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What is Influencer Outreach Marketing and

Best Influencer Marketing Outreach Tool

What is influencer marketing and why is it important? If you’re just starting out as a brand, these wouldn’t necessarily be your first concern. However, if you’re about to launch a product and you want to know how best to go about it, then you better educate yourself on the subject now and make sure that you have your hands on the best influencer marketing outreach tool to help you along! Continue reading for help on both accounts.

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Part 1. What's Influencer Outreach Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Influencer outreach marketing is vital in that it is the start of a promotional campaign that is meant to raise brand awareness. Influencer marketing is so big these days that everyone is doing it, and it's important that you know the ins and outs of influencer outreach as a marketer so that you won’t be left out of the curve. The reasons listed below unveil why influencer outreach marketing is so important nowadays.

  • It’s been said that every $1 spent on Influencer marketing has equated to around $7.65, on average, of profit.
  • Top players in the industry have also claimed to have earned more than $20 per $1 spent, although inexperienced marketers have been known to struggle with this fact.
  • The Instagram influencer marketing industry alone is now a $1.7 billion industry, and it’s bound to continue growing as more and more brands see success with promotion via Instagram stories.
  • The Top 25 YouTube stars have also been earning more attention (at least 3x more) than some of your more traditional celebrities.
  • Overall, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing avenues for acquiring new customers, and it’s expected to keep growing as social media influencers continue to grow traction on their preferred platforms.

Part 2. Best Influencer Marketing Outreach Tool to Contact Influencers

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits of getting to know the ins and outs of influencer outreach marketing, let’s talk about the best influencer marketing outreaching tool in the market! It’s called InflueNex, and you can use it in order to find influencers, contact influencers for a collaboration, and manage your influencer marketing campaigns and strategies! It does this by offering the following features:

Key Features:

  • Influencer search engine toolbox for finding influencers.
  • Send Invite option for contacting influencers directly.
  • Email form composer that leads to the email management tool.

How to Accomplish Influencer Outreach Marketing with InflueNex

Step 1. Go to

Start by going to the InflueNex website, there you’ll meet up with InflueNex’s search toolbox.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Go to

Step 2. The Search Bar

At the top of the toolbox is the search bar. This can be used to locate influencers based on keywords, usernames, video names, etc.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Enter Keywords in Search Bar

Step 3. The Search Filters

At the bottom of the toolbox are the search filters. InflueNex has made sure to offer a variety to help you find influencers based on their niche, their engagement rates, their location, etc.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Use the Search Filters

Step 4. Send Invitation to Influencer

Once you’ve found an influencer that you want to reach out to, all you have to do is click the Send Invite button on their InflueNex Stats and Analytics Dashboard.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Send Invitation to Influencer

Step 5. Contact Influencer with InflueNex

Finally, you’ll be led to InflueNex’s email composer. Fill it out as needed with the message that you want to send to the influencer. This is when you need to be your most creative! Make sure to hook the influencer into the collaboration so that you can take advantage of the industry’s growing market.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Contact Influencer with InflueNex

Part 3. Most Helpful Tips & Tricks about Influencer Outreach Marketing

In order to make your influencer outreach marketing more efficient, we’re going to be following up with a couple of tips and tricks that you can use if you’re struggling with specific portions of the outreach process! Some of these tools have a very specific use and are designed for specific platforms, but there are plenty of them out there that you can try if you’re looking for something similar for another platform.

Helpful Tips & Tricks about Influencer Outreach Marketing

1. Use an Email Address Finder —

With InflueNex, you can contact people directly so long as they have an email available on their YouTube account. However, if not, you can always try out an email address finding tool! Our example of this is, which is a browser plugin that you can install so that you can have access to the contact information attached to certain websites. It’s not the most versatile, in this case, but it can get the job done in a pinch.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Use an Email Address Finder

2. Use a Contacts Manager — Full Contact

For our next tip, we recommend that you test out a contact manager like Full Contact. With a tool like this, you can keep track of the influencers that you want to collaborate with easily. It will act as your one-stop shop when it comes to contact information and it will help when it comes to coming up with strategies for your influencer outreach plans.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Use a Contacts Manager

3. Use an Outreach Manager — Ninja Outreach

InflueNex already does something like this, but another example of an ‘outreach management tool’ is Ninja Outreach. Just like InflueNex, you can use this as your primary inbox (where all your sent/received emails are stored.) This should help you keep track of transactions and conversations much more easily than just your average email composer.

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Use an Outreach Manager

4. Use an Influencer Search Engine — BuzzStream

Again, this is a feature that InflueNex already offers, but a search engine like BuzzStream is helpful in that it can help you find influencers to collaborate with. BuzzStream is also primarily Instagram and Twitter-based, so it may be something to keep in mind just in case you’re looking for an influencer in that field (and not on YouTube — which is InflueNex’s central base.)

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Use an Influencer Search Engine

5. Use an Outreach Software — Outreach Plus

For our last tip, we recommend that you use an outreach software tool for managing your campaigns. There are tools like Outreach Plus that are designed specifically for this purpose — allowing you to start up and manage outreach campaigns every step of the way. Be it helping you build email templates, automating your email conversations, or offering a singular inbox for managing all your business transactions in one place (much like what is offered by InflueNex and Ninja Outreach.)

Influencer Outreach Marketing Definition and Tips - Use an Outreach Software


If you are insistent on breaking through into the world of Influencer marketing, then make sure that you start at the very beginning by learning all that you can about Influencer Outreach Marketing! It’s one of the most important steps in the process, and a lot will be dependent on how capable you are on persuading influencers to collaborate with you for your campaign. Of course, if you want to ease some of the better-known issues regarding the process, we recommend that you try out InflueNex, or one of the influencer outreach marketing tools that we recommended.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 11,2019 15:11 pm
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