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What is Influencer Management

What’s is the benefit of Influencer Management

Influencer marketing is on the rise. All marketing strategies including influencer marketing must have management strategies. There are a couple of social media management Los Angeles agencies that can run management strategies on behalf of brands. Influencer marketing campaigns must be regularly monitored to determine if they will be successful or must be changed. Social media influencer management also determines the relationship between brands and influencers. There are several helpful social media management agencies in Los Angeles brands can benefit from. These agencies can take your brand to the next level.

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Part 1: What is Influencer Management?

Influencer management refers to managing relationships between brands and influencers. Influencers are used in influencer marketing to promote products on brand’s behalf. Influencer management helps you have control of the marketing because most influencers are independent. They only deliver what you have agreed.

Strong influencer management strategies help brands reap maximum benefits from their selected influencers. As we all know, influencers have a strong online command. This is in terms of followers. Influencer management helps build a perfect relationship with the influencer with a goal of attaining your goals. Influencer management is undertaken for the following purpose:

  • To make customers trust brand’s products.
  • Helping the influencer understand the goals he/she should focus on.
  • To evaluate if the campaign at hand is effective or not.

Therefore, brands should be careful on the management strategies they apply. Some management strategies can ruin the relationship between brands and influencers. Therefore, both parties should be involved in the management process. Below is a step by step process on how brands can come up with an effective influencer management strategy:

1.1 Work with the right influencers

As we all know, there are numerous influencers in the market to choose from. Therefore, you should look for the right influencers. This is in terms of their specialized field and the right audience. Working with the right influencer reduces the possibility of conflict arising when drafting influencer management strategy.

1.2 Reaching out and offering fair compensation

Influencers love to be compensated according to the task at hand. Use the right marketing strategy when reaching out. Ensure you use effective skills that will make your desired influencer interested in marketing your brand. Fair compensation makes influencers motivated to work.

1.3 Give your influencer the freedom he/she requires

Do restrict the creativeness of your influencer. Influencers understand their audience perfectly. Therefore, they are in a position to come up with effective marketing campaigns that attract more audience.

1.4 Draft an influencer management Strategy and share it with your influencer

Involving your influencer in your management strategy is the secret towards coming up with effective strategies.

Part 2. The Benefits of Influencer Management

After understanding influencer management meaning, let us cross over and understand benefits of influencer management for brands. This might be what you brands need to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. Influencer management also helps brand benefit from the amount they have invested in influencer marketing strategies. Here are the benefits linked with influencer management:

2.1 It helps brands perfectly understand influencer marketing

A lot of brands and business owners don’t understand influencer marketing even if they are using it. Well; influencer management helps brands understand all about this magical marketing strategy that is helping Companies attain their marketing goals within the shortest time possible.

What Is Influencer Management - Understand Influencer Marketing

2.2 It enhances your brand’s awareness

Generally, influencer marketing strategy can either succeed or fail. Applying influencer management increases the possibility of your marketing campaigns and strategies succeeding. Influencer management can help determine if the marketing campaign is heading towards the right direction or not. In the long run, this enhances your brand’s awareness.

What Is Influencer Management - Enhance Your Brand's Awareness

2.3 It helps reach a large audience

Part and parcel of influencer management involves building relationship with your influencer. This is in terms of compensation and the goals they should work towards attaining. A good relationship between an influencer and brand motivates them to work to work hard towards attaining their goals. They also thrive towards reaching a large audience.

What Is Influencer Management - Reach a Large Audience

2.4 They increase conversion

All influencer marketing campaigns are targeted towards influencer’s audience on social media platforms. Therefore, a good influencer management strategy increases consumer conversion as time progresses.

What Is Influencer Management - Increase Conversion

2.5 Create long partnership between Brands and influencers

Part and parcel of influencer management entails defining the relationship with the hired influencer. These strategies should be customized in a way they help build long relationships between brands and influencers. Influencer marketing doesn’t end. Brands will market their products and services at some point.

What Is Influencer Management - Create Long Partnership between Brands and Influencers

Part 3. Top Tools for Influencer Management

Brands need some tools to reap benefits of influencer marketing once they apply them. Physically handling influencer management strategies is very difficult. As we all know, influencers use different social media platforms to marketing brands. These platforms range from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others. These tools simplify certain aspects within influencer management strategy. Here are some of these tools.

1. InflueNex

InflueNex is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that helps you to find, manage, analye and contact influencers with ease. This platform owns more than 2 million influencers in its database, and it makes whole process straightforward. After finding the influencer you're interested in, you'll be able to send emails to this influencer directly. Moreover, you can take advantage InflueNex to manage influencers with different groups, and you're allowed to fully customize the groups at your will.

What Is Influencer Management - InflueNex

2. Followerwonk


This software is offered by Moz and is specifically designed for Twitter. Therefore, this tool can be used only on Twitter. The free version option allows brands to try out this full before subscribing to any option. Followerwonk can help brands hire the right influencer. There is an option for queuing in the keyword. Afterwards, influencer’s bio will pop up. The highlight profiles mostly comprise the age of the account, the amount of followers and their authority on Twitter.

You can also track the existing relationships between an influencer and brands. This helps if you can manage them in terms of needs and requirements. Some influencers are very demanding, making it difficult for some brands to manage them.

Key features of InflueNex

  • There is a free version that allows brands to try out this tool.
  • Filtration is allowed to help identify specific influencers.
  • Followerwonk allows users to check out profiles of the highlight influencers.

What Is Influencer Management - Followerwonk

3. TweetReach


TweetReach has successfully helped different brands run influencer management campaigns. This tool mostly helps brands get in touch with top ranked influencers on Twitter. TweetReach houses a large database of top ranked influencers. Here, you have to manually enter the name of the influencer you are looking for.

TweetReach helps carry out some analytics performance on specific influencers to determine if they are manageable or not. These ranges from the success rate, online followers they command and then average compensation amount.

Key features of InflueNex

  • This tool efficiently delivers analytics report. The report determines if an influencer can be managed or not.
  • There is an option of trying out this tool for free
  • Searches can be personalized.

What Is Influencer Management - TweetReach

4. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo offers a wide range of marketing and management solutions. This is the reason brands should try out this strategy. Buzzsumo helps in brand monitoring, analyzing content and helping identify the right influencer. Searches can be narrowed down to locations and topics, among others.

Analysis based on the authority and influence helps brand look for the most qualified influencers. An in depth research of domains and content an influencer specializes in. That’s not all; the analytic reports gathered can be exported.

Key features of InflueNex

  • This tool helps brands hire the right influencer.
  • Analytics reports can be exported for future use.
  • Brands can monitor their marketing campaigns.

What Is Influencer Management - Buzzsumo

5. Onalytica


Running successful influencer management strategies isn’t a simple task as it sounds. Well; Onalytica has simplified the influencer management process. First, you have an option of looking for the right influencer. Here, influencers are divided into categories. This makes it easy for brands to identify the right influencer. Searches can be narrowed down to demographic location, compensation rate and specialization, among others.

Key features of InflueNex

  • There is a free trial option.
  • Influencers are divided into categories.
  • Searches can be personalized for individual needs.

What Is Influencer Management - Onalytica

6. Traackr


Traackr deserves a spot when it comes to listing tools that assist in influencer management. This tool also helps manage marketing campaigns and the influencers running the campaigns. Brands using this tool have an easy time communicating with their influencers. Efficient communication simplifies the process of reaching out to consumers.

Traackr allows brands to manage their influencers in one centralized location. This makes it easy for brands to analyze various things such as the performance of their marketing campaigns and conversion rate, among others. Lastly, you can compare your performance with that of your fellow competitors.

Key features of InflueNex

  • This platform allows brands to compare their campaigns with that of their competitors.
  • Traackr allows brands to manage influencers on this platform.
  • There is tool which helps in analyzing marketing strategies.

What Is Influencer Management - Traackr

7. GroupHigh


GroupHigh is another platform brands can use to connect with influencers and also manage them. This platform houses numerous influencers. Filters have been installed on this tool to assist brands personalize their searches. This is in terms of location and keyword, among others.

Influencers are divided into numerous sections. This helps brands easily identify their desired influencers. Moving on, GroupHigh can help you manage influencers across different platforms. This tool allows brands to import information about their relationship with influencers. Above all; this tool offers different communication platforms. Lastly, you can easily monitor your marketing campaigns with this tool.

Key features of InflueNex

  • This tools allows brands to monitor their marketing campaigns
  • Offers different categories of influencers.
  • Searches can be customized for individual needs.

What Is Influencer Management - GroupHigh

8. Brandwatch


Brandwatch houses a wide range of influencers. This tool helps brands look for their desired influencers. Influencers are divided into categories. Therefore, brands can easily identify their desired influencer. Influencers are also ranked based on their conversion rates and the followers they attract, among others.

Key features of InflueNex

  • There is a demonstration option. This feature helps people understand how this tool operates.
  • Influencers are divided into numerous categories. This helps brands identify the right influencer.
  • Influencers are further ranked according to their success rate.

What Is Influencer Management - Brandwatch

9. Ninja Outreach


Ninja Outreach is one of the few platforms that house numerous influencers. This platform also allows you to choose a couple of influencers and manage them. Brands can find their desired influencer by queuing in your desired keyword. Ninja Outreach also allows brands to contact through this platform.

Key features of InflueNex

  • This platform allows free trial.
  • You can keep constant reach with your influencers on this platform
  • Keywords can be personalized for your desired results.

What Is Influencer Management - Ninja Outreach

10. Scrunch


Part of running successful influencer management entails looking for the right influencers. Well; Scrunch houses a lot of influencers. These influencers are divided into categories. Searches can also be filtered to give you your desired influencers. It can be based on engagement rates, location and their success rate, among others.

Key features of InflueNex

  • There are different packages. Brands simply need to look for packages that will fulfill their needs.
  • There is a trial version, so the brand can check out functions before paying.
  • Keywords can be filtered to present fixed results

What Is Influencer Management - Scrunch


InflueNex is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms. This platform has helped numerous brands attain their marketing goals. Brands can use this tool to find their desired influencers. This tool also helps in influencer management. You can manage your influencers and marketing campaigns through this platform. Don’t look any further. Simply click on today and get started on your influencer management strategy.

Written by Christine Smith on the Oct 17,2019 16:34 pm
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