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Learn about how to use Influenex social media influencer marketing platform with detailed guide below.

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Get started with Influenex

Influenex is a helpful influencer marketing platform that can help users to find, analyze, manage, and send collaboration mails and more. Influenex can help you to handle your influencer marketing easier than ever.

Part 1. Visit Influenex and Signup

Influenex is a web-based influencer marketing platform. You can pay a visit to this platform by entering You’re allowed to search and view three results without any limit, but if you want to enjoy more features on Influenex, you’ll need to join Influenex membership. You can click the Login button at the upper right corner of the homepage.
After clicking the button, you’ll be able to see the pop-up dialog that asks you to create an account. When you finish creating the account, you’ll be able to use the platform with ease.

Part 2. Plans and Features

Influenex is a premium service which allows you to use the fundamental features for free, but if you want to use more features, you’ll need to purchase Influenex VIP. This influencer marketing platform provides very competitive plans for users, and it offers different plans with different features, including the limit for viewing influencers’ statistics, the limit of login IPs, the effect tracking feature, etc.

Part 3. Basics

Influenex offers functions for you to search, manage, and analyze influencers, and track effects of your collaboration. The following guide will show you how to take advantage of these features.

3.1 Search Influencers

How to Search Influencers

Step 1

Visit, and click the Create an Account button at the upper right corner to create an account for using Influenex.

Step 2

Enter the keyword you want to search in the column, and then click the Search button.
Influenex also provides the advanced filters to help you make the searching results more accurate. You can select the filter you need by selecting in the drop-down list.

Step 3

Influenex will display all the matched searching results in the list below. You can choose the order you would like to view the results.

Step 4

After locating the influencer you need, you can click the name of the influencer, and then you’ll be navigated to the detailed information page of the influencer. Now you can view the detailed information of this influencer, and judge whether he/she is the right influencer for your business.

3.2 Mange Influencers

How to Manage influencers

Step 1

After finding the influencers by searching, you can add the influencer to your favorites by clicking the Heart icon at the right corner of the searching results page.

Step 2

After adding the influencer into your favorite, you can add influencers to the groups you want. The benefit of sorting influencers by groups is that you can contact these influencers later in batch.

3.3 Analyze Influencers

How to Analyze Influencers with Influenex

After searching for a social media influencer with Influenex, you’ll be able to view the detailed information of this influencer, including channel performance, subscriber tendency, channel growth tendency, and similar YouTuber recommendations. You’re also enabled to view the estimated price range of this YouTuber, which will help you to judge whether the influencer is right for you.

3.4 Track Effects

How to Track Effects of Your Collaboration

Step 1

After establishing the cooperation, you’re able to track the effects of your collaboration by clicking the Tracking word at the upper right corner of the page.

Step 2

You’ll be navigated to the tracking page. You can start tracking by clicking the Add Campaign Video button.

Step 3

Fill the required information in the pop-up form, and then click the Submit button at the lower right bottom.

Step 4

Now you’ll see the detailed information of all your campaigns at the top of the page, or click the Tracking button to check the effects of a specific collaboration video. You’re also allowed to click the Re-Hire button to start another collaboration video with the influencer you like.

Part 4. User Settings

4.1 My Account

After clicking My Account button in the drop-down menu by clicking the User Name at the upper right corner. In My Account page, you’re able to view and edit the basic information of your account, such as use name, password and so on.

4.2 Order

On Order page, you’ll be able to view the order history of your account.

4.3 Users and Roles

Different plans have different authentications. For example, as a Professional Plan user, you can add up to 5 members to share your influencer database.

Part 5. Free Tools

5.1 YouTube Live Subs Count

YouTube Live Sub Count enables you to view the real-time subscriber count of an influencer. You can learn about the statistics by entering the YouTube channel URL.

5.2 YouTube Money Calculator

YouTube Money Calculator page is an excellent tool for you to learn about the monthly or yearly earnings of an influencer. The only thing you’ll need to do is entering the link of YouTube channel, and then hitting the Search button on the right side.

5.3 YouTube Video Analytics

YouTube Video Analytics helps you analyze the stats and engagement of a specific video. You can enter the video link and click the Search button to start your analysis.

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