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Writing Blogger Collaboration Emails

With Helpful Tips & Tricks

Connecting with new people through Email for the product and services promotion or just for making a new friend is really scary. The reason is that the person you are trying to connect can be disappointed with your mail. Every time you try to reach out a new person, you need to be very careful and creative so they can respond your Email immediately. Here in this article we are going to share some blogger collaboration Email tips and tricks and some blogger outreach Email template.

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Part 1: Most Helpful Blogger Collaboration Email Templates

1. Blogger Outreach Email Template to Connect with Bloggers

The first and very important thing for blogger Email is that you need to send a very impressive Email to connect with blogger first time. Instead of writing long lines and irrelevant words you can directly come to the point after one or two lines. This not always work but sometime if influencers are interested in point to point communication then this will work for you. Here is an example of blogger outreach Email for the first time communication which is shared by website.

Tips about Writing Blogger Collaboration Emails - Connect with Bloggers

2. Blogger Collaboration Email Template to Ask Bloggers for Writing Review

While writing an Email for asking the bloggers or influencers to write a review about your product you need to be very simple and explain the things honestly. The president of THGM writer website has shared a blogger outreach Email sample that worked for them to impress the bloggers. The message of David is very simple and they honestly explained that why they need this review.

Tips about Writing Blogger Collaboration Emails - Writing Review

3. Follow Up Blogger Pitch Email Example

Once you have sent the first time communication Email or any free sample Email then the most important thing is the follow up of your last mail. Influencers and bloggers are very busy because they receive several Emails from different people on daily basis. There are chances that you won’t get reply from bloggers in one time. In this case you can send a follow up Email to the bloggers again. Here is an example of blogger collaboration Email template for the follow up of your last mail. This is shared by David Ly Khim on mention website and claims that this technique has 53% response rate.

Tips about Writing Blogger Collaboration Emails - Follow Up Blogger Pitch Email Example

4. Special Profit Sharing Email Template

Bloggers likes to receive special offers, profit share and free samples. If you like to promote your product to the audience of bloggers or influencers then the best way is that you can share a profit percentage to them to get their attention. You can use the percentage profit sharing for any of your product such as fashion, sports etc. Here is the sample of fashion blogger collaboration percent template which is share on the website.

Tips about Writing Blogger Collaboration Emails - Special Profit Sharing Email Template

5. Get to Know Whether Influencer will Review the Product You Sent Them

Many brand and companies send free samples of the same product to the influencers so before sending any free product make sure that they are interested in reviewing your product or not. The best way to figure it out is that you can send an Email to the influencers before sending the product. If the blogger or influencers show their interest in receiving the product and writing the review then you can send them free product. Here is the sample shared on website again.

Tips about Writing Blogger Collaboration Emails - Get to Know Whether Influencer will Review the Product You Sent Them

Part 2: Useful Blogger Collaboration Email Ideas

1. Know about Bloggers before Writing to Them

The very important and first step to reach the bloggers is that you need to know about the bloggers before reaching out them. Whenever you think about reaching the blogger for blogger collaboration make sure to get all the information about them by reaching the about section of their blogs. Check what kind of topics they are covering in their blogs so you can easily understand that the blogger is right for your product or not.

2. Communications before Connecting through Email

If you think you have find the right blogger for your product or services promotion make sure to connect with them before sending the blogger collaboration Email. You can connect with them by supporting them for what they are doing in the online world. There are many other ways available to connect with them before blogger outreach Email. You can comment on their blog posts and show your support, share the blogger content on your social media account. These will help the bloggers to notice you and then you can send them collaboration Email.

3. Catchy Subject Lines

A subject line of Email is very important part of any mail because whenever anyone receives Email they firstly notice the subject line and then open Email to view the matter inside. Make sure to use natural subject line in your mail instead of the Sapmmy lines. If blogger think the mail is spam then the blogger will immediately delete the entire mail without opening it. This is one of the most important blogger collaboration ideas while connecting with any blogger.

4. is a website where you can find thousands of influencers from the website database. This website offers users to find influencers from the different categories such as fashion, technology, how to, gaming, file & Animation etc. You can also view influencers with Email address and the website allows you to directly connect using the message box of website. There are so many blogger collaboration Email templates which can be used according to the time and need.

5. Your Introduction

Whenever you write mail to the bloggers then your own introduction is a very important part of the Email. If the person you are trying to contact already know about you and your work then this is not necessary but if they don’t then this is very important. You can show your name, your website link or your introduction link on your website in the mail. Bloggers likes to check everything before starting any collaboration with new people.

6. Your Purpose

While connecting with the influencers or bloggers you need to make sure to share your purpose very clearly. For example if someone send me an Email for the collaboration and ask me to collaborate about anything then I will get confuse that what collaboration we can do together.


Connecting with bloggers is not much hard now days and you can directly connect with them using social media sites from their accounts but getting reply is very hard. Bloggers received several Email everyday so it is really very hard for them to reply anyone. So, instead of using manual ways you can try website where you can simply search millions of influencers and directly connect with them using the inbuilt templates of website.

Written by Christine Smith on the Mar 17,2020 10:31 am
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