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Influencer marketing is also a very important part of the product and services promotion. Influencers help businesses to reach the new people by promoting the product in new audience over internet. If you also want to promote your business then a successful influencer marketing proposal is very important. Influencer marketing leads to many benefits and it can help to reach any person around the world through the followers of influencers. For a successful influencer proposal you need to plan and manage the project very carefully. Here we will have a look on the some of the tips and tricks for the successful influencer proposal.

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Part 1: Tips & Tricks about Writing Great Influencer Marketing Proposal

1. Proper Planning and Objective of Your Proposal

Sometimes people directly try to connect with influencer without doing any planning or doing any research. Before connecting with any influencer you need to make sure that which type of influencer you want to work with, what is your objective, how you want to approach the influencers. Once you have decided these things then you can connect with influencers without worrying about the failure.

2. Beware of Fraudsters

On the different social media sites there are millions of influencers available and many of them are not genuine. Fraudsters show that how great they are and what they can do whereas genuine influencers simply do their work on the topics in which they are perfect. It means the real influencers know what they are and they never show it by shouting in the public. They are the actual influencers to work with. You can quickly catch the influencers once you start conversation with them.

3. Identify the Right Influencer According to Your Product or Business

This is the very important stuff before sending influencer proposal to any influencer. Mostly every influencer works on the different types of topics so you need to choose the right one according to your business. For example your product is related to software industry and you contact the fashion blogger or influencer then this is not meaningful. So, for a successful influencer marketing proposal, first you need to identify what is your product and what type of influencer you need.

4. Connecting with Influencers on Social Media

After identifying the right influencer for the product you want to promote you can connect with influencers using the social media sites. Social media sites are the easiest way to connect with right people to fulfill your business needs. You can connect with them by commenting on their posts, sharing their posts, compliment on their shared content etc. If you regularly do these all activities on their social media account then influencers will start noticing you then you can share your influencer marketing proposal with them.

5. Think about Long Term Instead of Quick Results

This is also a very important part of doing good business. When you connect with the fake influencers then they will simply ask you to pay and post an article for you and ran away. If you choose the right influencer then you can notice that the right influencer will never do the thing quickly because they know about the long term work and mutual benefits. You also try to manage good long term relation with the influencers because it is beneficial for you.

Part 2: Good Examples of Influencer Marketing Proposal

1. MeetAnOwner Campaign for Subaru


This is very good campaign launched on the YouTube in 017 by the devinsupertramp channel on YouTube. This campaign was paid but they turned it in the authentic campaign. If your influencer can also work for you like this then this is really good for both of you. The main focus of this campaign was to show that the Subaru is best for any adventure. Mainly influencers worked in this campaign but Subaru simply sponsored it with their features.

How to Write a Great Influencer Marketing Proposal - MeetAnother Campaign

2. Sponsored Products

This type of campaign is usually very popular over the internet and among influencers. In this type of campaign you need to contact influencers of bloggers with the influencer marketing proposal. Sometimes influencers also contact the brands and their owners for the paid campaigns to ask if they want to promote their products. In these types of influencer proposal you influencers post photos, videos or reviews about the product you are offering with your terms and conditions. This is also important for you to give freedom to influencers to work according to their way because they know more than about you that how to engage their followers.

The below is an example video that is offered on the Facebook by Carl Thompson who is the owner of Hawking and Shepherd clothing brand. This is a sponsored video that is posted on the blog See the World. They promoted the Busbud ticket booking company services in this video.

How to Write a Great Influencer Marketing Proposal - Sposonsored Products

3. Product Reviews


Product reviews is one of the most common influencer marketing over internet. In the reviews influencer marketing proposal brands can offers a free product or service to influencer and influencer post a free review about that on their YouTube, Facebook Instagram or other social media accounts. For example: unboxing a mobile or printer on the YouTube. There are thousands of videos available over YouTube and many other social media sites where you can see how to unbox a new mobile or printer. These reviews are mostly paid and companies hire these influencers with a free gift. This helps people to understand the mobile features and companies automatically get new customers for their reviewed products.

How to Write a Great Influencer Marketing Proposal - Product Reviews

In the above YouTube video screenshot Jacques Slade is unboxing a Jordan brand kit.

4. Allow Influencers to Post on Your Social Media Accounts

This technique is also very good. Usually brands send influencer marketing proposal to the influencers for posting their products on influencer network. In this technique brands allows influencers to post the video or product review on their own accounts. Brands give credentials of their social media accounts to the influencers for some time and the period is usually one day or few hours and in some cases for one week. The issue with this technique is that you need to share your passwords and all other details with the influencers. In that case there must be a high level of trust between you and the influencers and you need to make a contact as well.

For Example: In the screenshot below there are so many posts shared by Newcastle students about the change of climate in the Svalbard, Norway. This video is posted from the Snapchat account of university.

How to Write a Great Influencer Marketing Proposal - Allow Influencers to Post on Your Social Media Accounts


Well, this is all we have for you about the influencer proposal. You can send any type of proposal which we have discussed in this article with you. In this article we have covered mostly all techniques about the influencer marketing proposal and you can apply anyone according to your business need and type.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 30,2019 18:43 pm
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