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It takes a lot to write up a good outreach letter. There’s a lot banking on your ability to persuade the receiver to agree with your offer. Heck, even just keeping their attention is difficult. So, what is there for a beginner marketer to do in order to learn how to write a good influencer outreach letter? Well, the first step is looking at how it’s meant to be done — which is why we’ve hand-chosen 10 of the best influencer outreach letter examples for you below.

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Part 1. 10 Best Influencer Outreach Letter Examples

The samples below are meant to illustrate different examples of influencer outreach letters. Any of the 10 that we’ve listed can be used as a template for your next message. Of course, not all the templates are created for the same purpose, but that only serves to provide you with methods of circumventing your outreach to suit the demands of your influencer marketing strategies. Make sure to go through the description and benefits of each example in order to learn the most from the experts that created them.

Top 10 Influencer Outreach Letter Examples

1. The Cold Email

Cold emails are sent in order to establish a relationship with an influencer before you even have thoughts about working together for a collaboration. They require a lot of effort, but they can help you settle a deal much more easily at a later date. If you’re already keeping an eye on what’s going on in your side of the market, and which influencers are coming out on top, then this shouldn’t be that big of a step to take in order to grow your connections.


  • It helps establish early relationships with promising influencers.
  • It is relatively short and easy to write.
  • For common social network milestones to speed up the process (i.e. congratulations for 1 million subscribers.)


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - The Cold Email

2. The ‘Simple Fix’

This is another example of an outreach letter that is meant to establish relationship between you and the influencer. The only difference here is the fact that you’re offering a ‘simple fix.’ It’s an open-ended favor that they can deny or grant — on their purview. The most important fact, however, is that the sample maintains relative courtesy so as to not insult the receiver.


  • The example uses a polite and courteous tone.
  • It’s sent in order to establish a relationship with a potential business partner.
  • It promises the influencer a favor in exchange for starting a relationship.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - The Simple Fix

3. Following Up

If you’ve already sent an email to an influencer once before and received a response to that email (whatever the contents of that email are), this is the example that you need to review. In this sample, the topic of the previous email is reviewed, in order to make it easier for the receiver to understand what the message is about before anything new is introduced in the conversation.


  • The subject is clarified before anything new is introduced.
  • It’s very straight-forward — no fluff included.
  • More than one method of replying is provided.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Following Up

4. The Same Goal

If you’re an influencer looking to collaborate with another influencer, then a personalized letter like the one shown below is something that you can try. As described by the author, the template “demystifies” the sender and allows both parties to stand on equal footing. Also, despite the fact that the letter is longer than any of the samples we’ve seen thus far, it continues to introduce only the things that matter.


  • The example is incredibly personal, and it comes off as ‘warm.’
  • Because the sender doesn’t hold back on details, they come off well-versed.
  • It introduces the sender as someone of the same goals as the influencer.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - The Same Goal

5. Straight to the Point

This is another example of a ‘personal’ outreach letter. However, unlike the previous, this is more straightforward. The introduction is frank, and so is the offer. It also introduces the subject of the letter in a very clear and concise manner — which saves the time of the receiver and makes it easier for them to read.


  • Straightforward and concise.
  • Strictly structured to ensure readability.
  • The language used is both warm and friendly.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Straight to the Point

6. The Blog Promo

This is another influencer outreach letter example that is meant to be used for general promotion purpose. The sample starts out with a kind and personalized message — directed to an influencer that the sender wants to collaborate with, but it doesn’t waste time to get to point of the letter (which was to promote their own content to an influencer in the same industry.)


  • Great example of a promotional outreach strategy.
  • Can be sent out in bulk (with a less personalized introduction.)
  • Great for increasing public awareness.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - The Blog Promo

7. Request for Feedback Template

This is another example of an outreach letter that was probably meant to be sent out in bulk (hence the open-ended introduction.) It’s not a bad way to go about promoting your own content (if that’s what you need), but emails like this should be carefully sent out — as it may insult certain influencers — especially those with higher numbers.


  • The template example is set up for bulk outreach.
  • Promote your content to influencers with the same interest.
  • Feedback received from known influencers boost your reputation.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Request for Feedback

8. Request to Post Guest Blog

This is both an starting conversation email and a collaboration email example. In a cordial tone, the template will bring you a very positive impression to the influencers. With this template, you'll be able to establish a stable and long-term cooperation with the influencers.


  • The sample uses the written form and formal tone to make the outreach email more impressive.
  • This sample makes the letter more personalized.
  • Generally speaking, this template gets a higher response rate than others.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter -

9. The Paid Advertising Approach

In this next sample, we get a quick and very straightforward offer. It’s not so different from the ‘simple fix’ sample we introduced at the start in that it offers up a ‘favor’ in exchange for a relationship (with no expectations thereof set up on the other party.)


  • It promises a ‘favor’ in exchange for a relationship.
  • The sample is great for making early connections.
  • It also stays pretty short and easy to read.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Paid Advertising Approach

10. Product Review Letter

This is an example of an outreach letter that many brands and companies are probably using these days. The collaboration set up here is incredibly mutually beneficial (the influencer gets free samples to use and giveaway in exchange for some coverage on the product.) It’s an incredibly generic example, but it’s one to take note of either way, as even this can prove to be a highly effective outreach letter base.


  • Primary and straight-forward template for cooperation.
  • The sample is great for making early connections.
  • The template promises benefits for both sides.


How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Product Review

Part 2. Tips & Tricks about Writing a Good Influencer Outreach Letter

Now that we’ve introduced and broken down some of the best examples of influencer outreach online, let’s talk about all the ‘tips and tricks’ that made those sample letters so good. You may have already noticed a couple of these tips on your own, but we’re also going to explain why said tips work and why you may want to use them for your next outreach campaign.

Helpful Tips about Writing a Good Influencer Outreach Letter

1. Hook Their Attention

The start of the letter is always going to be the most important part of the outreach. It’s what grabs the reader’s attention, and it’s also what persuades them to keep reading. So, make sure that you always have a strong ‘hook.’ Your hook can be a question, a compliment, a strong introduction, a deadline, etc. Whatever it is you decide on using, just make sure that it’s attention-grabbing.

2. Be Clear about Who You Are

When sending an outreach letter, you need to introduce yourself properly. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a well-known brand or if you’re a popular influencer yourself, have the courtesy to introduce yourself properly so that you’re both on the same page.

3. Communicate in a Clear Way

Influencers and other marketers don’t always have the time to read their own emails. So, it’s important that, whatever you have to say, you say it outright. If you have to, make sure to go-over your email several times in order to delete things that may be redundant or unnecessary in the context of your outreach.

4. Do Your Research

Even though they are more difficult, personalized letters are always better in general. Outside of appearing more kind, it will also tell the reader that you’ve done your research, and that you’re fully prepared for whatever you’re talking about.

5. Use the Right Tone

There’s plenty of reasons where an outreach letter may fall flat, but one of the main ones is due to your tone. Make sure that you speak professionally when you have to, but also, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little and speak a little more friendly at times. On the right occasions, a warm and jovial tone may be what endears you to the influencer you’re reaching out to.

Part 3. How to Outreach Influencers with Your Letter Easily

To wrap this all up nicely, we’ve also decided to introduce you to a tool that you can use in order to send your influencer outreach letters. It’s called InflueNex, and it’s perfect for all things involving influencer outreach. This is the tool to use if you want something that will help you find and connect to influencers in your industry. It’s a web-based platform that offers the following features.

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Find influencers to cooperate with in easy clicks.
  • Offer insights for millions of YouTube influencers.
  • Outreach tool to contact target influencers in bulk.
  • Keep track of your campaign effects with details.
  • Also offer many other features for influencer marketing.

How to Outreach Influencers with InflueNex Using Your Letter

Step 1. Locate Your Influencer of Choice

In order to use InflueNex properly, you will have to find an influencer that you want to collaborate with. Do this through the influencer search engine provided at the front-end of the website (which is shown below.)

How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Locate Your influencer of Choice

Step 2. Use the Outreach Tools Provided

Once you’ve located an influencer that you want to work with, go to their dashboard and use the outreach tools provided. This comes in the form of the Send Invitation button (highlighted below.)

How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Use the Outreach Tool Provided

Step 3. Send Your Outreach Letter

You’ll be moved to a page where you can draft your outreach letter. Do so, and then click SEND to send your letter.

How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Send Your Outreach Letter

Step 4. Save as Template

With InflueNex, you can also SAVE your letter (for further editing) or click the SAVE AS TEMPLATE button to save the letter for later use.

How to Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter - Save as Template


That’s really all you need to know in order to start writing a good influencer outreach letter. Start practicing it yourself with the help of InflueNex (which will allow you to save endlessly and create templates for later use down the line), and feel free to test out all the different tips and tricks we introduced today in order to achieve your very best work.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 18,2019 11:19 am
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