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YouTube Influencer Definition and

How to Find an Influencer

Many people have made their careers out of making videos on YouTube. These people are known as YouTube influencers. The videos can be about anything till it is under the guidelines of the application. Many people have started huge trends with their videos like pranks on strangers, remake of songs, and many more. It would be safe to say that some of them have been really successful. If you have a company/brand to promote, you can collaborate or partner with these influencers, and they will do the job in a creative and unique way.

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Part 1. YouTube Influencer Definition

The trend of promoting and showcasing skills, talents and providing information has been on peak in the recent years. People trust these social media influencers more than the celebrities. The celebrities would do an advertisement, the people would watch it and be done with it; but a YouTube influencer would use that product or service, experience it and then give an honest judgment, which is more trustworthy. So, to know more about these influencers, read further.

1. Definition of YouTube influencer

A YouTube influencer is someone who builds a massive following on the video platform of YouTube, thus helping in setting trends and providing information for people, regarding many products and services. Many influencers have a blend of many services like visual artists, or athletic kinds. YouTube gives these people a platform to showcase their talents and skills, making them easily accessible. The platform has given many people a chance to show their skills in front of a larger audience, for promotion.

2. Benefits of being a YouTube influencer

From the YouTube influencer definition, we get to know that a person tries to promote his/her skills in any field, and YouTube has provided such platform for these people. It has become a very interesting field. Many people have been drawn towards it; while some have not been able to reach heights, others have managed to gain millions of followers with their authenticity and honesty.

Here are some benefits of being a YouTube influencer:

Trendsetting - Influencers have the power to affect the decisions of a customer regarding their purchases. If a customer has any doubts regarding any product, they immediately go to their favorite YouTube influencer/s for review or suggestion of that product. If an influencer advices about a product, there are 70% chances that the customers would buy it or try a remedy.

Reliability - As a YouTube influencer, you are trusted by your family and friends and other thousands or even millions of viewers. About 70% of viewers have more faith in influencers rather than traditional celebrities. This might be due to the fact that influencers are more related by the people than the celebrities. The celebrities are often looked as larger than life personalities and thus they are not that much relatable.

Immense reach - YouTube has allowed many influencers to reach a following of millions of customers. While it does not mean that people follow you blindly, but you do have some impact on them. They would take your advice that you gave on weight loss more than anyone else. That’s the reason why brands have started to collaborate with these influencers to promote their products and services.

Authentic - When an influencer starts his/her YouTube channel, they are just ordinary human beings with some extraordinary talent. It is due to their authenticity that people start believing in them. Some influencers, who make videos on health issues, first try to list down the symptoms and then the reasons for the health problem, in a genuine manner. In this way people connect and listen to them more intently.

Connecting and inspiring - In the last few years, the number of influencers on YouTube has increased a lot. They have inspired and connected with people and tried to make a mark in the world; many of them have succeeded in this and made a huge fan following. People have appreciated them because they worked hard and reached that level.

How YouTube influencers make money?

The guidelines of YouTube are quite strict to keep the content appropriate for the audience. To make money on the platform, you need to adhere to the rules first, or else you would be banned from it.

Other tips for influencers to make money on YouTube are:

YouTube friendly - As an influencer, you need to make sure that your content adheres to the guidelines of the YouTube. If your content contains any type of controversial items, the ads would not appear on your video. The items containing abuse, terrorism, political conflicts, discrimination on any basis, drugs would not have the ads. This would make your channel not so popular.

Ads on - You can join the YouTube Partner Program to make money with advertisements on their videos. There is certain criterion to join the program; you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and around 4000 hours watch time.

Sponsorship - YouTube gamers can earn a lot through sponsorship programs. In this, sponsors pay some amount to a channel for a month, to get insider perks, like invites to private chats and custom badges.

Affiliation and collaboration - YouTube users can be a partner with companies offering ‘affiliate marketing’. You could then be linked to a certain product, and get a percentage of the money earned, when people click on the link and purchase that product. Some companies like Amazon also pay a percentage of the sales made by the qualifying purchases, and not only of the product advertised. Collaboration is another way of earning money. You can collaborate with brands who want to advertise their products or services and promote it on your channel. In this way, you can also gain popularity and the brand will also be benefitted. So, it is advantageous for both.

Pay to be seen - Your fans can also help you in making money. Users have to pay YouTube to highlight their comments on the videos and during live streaming. The amount of money paid by the users decides the amount of time for which the comment appears on the channel and the color of the highlighted comment. However, YouTube influencers also have the power to disable and block some negative users who abuse or pass inappropriate comments.

Part 2. How to Find a YouTube Influencer to Promote Your Business

Influenex is a platform where influencers and brands come together and meet their matches. Influenex is made of a trustworthy community consisting of around 2 million influencers from YouTube. It is the best tool available in the market to find the right YouTube influencer for a brand’s promotion.

Key Features of InflueNex

  • It comes with filter options that help to locate the accurate influencer; the filters include options like country, language, subscribers, last active time and many more. The results are filtered down as per your mentioned preferences.
  • There are also video tags available for the channel. These keywords are used by the users to find the channel and its videos. You can check the type of audience that is targeted by the channel.
  • A very useful feature includes the managing of influencers on the platform. You can bookmark the influencers you think are useful to you.
  • You can analyze the recent performance of the influencer. It would be useful for you to check the engagement of the influencer with the audience. Likes, views and comments of the video can be seen through this feature.
  • Your influencer’s campaign can be analyzed, managed and tracked on this platform. You can see their performance in the past few months and then make your decision.

How to Use InflueNex to Find a YouTube Influencer

InflueNex website is quite simple and easy to use. You'll be able to handle it within short time. This influencer marketing platfor is useful on desktop. The following guide will show you how to use the platform to find influencers.

Step 1. Create an InflueNex account on the website to gain an inside access.

YouTube Influencer Definition and How to Find YouTube Influencers - Create an Account on InflueNex

Step 2. You can enter a channel through the criteria you entered or through the search box. When you enter the keyword, you will get the results in the drop-down box.

YouTube Influencer Definition and How to Find YouTube Influencers - Enter Keywords in Searching Column

Step 3. When you click on a channel, you will get a summary of that channel, which will include the number of subscribers, number of videos and number of views on the channel with a one-line description from the influencer. You would also be able to see the overall score of the influencer. There would be a red heart on the bottom right of the webpage; you can click on it to add the influencer on your list of favorites.

YouTube Influencer Definition and How to Find YouTube Influencers - Start Searching for Influencers

Step 4. Now click on the influencer you want to visit, and you will be directed to another page. This page will be dedicated to the detailed information of the influencer. It will include the statistics of the performance of influencer and the reactions on their recent videos.

YouTube Influencer Definition and How to Find YouTube Influencers - View Details of the Influencer

Step 5. If you think this influencer is right for you, you can click the Send Invitation button at the right side of the influencer's name, and you'll be navigated to the Message Center. Now you can write the collaboration email and click the Send button at bottom to contact this influencer.

YouTube Influencer Definition and How to Find YouTube Influencers - Contact the YouTube Influencer


2019 is an interesting year to see the transformation and growth of the most creative and efficient of marketing sector i.e. influencer marketing. With social media marketing future trends as well as contemporary trends, the strong relation of brands and influencers is taking over the market. However, platforms like InflueNex play an essential role in this sector by offering necessary services which are super easy to use by people.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:18 pm
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