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Social Media Influencers are a dime a dozen these days and picking off the ones that have the potential to help your business is getting harder and harder. That is why we’re going to be teaching you what is an influencer and how you can judge whether that influencer is the one that you need. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy! In fact, we’re going to be using a tool that can simplify that process, even more, allowing you to breeze through the evaluation part completely and see just how these social media influencers become great.

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Part 1. How Can You Judge a Great Social Media Influencer?

Before we start breaking down what makes a social media influencer great, we’re going to introduce the tool that we have to recommend. It’s called InflueNex, and it’s a YouTube-based influencer search engine that will allow you to discover and connect to creators on YouTube. Of course, not only that, you can use this software in order to judge, once and for all, how that influencer is doing -- whether it’s for the sake of seeing how big your favorite YouTubers are, or finding an influencer that can help market your product or business.

How Can You Judge a Great Social Media Influencer?

Step 1. Go to The InflueNex Website & Use Search Tool

The first step in judging an influencer with InflueNex will require that you go to the link directed in the URL below. This is where you’ll be able to find InflueNex’s Search Tool.

  • This Search Tool offers two different ways of finding YouTubers. You can either enter keywords on the search bar or you can use the advanced filters underneath it.
  • Either way, apply the parameters as you’d like and click the Search Button in order to begin looking for influencers.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Enter Keywords

Step 2. Sort Results

Once you’ve narrowed down the results with the keyword search bar and the advanced filters, you can then use the Sort By feature in order to make sure that your results are sorted based on rank. For that, we recommend selecting the InflueNex Score sort. Doing this will allow you to view creators as InflueNex ranks them (through overall channel influencer.)

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Sort Results

Step 3. Select YouTuber and View Analytics

If you want an in-depth look at how the YouTuber is doing, click them from the results in order to pull-up their dashboard (an example of which is shown below.) Here, you can see their InflueNex Score, their YouTube Statistics, and overall Analytics. Learn more about what is shown here and why it is important in the breakdown of features below.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - View YouTuber Analytics

Part 2. What Makes a Great Social Media Influencer?

Up next, we’re going to be breaking down the characteristics of a great social media influencer. For this, we’re going to be using InflueNex’s dashboard for YouTube Stats and Analytics -- which you were able to see a preview of just now. However, it’s actually a lot more detailed than you’d think. Providing not only the base stats, but very detailed insights on the channel’s performance. Be it view tendency, subscriber tendency, etc. It’s all there. And, it can help you determine just how good a social media influencer truly is!

1. Niche/Category Relevance

The first thing that you need to check when looking into a social media influencer, is what Niche or Category they belong in. This is important especially for those who want to find an influencer to market their products or service, as it can help you narrow down influencers that will actually be able to talk about your product with some level of authority. In other words, you’re going to want to sponsor a YouTuber in the ‘Health’ niche if you have a health product to market. Not only because it makes more sense, but because that YouTuber probably already has an audience that is interested in that kind of product (and thus are more likely to buy it.)

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Category Relevance

2. Main Region of Relevance

Something else that you might want to consider when choosing an influencer is their region of relevance. That is, where do they get most of their views? Is it from the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, etc.? For the most part, a lot of the top-ranking YouTubers are based in the United States. However, if you, for example, had a Spanish-oriented product that you wanted to advertise, then you’re of course going to want an influencer that is primarily relevant in Mexico or Spain -- allowing you to target an audience that will actually be able to understand and thus have reason to buy your product.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Main Region of Relevance

3. Percentage of Active Engagement

It’s important to find a YouTuber with a large number of followers. However, that doesn't mean that you should focus on only that. In the end, what’s more important is how many of those followers are active (likes videos or comments on posts.) Because those active viewers are the people that are really being targeted here. They’re the ones more likely to click a link or enter the code required in order to purchase your product or service. Thus, why ‘Engagement’ is one of the things you should always take note of when looking into great social media influencers.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Percentage of Active Engagement

4. Their Average Views

In the same vein of what we were talking about before, a YouTuber’s average view count is also a good place to start looking at quality. See, there are thousands of different YouTubers who are well known for one or two of their videos. However, unless they can pull in large numbers at a consistent rate. Well, then it’s doubtful that they’ll be able to pull in enough power to market your product to a large audience. Which is why you should always ignore the outliers (as glorious as they might be) and focus on the cold hard truth. Which you can find in the law of averages.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Their Average Views

5. YouTuber’s Estimating Rate

Not necessarily a channel trait, but something that should be considered nonetheless. After all, you should always pick a YouTuber that offers a rate that is within your budget. The number offered in InflueNex is just a calculated estimate. However, it’s one that you should consider anyways, especially when you’re trying to figure out which creator you would rather work with in the end.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - YouTuber's Estimating Rate

6. Look at Common Keywords

Another deal breaker is the subject to which an influencer primarily creates content for. InflueNex makes this easy with its ‘All Video Tags’ section. Again, this is something that you should check in order to find an influencer that has some authority on whatever product or service you are selling. After all, if they already talk about the subject regularly, then you can expect their audiences to also care for that topic.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Look at Common Keywords

7. Channel Performance

Before making your final decision, it’s important that you also take a look at the channel’s overall performance in the past couple of weeks or months. Are they doing better than their average or are they doing lower? Make sure not to check just their view count. Likes per post and comments per post are also both very important factors to consider -- especially in regard to the influencer’s overall level of active engagement.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Channel Performance

8. YouTuber’s Growth Tendency

Something else that you’d want to check is a YouTuber’s growth tendency. How are their views doing over time? Are there any dramatics highs and lows? How about their subscribers? This is a great way of telling what kind of influence a creator has and whether it’s one that’s going to last for a long time or something that is nearing its last ropes.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - YouTuber's Growth Tendency

9. Check Out Latest and Featured Posts

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to check out how the influencer manages their content either. This is more house-cleaning things. Something that you do in order to confirm the quality of their videos (which is something that is a bit harder to remember when you’re so focused on just the hard numbers.) Taking the time to scroll through a YouTuber’s feed and watch their latest or featured posts is a great way of getting to know an influencer on a deeper level.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Check Out Latest and Featured Posts

10. Similar and Related YouTube Channels

Another fact that you can check out, although it might not be as important as the first few, are the channels tagged as similar or related. This is a great and very convenient way of verifying the level of influence the influencer has.

What Make a Greate Social Media Influencers - Similar and Related YouTube Channels


Influencers are a dime a dozen. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a golden ticket. Try it out today and set up an influencer marketing campaign with the influencer that you discover from InflueNex! Remember, that the tool itself is completely FREE. And, considering the rewards that you may receive after finding an influencer that will work for you? Well, then there’s no denying that the potential is worth every second of searching!

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