Influencer’s Audience

Step 1

Log in Influenex with your account, and you’ll see the Searching engine at the top middle of the page. Now you can enter the keywords, and use the advanced filters below the searching engine to make your search more specific.

Step 2

After finding the influencer you’re interested in, you can click the name of the influencers to view the details of this influencer. Scroll down to the Audience Analyze panel, and you’ll be able to see the demographics of this influencer’s audience.

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