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In the world of online business, you have to promote your business extensively. At present, influencer marketing is considered as one of the most important aspects with which you can get more prospective customers and can increase your overall market value. In the initial step, you are supposed to contact an influencer on Instagram who will make you get more customers. For this, there are various tricks to attract genuine influencer.

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Part 1. Helpful Influencer Collaboration Email Template

To start the conversation you have to pick an expert and write him or her a genuine email. This you get to learn by going through various influencer collaboration email template. This template basically covers every other aspect with which you can attract influencer to work in collaboration with you.

Template 1. Template for brand collaboration

This is one of a kind template in which you ask the influencer to collaborate with your band and in the long run they will get benefitted from it. You should go through Brand collaboration email sample template before contacting an influencer as it will provide you an idea about the formal technique in which you are required approach them.

Source: https://www.biztree.com/doc/press-release-new-partnership-collaboration-D1404


  • This will get you to convince influencer in an effective manner.
  • Through this template you get a formal tone in your message which is great for business prospect.
  • You also get an opportunity to provide informative content about your company which creates a great impression in the mind of influencer.

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Template for Brand Collaboration

Template 2. Influencer Testing Template

In this type of influencer collaboration email template you will get a chance to convince the influencer that if he provides an opinion about the products of your company then you will reward them. This way you get to learn about the short comings as well as pros of the product in which you are dealing. Influencers will provide you an opinion after considering the buying trends of their followers.

Source: https://ninjaoutreach.com/influencer-outreach-email-templates/


  • You will get to learn about the shortcomings in the product which can be rectified.
  • Influencer will make your product access to his or her users thus you will get recognition.
  • Through this process influencer will also make you understand how you can rectify product shortcomings.

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Influencer Testing Template

Template 3. Feature Collaboration Template

In this type of collaboration pitch email template you are supposed to convince the influencers that if they will work for you then you will showcase them in one of your blogs. This type of template is very lucrative and works every time, but the real thing is that you need to learn important aspect about how to write such email.

Source: https://ninjaoutreach.com/influencer-outreach-email-templates/


  • You will be able to generate excellent rapport with the influencers.
  • Here you also get a chance to consult your influencers right away.
  • Through this process you can also make your influencer aware about the quality of work you are expecting from him or her.

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Feature Collaboration Template

Template 4. Template for Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make expert influencer work for you is to send him or her email template for affiliate marketing. Initially it is very essential to learn blogger collaboration email sample format. Here, you can clearly specify that what type of commission you are planning to offer him or her when they provide a prospective customer for your products.

Source: https://www.leadfuze.com/influencer-marketing-examples/


  • Through this email template you can talk about the business prospect right away.
  • You also get a chance to showcase them all of your products for which you want affiliate marketing.
  • This is also considered as a written format which you can be used as a referral for future.

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Templat4e for Affiliate Marketing

Template 5. Event Invitation Template

In this type of brand outreach email template, you can convince influencer that if he would promote your brand among his flowers then you will provide him free party passes. Most of the time companies organize several types of party events like formal meeting, product launch etc. Thus, you can easily get an influencer to work for your product brand.

Source: https://www.grin.co/blog/instagram-influencer-outreach-templates


  • Through this template you can easily showcase lucrative amenities you have to offer.
  • You also get an opportunity to name few business partners whom you are inviting to the party.
  • Influencers may also bring one of their sources to the party event which can further give you few leads.

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Event Invitation Template

Part 2. Tips & Tricks for Writing an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email

Finding a genuine and expert influencer will not get the work done. After this you have to work hard to create excellent email templates to convince influencers so that they can promote your business over the net. With different types of influencer emails and great tonality of the message you can effectively make experts work to promote your products among their followers. This in the long run will increase your brand value.

Tip 1. Appropriate Greeting During Mail Formation

Reaching to your desired influencer is one of the most important aspects of an online business. Initially you can log on to InflueNex.com and can search your favorite influencer as per the products which your company is endorsing. Moreover, the process is relatively easy as you don’t have to log on to any platform.

Influenex is one of the best platforms to reach the top influencers and get in touch with them. You can easily target your desired influencer using the various filters available on the site. There are also several tools that can help you in getting the best results. These are Youtube Video analysis tool, channel tracker, video tracker and video rank.

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Appropriate Greeting During Mail Formation

Tip 2. Provide Complete Information on Email

This is another tip with which you can easily attract influencers over the internet. Writing complete address will provide information to influencer about the location of your company. You should also provide email along with the phone number this provide an opportunity to influencers so that they can contact you in an efficient manner.

Source: https://www.izideo.com/blog/writing-perfect-collaboration-email/

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Provide Complete Information on Email

Tip 3. Using Standardized Fonts

When you write an official email to influencers, then it is very imperative to use standard fonts in the message. To make your message more professional you can pick from one of these fonts viz. Arial, Courier, Verdana, Tahoma etc. Using formal fonts will make your influencer get message in a proper format.

Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/email-writing-for-international-teams

How to Write an Excellent Influencer Collaboration Email - Using Standardized Fonts


With the advent of internet, it is very essential for companies to focus more on online promotions since it provides them wide a number of global consumers. To get quick brand promotion for your products it is very essential to contact the influencers who have great range of followers and send them different types of formal emails. This process convinces them to market for your products, which ultimately increase the brand value.

Initially it is very difficult to search for a genuine influencer this you can effectively get to choose from InflueNex.com. The process is very easy as you don’t even have to log into your account. Moreover, it is also necessary to check on various tips and tricks with which you can create great impression on your influencers.

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