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What's Influencer Outreach in SEO

and Best Practice of It

Influencer outreach has done a lot to change the marketing industry. As the influencer marketing industry continues to grow, so does its benefits. It’s effect in SEO, for example, is probably not something that many know of, but it can result in big returns for your blog. Learn more about how influencer marketing affects SEO and what you can do to take advantage of it for your own blog or business below.

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Part 1. Influencer Outreach in SEO

There are plenty of reasons to reach out to an influencer, but the reasons for influencer outreach for SEO are fairly unique. In proper application, SEO is meant to boost your blog’s rankings and increase engagements and visibility. This fact plays a large part in why influencer outreach has become so important to the industry. To put it simply, here are some of the reasons why blog-owners may want to reach out to known influencers in their brand for their SEO.

5 Reasons why Influencers Outreach is Important in SEO

1. Visibility

Influencers are known for increasing a brand’s visibility, and that doesn’t change with SEO. If you have the right influencer promoting your blog, then you can be certain to become more ‘visible’ to the general public. Having known-experts in the field will also increase your SEO ratings (which will, in turn, increase your visibility even further.)

2. Engagements

Much like with the previous reason, influencer outreach can increase your level of engagements — with more people seeing your blog (from the promotion of a known influencer) you can expect more engagements to come out of it.

3. Credibility

Your credibility as a source plays a large part in your SEO rankings. If you’re a relatively new blog, then you can’t expect to be very credible as a whole. However, if someone trusted in the community is talking about your content, you can expect your SEO ratings to rise in turn.

4. Content Marketing

You can think of influencer outreach in this case as content marketing — rather than ‘selling’ a product or service, you’re pushing your content into the world. That always equates to far more effective promotions overall.

5. Collaborations

If you end up bagging an influencer for an actual collab, then your SEO rankings will increase tenfold. Having expert and reliable content on your site is bound to increase traffic no matter what.

Part 2. Best Practice of Influencer Outreach in SEO

Here are some of the best examples of influencer outreach that can be used for the purpose of boosting your SEO. We’ve made sure to pick a variety so that you can see how certain strategies are applied in actual message-form, so make sure to go through each of them carefully.

Best Practices of Influencer Outreach in SEO

1. Personalized Outreach

This personalized influencer outreach message was written in hopes of contributing to a blog in the same target market. It starts out with a very detailed introduction of the writer before laying out the details of the contribution (with samples of their own work linked for maximum effectiveness.) This is the outreach that you’d want to send if you’re a blogger yourself as it establishes a connection between you and the other blog-influencer — which boosts your credibility and thus your SEO.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Personalized Outreach

2. Engaging Outreach

This next example of influencer outreach is ‘personalized’ as well but in a different way. Rather than a lengthy introduction to the writer, we have a call for engagement. Basically, the writer is hoping to start a conversation that is based on their similarities. It’s a great way to show your attention to detail and may perhaps be the reason the influencer agrees to let you post a guest blog — which, as mentioned, should increase your SEO.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Engaging Outreach

3. Quick and Simple

This next approach at influencer outreach for SEO is very ‘simple’ but it’s also incredibly effective. By keeping the outreach letter short, the writer makes sure that they aren’t wasting anyone’s time. The goal of the sample letter is to persuade the blog-owner to run targeted ads on their website. This is a generally great action to take as it will increase traffic to the site in question (which, as you’ve guessed it, increases SEO.)

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Quick and Simple

4. The Free Offer

No one can refuse things that are FREE, and that doesn’t change here. Offering a service or product to the influencer you want to work with is a good way of starting a relationship. It’s also a great way of asking for a favor that can help increase your SEO. The example below isn’t the best suited for SEO purposes, however, with a little bit of rephrasing, this should work just fine as well — just keep the main feature in mind (give them something for FREE.)

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Free Offer

5. The Cold Approach

If you’re just a starter blog, then you may want to take on the ‘cold’ approach. Like the example shown below, cold influencer outreach letters tend to be both short and simple, so just about anyone can do it. The purpose of these letters is to establish early connections and increase the awareness of other known-influencers of your blog. There are no expectations or offers set here, it’s just (as the writer of the sample says it) a teaser for what’s to come.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Cold Approach

Part 3. How to Contact Influencers with InflueNex

For the last portion of this article, we’re going to be wrapping things up with InflueNex. InflueNex is a web-based influencer marketing tool that is perfect for influencers and marketers alike when it comes to outreach and marketing reasons. This is possible because of the following features:

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • Influencer outreach messaging tool (for sending outreach letters.)
  • Detailed insights and analytics on known-influencers.
  • Outreach management tool (for keeping track of business transactions.)
  • Smart influencer search engine (for discovering influencers to work with.)

How to Contact Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Use Influencer Search Engine

At the front-end of the InflueNex website is the influencer search engine. This has a search bar, as well as search filters, that you can use in order to discover influencers to work with.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Use Influencer Search Engine

Step 2. The Outreach Tool

InflueNex’s outreach tool can be found in an influencer’s InflueNex dashboard (like the one shown below.) You can access it by clicking the SEND INVITATION button.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Outreach Tool

Step 3. Write Your Outreach

The last thing needed now is for you to draft your outreach message. InflueNex will allow you to do this on-site. Just click SEND when you’re ready to send it to the influencer.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Write Your Outreach Letter

Step 4. Save Your Email as a Template

If you’re not ready to send the letter just yet, use the SAVE AS TEMPLATE option. That will allow you to use the email again later.

What's Influencer Outreach in SEO - Save Your Email as a Template


If you’re looking to increase your SEO rankings, then influencer outreach might just be how you can achieve it. We’ve already told you the why and the how — it’s just a matter of putting things into practice. If you’re still nervous, and you don’t know whether to start, we recommend using InflueNex as your training ground. With a solid tool at hand, you can be certain that you’ll have everything that you can possibly need to get started.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 27,2019 16:11 pm
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