What's Social Blade

and Best Alternatives to It

SocialBlade is the most well-known provider of YouTube Analytics. On there, influencers and markets alike can see detailed statistics and analytics of a YouTube channel. Down below, we’re going to be showing you how it works, and a couple of alternatives that you can use to do the same thing! One of which will be another YouTube analytics program and the rest offer analytics spread out for a variety of social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

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Part 1. What is Social Blade?

As mentioned, Social Blade is primarily a YouTube analytics tool. In order to use it, you must already have a YouTube channel in mind. We’re going to be offering a detailed step-by-step below. Social Blade offers the features like:

  • Aggregated scores available for subscriber count and views.
  • SocialBlade Rank provided out of all aggregated statistics and analytics.
  • The number of subscribers, views, and estimated earnings are provided for each of a YouTuber’s most recent videos.
  • Graphs of subscriber tendencies and views tendencies are available.
  • YouTuber’s other social media profiles are also available for viewing (Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Dailymotion.)

How to Use SocialBlade

Step 1. Enter Creator’s Username

In order to view an influencer’s statistics with SocialBlade, you will need to enter their username on the search bar provided and then click the Search button. Tip: You can also search for influencers based on their Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, or Dailymotion page.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Enter Creator's Name

Step 2. Select Profile for Viewing

Social Blade will find and show a list of influencers that is relevant to your search. You might find that there are multiple results for one person -- that’s because they have several social media profiles. However, if you want to see their YouTube analytics, then you need to select their YouTube Profile.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Select Profile

Step 3. General Ranks and Scores

Immediately after entering the dashboard, you should be able to see the most aggregated view of the influencer’s analytics. This includes their Grade, Subscriber Rank, Video Views Rank, Social Blade Rank, and more.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - General Ranks and Scores

Step 4. View Stats on Specific Videos

If you want to find out how well a specific video of theirs performed, scroll down to find this widget (shown below.) Here, you can match the available dates with videos the YouTuber has posted and seen their subscriber count, views count, and their estimated earnings for that video.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - View Stats on Specific Videos

Step 5. Subscriber/Views Tendency

Another important feature that you might want to know about are the graphs that social blade provides for a YouTuber’s subscriber and views tendency. This can be found at the bottom of their SocialBlade dashboard!

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Subscriber Tendency

Pros and Cons of SocialBlade


  • Intuitive YouTuber analytic tool.
  • Provides detailed analytics on subscribers, views, and even estimated earnings.
  • Overall scores are aggregated in the form of ranks and average scores.


  • This is primarily a YouTube analytics tool (although it does provide some features for Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Dailymotion.)
  • It also cannot be used in order to discover new YouTubers (you can only search via username.)
  • Strictly an Analytics tool, other features are limited.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Social Blade

For our promised social blade alternative, we have InflueNex. Now, much like Social Blade, this tool is YouTube-centric. It also provides very detailed analytics in a way that is very similar to Social Blade. All you have to do is type in a username (or keyword) and go to the YouTuber’s dashboard to view their stats. Of course, we’ll be showing you all of that below.

Key Features of InflueNex

  • YouTube Search Engine for finding known YouTubers and discovering new ones!
  • Advanced Filters are provided for narrowing down influencer search.
  • Sorting Feature for organizing results via Influencer Rank, Subscriber Count, Views, and Active Rate.
  • Detailed Analytics are provided in a dashboard.
  • Contact feature enables you to contact influencers in one click.

How to Use InflueNex to Find YouTube Influencers

Step 1. Visit InflueNex

Visit InflueNex.com and click the I'm Brand or I'm Creator button to log in InflueNex.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Visit InflueNex

Step 2. Use Advanced Filters to Narrow Search

Enter the keyword in the searching column, and you can also use the advanced filters below the searching column to make your search more specific.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Enter Keywords & Set Up Filters

Step 3. Organize Results

When you've finished making up all your settings, you can click the Search button to start searching for the influencers. The list of the influencers will be displayed below the searching column, and the basic information of the influencers will be shown as well.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Organize Results

Step 4. View Detailed Information of the Influencer

If you're interested in one of the influencers, you can click the name of the influencer to view the details of this influencer. The statistics of this influencer, such as engagement, subscriber history, channel growth and more will be shown.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - View Influencer's Details

Step 5. Contact Influencers

If you think this influencer meet your purpose, you can click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner to send the collaboration email to this influencer.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Contact Influencers

Part 3. Other Helpful Alternatives to Social Blade

Now that we’ve covered Social Blade and our most recommended alternative to it. Let’s talk about other tools that you can use for almost the same reason. Most of these are analytic tools. However, they span over a variety of different social networks -- not just YouTube, which is what Social Blade and InflueNex focus on. So, if you’re interested in analytics on other social media platforms, then feel free to check out the following list!

1. Crowdfire

URL: https://www.crowdfireapp.com/

For our first Social Blade alternative on this list, we have Crowdfire. It does offer very detailed analytics. However, this is restricted only to your account (you cannot use this to see the analytics of other influencers.) The beauty of the tool is that it offers general profile analytics and detailed post analytics (although this is only available as part of their premium subscription.) As a tool, it’s great for planning out your content and managing the growth of your own accounts.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Offers detailed profile analytics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Was made primarily for managing and scheduling the content that goes up on your social media accounts -- no search tool available.
  • Post-Analytics is also available for those that pay for their VIP subscription (which will cost up to $33 per month.)

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Crowdfire

2. Union Metrics

URL: https://unionmetrics.com/

Number 2 on our list is Union Metrics. It’s a part of a larger influencer marketing tool called TrendKite, and its primary purpose is to measure and provide insights on social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Unfortunately, these detailed analytics are only provided with TrendKite’s premium subscriptions. However, signing up for it will give you access to TrendKite’s other features as well -- which includes campaign management, influencer search, and more.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Union Metrics is completely AI-driven, which means that the insights that it provides are calculated automatically via a machine in real-time.
  • It provides detailed analytics and stats on social media influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Such analytics includes post impressions, profile engagement rates, and more.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Union Metrics

3. Iconosquare

URL: https://pro.iconosquare.com/

Number 3 on this list is an application called Iconosquare (it’s also available as a website tool.) Of course, the main feature that we’re concerned about here is its analytics feature -- which it does provide, specifically for Instagram. Much like Crowdfire, however, its analytics are provided only on your account (unless you pay for their more expensive plans -- in which case you can view the real-time analytics of at least three other influencers.) Now, as far as the actual content of the stats, you can expect to see engagement rate, overall page performance, hashtags most commonly used, Instagram stories performance, and more.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Provides in-depth analytics on Instagram and Facebook -- for your account and at least 3 other influencers (if you pay for their higher-end plans.)
  • Analytics provided include engagement, content performance, impressions, page performance, and more.
  • Doubles as a content manager by helping you schedule posts and audit your content for maximum optimization.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Iconsquare

4. HypeAuditor

URL: https://hypeauditor.com/

With Hype Auditor, we have another Instagram analytics tool. It provides in-depth insights on Instagram influencers in exchange for a ‘token.’ These tokens can be bought in batches - with the average cost of one full Instagram report costing you up to a dollar or two each. As for what it can provide, you can expect detailed reports on engagement rate, authenticity, and the influencer’s overall reach.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Not a subscription tool - reports are paid via tokens.
  • Offers insights on an Instagram influencer’s engagement -- their rate and authenticity.
  • AI-driven database is up to 3 million Instagram influencers so far, and the number rises steadily!

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - HypeAuditor

5. HootSuite Analytics

URL: https://hootsuite.com/products/social-media-analytics

Next up is HootSuite! This is a lot like Crowdfire as well, and it does offer a free version that you can use if you’re just looking for basic analytics on your account! Now, if you want to access more detailed analytics, then you’re going to have to pay for it (up to $19 per month for their Professional plan, which provides very in-depth insights on your Instagram account and suggests options for potential growth. You can also look into its more expensive Business/Enterprise subscription plans if you are interested in analytics of other influencers.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • The FREE plan offers basic analytics for your Instagram Account.
  • Acts as a social media content manager by providing post insights and helping you schedule content for your social media accounts.
  • With the more expensive plants (Business/Enterprise), you can also access the analytics of the other influencers on their database.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - HootSuite Analytics

6. Instagram Insights

URL: https://www.instagram.com

Next is Instagram Insights, which is Instagram’s own analytics tool! It’s FREE for Instagram business accounts it can be used in order to see insights on your own profile. Be it audience demographics, audience geography, engagement rate, etc. It’s not the most detailed tool, and neither will it be able to provide insights on other influencers, but it does work for those who want to keep track of their own profile’s growth.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Insights on audience demographics are available (gender, country, age, etc.)
  • Overall profile engagement and reach insights are also provided!
  • Is FREE if you are using a business account on Instagram!

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Instagram Insights

7. Keyhole

URL: http://keyhole.co/

Number 7 on this list is a tool called Keyhole. It’s another subscribed-based tool (although a FREE trial is available if you want to demo it before paying for one of their plans. Now, much like most of the programs that we’ve discussed thus far, this focuses primarily on providing insights to your own social media account. However, analytics on your competition is also available if you pay for their more expensive plans.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Analytics provided include general account analytics (detailed reports.)
  • Analytics on competition and other influencers are also provided.
  • Keyhole also doubles as a content manager for scheduling and optimizing the post that you create and share on your social media accounts.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Keyhole

8. Social Rank

URL: https://socialrank.com/

Social Rank is our eight recommend social blade alternative! It covers both Twitter and Instagram, and it provides a lot of the general tools that most other social media influencer managers offer. These include post management, scheduling, etc. Of course, the feature that we’re most interested in analytic insights -- of which it does offer a lot. With this tool, you can really get down to breaking your audience through their engagement rates, their demographics, etc. The only thing that you need to consider is the fact that it is a SaaS service, and the pricing is not made available directly unless you commit to a plan with them.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Highly in-depth analytics on your audience, your profiles, and your content.
  • Allows you to manage and optimize your content to reach the most people.
  • More features are provided in higher-end plans (discounts are provided based on your level of influence.)

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Social Rank

9. SquareLovin

URL: https://squarelovin.com/instagram-insights/

SquareLovin is another Instagram analytics tool that can be used in order to provide insights on how your account is doing as far as active engagement, account diagnostics, follower tendencies, etc. It’s completely FREE, and it was made in order to provide a way of understanding your audience a little better. Again, unfortunately, this can only be used to analyze your own account.

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Detailed insights on followers, post-performance, engagement rates, etc.
  • Audience demographics are provided in order to better understand who is looking at your content and how you might be able to connect with them more.
  • The tool is FREE, you just need to have an account on Instagram.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - SquareLovin

10. Social Bakers

URL: https://www.socialbakers.com/

The last analytics tool on this list is Social Bakers. It’s a little closer to InflueNex than SocialBlade. At least, in that, it is meant to be used primarily by marketers (who are looking for influencers for their marketing campaigns.) With this tool, you can use the available search engine to find Instagram influencers in your niche and your location. Then, you can select from the Instagram influencers that they generate and view detailed analytics (only accessible through their FREE demo or through one of their paid subscription plans.)

Key Features of Crowdfire

  • Search Engine tool that can be used in order to find and discover influencers on Instagram.
  • If you request a Demo, you can have FREE access to the influencer’s analytics.
  • Analytics provided include insights on the performance of the influencer’s post, their audience demographics, and their general profile engagement stats.

Best Alternatives to Social Blade - Social Bakers


And so, we conclude our overall introduction to SocialBlade and how you can use it (and its alternatives) in order to grow your social media profile OR find influencers to participate in your marketing campaign by endorsing your products! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to just SocialBlade! InflueNex, for example, offers a lot more benefits to marketers than SocialBlade does (as it can be used to discover new influencers!) Check it out for yourself when you’re ready to start your social media campaign! Remember, it’s FREE to try.

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