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Collaboration Email Templates

Almost 70% of marketers acknowledge that finding influencers for marketing their products and services is incredibly difficult, and once they do find an influencer — be it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. it doesn’t get any easier! This is where collaboration emails come into play and make your life so much easier! So, what is a collaboration email and what are the best collaboration email templates that you can use in order to solidify your marketing strategy? Keep reading to learn more.

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Part 1. What Is Collaboration Email?

A collaboration email is an email that you send out to an influencer to introduce yourself and your company, inform the influencer of the product or service that you want them to market, and then finally, where you ask them to collaborate with you on a marketing campaign! There’s a lot more to it than that, and sometimes it may take more than just one or two emails in order to finalize your collaboration, but the benchmarks of what makes a good collaboration email stays the same — which are as follows:

The Introduction - all good collaboration emails will inform the influencer all the details that they need to know in order to proceed smoothly with the rest of the campaign.

The Pitch collaboration emails should also be upfront about what you’re offering in exchange for using the influencer’s influence over their audience.

Part 2. Best Collaboration Email Templates

There are tons of different collaboration email templates available out there that you can use if you’re not certain about what should or should not be on one of these emails. Some of them even separate the initial ‘outreach’ and the actual ‘pitch.’ Which you can do if you’d prefer to communicate with the influencer prior to making an offer for services rendered.

1. The Basics

If you’re not looking for anything too fancy, then you may want to try out this simple but efficient outreach template from Leadfuze. This email template takes away all the stress of outlining a collaboration email by yourself by providing an entire structure that you can use in order to reach out to an influencer, get to know them, and communicate with them over their rates and what they may be willing to do for the collaboration.


  • Simple but efficient template, that is straight to the point and very professional.
  • No-offers template so you don’t have to lock yourself up on a price immediately.
  • FREE to use, just copy and paste from the source.


What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email - The Basics

2. The FREE Sample

This template is for those who are looking for a very specific type of collaboration. Namely, one where you offer up FREE samples of your product/service and ask the influencer to review it. This is a great collaboration email template for startup companies who may not have enough of a budget to afford some of the more targeted promotional marketing. Just be careful about who you send it to, and that you get a guarantee before sending over their sample.


  • Simple and to-the-point template perfect for mass-outreach.
  • FREE samples offered rather than a cash-offer.
  • Suggests post/content with additional samples for the influencer’s audience.


What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email - The Free Sample

3. The Sneak Peek

Again, another template that startup companies may want to take advantage of is the ‘sneak peek’ template. This particular template is incredibly short and concise. Which, again, makes it perfect for companies who want to reach out to a bunch of influencers all at once. Despite the length it still has both the ‘introduction’ and the ‘pitch’ element that makes a great collaboration email.


  • Short and very easy to use, just fill in the details.
  • No misleading language or tentative cash offers.
  • Provides influencers an incentive ‘first-look’ content to show to their audience.


What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email - The Sneak Peek

4. The Follow-Up

If you’ve already sent an email to a specific influencer before but are concerned that they may not have noticed it or that it got lost, then this follow-up collaboration email template may just be exactly what you need. It’s a little more involved than the templates we introduced previously, but that may be necessary in order to make sure that you’ve captured their attention.


  • Detailed introduction but in a very friendly-easy-to-understand manner.
  • Great for following-up on potentially missed outreach emails.
  • Vague on the ‘pitch’ section to provide opportunity for your collaboration.


What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email -The Follow-Up

5. The Beta Test

If what you’re looking to market is less of an in-your-hands-product, then you may be interested in this beta-test collaboration email template. The purpose of this template is not just to promote your product to relevant influencers, it’s also potentially a great way of getting ‘reviews’ for the service that you are providing before the product has even been launched.


  • To the point template for requesting a review from a niche-relevant influencer.
  • No cash-offers involved — just free access to the service.
  • Similar to the ‘sneak peek’ template in that it offers first-access to the service.


Part 3. How to Write a Good Collaboration Email

For the last portion of this article, we have a couple of tips on how you may want to go about writing a good collaboration email. Of course, this is assuming that you already have influencers to invite to a collaboration and that you have a ‘pitch’ to sell. For the purposes of our demonstration, we’re going to write a collaboration email to invite a YouTube influencer with a service called InflueNex — which is an influencer search engine that you can use in order to directly communicate with influencers on YouTube.

How to Write a Good Collaboration Email with InflueNex

Step 1. The Introduction

Writing a good collaboration email starts with the “introduction.” This can be as simple as introducing your name and/or company name, then informing the influencer all about the product, service, or work that you’re contacting them about.

What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email - The Introduction

Step 2. The Pitch

Now is when you sell the collaboration. Offer up incentives, a deal, etc. and persuade the influencer that working with you is exactly what they need to do.

What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email - The Pitch

Step 3. Fine-Tune

Once you have those two things done, all you need to do is fine-tune. This is when you can get creative, although don’t overdo it! Just make sure that the email is pleasant to read and that you won’t be turning off the influencer for any crass language.

Tip: Tip: If you want to send mass collaboration emails, you can use an online tool like InflueNex in order to Create Your Own Collaboration Email Template for future use!

What is Collaboration Email & How to Write a Good Collaboration Email - Fine Tune


Collaboration emails do not need to be fancy. It’s so much better when you get straight to the point and dish out the important details. Any more and you’ll be wasting not only your time, but the influencer’s time as well! If you’re still scared about writing your own collaboration email, check out any of the templates we recommended today. Otherwise, create your own template (like we demonstrated with InflueNex) and dive straight into the world of collaboration emails!

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 16,2020 14:28 pm
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