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Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide

in 2019

This ultimate influencer outreach guide for 2019 was compiled in order to make sure that you are aware of all that you need to know in order to get into influencer marketing. The industry for it has gotten so big that making mistakes can cost you everything, which makes it all the more crucial to get things right from the very beginning — which, of course, starts with the outreach.

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Part 1. Easiest Method for Influencer Outreach

We’re going to start off this guide by introducing a couple of tools that can help you with your influencer outreach. First, is InflueNex. We’ve laid out a tutorial for how you can use it down below, and in general, InflueNex is an online influencer outreach tool that you can use in order to find and communicate with influencers for marketing reasons. Such features are possible because of the following:

Key Features of InflueNex:

  • A smart and powerful influencer discovery tool for locating influencers.
  • Influencer dashboards filled with deep insights and analytics.
  • Outreach functions available for easy influencer outreach.
  • Outreach management functions for managing influencer outreach campaigns.

How to Outreach Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Use the InflueNex Search Tool

At the front-end of the InflueNex website is the search tool. Use this in order to find influence through relevant keywords or through the advanced filters provided.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Use the InflueNex Search Tool

Step 2. Choose Influencer from Results

A list of influencers will appear based on your chosen search parameters, pick the influencer that is most attractive to your campaign. You should be moved to their InflueNex dashboard if you select their name or channel icon.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - CHoose Influencer from Results

Step 3. Send an Invitation

Once you’re on the influencer’s InflueNex dashboard, you will have access to their stats and analytics. More importantly, however, is the button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click the Send Invitation button to be moved to the outreach composer.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Send an Invitation

Step 4. Compose Your Outreach Letter

InflueNex’s outreach composer is packed with all sorts of helpful and convenient tools that you can use in your outreach. Explore it yourself by giving InflueNex a try.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Compose Your Outreach Letter

Part 2. Helpful Tools for Influencer Outreach

To make sure that you’re as knowledgeable as possible all the tools commonly used with influencer outreach, here are another 5 that you can use in conjunction with InflueNex (or on its own — depending on the social network that you’re targeting.) There’s plenty more of them out there, but these five are definitely the most known.

5 Best Tools for Influencer Outreach

1. Outreach Plus

Outreach Plus is the tool to use if what you’re looking for is a strict outreach tool. This, as you can tell from the name, was designed very specifically for that purpose. So, you can expect the actual process of reaching out to be highly intuitive indeed. Its automated functions are no joke either. With Outreach Plus you can expect to be very in-the-know throughout all your outreach campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Generates leads and builds relationships with outreach tools.
  • Automated follow-up tools for easy follow-ups.
  • Insight tools for analyzing the progress of a campaign.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Outreach Plus

2. isn’t as premium as either InflueNex or Outreach Plus, but it has its uses in the realm of influencer outreach. It is, after all, a tool designed for locating the contact information of known-influencers. Unfortunately, was designed primarily for ‘hunting’ down the contact information of blog influencers, but even that can prove to be useful for other areas of influencer marketing.

Key Features:

  • Finds email addresses based on known-domains.
  • 100+ Free Searches per month.
  • Premium plans for more searches per month are available.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide -

3. CrowdFire

Again, Crowdfire isn’t necessarily a tool for outreach. However, it can be very useful in establishing relationships with influencers prior to outreach. Think of it as an alternative to sending cold emails. Because, with this app, you can keep track of who is talking about you and your brand on social media — which are the people you should definitely be reaching out to.

Key Features:

  • Social network account manager.
  • Schedules content posting.
  • Tracks mention of relevant keywords or brand name.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - CrowdFire

4. Ninja Outreach

With Ninja Outreach, we go back to what is more often considered a ‘traditional’ outreach tool. Much like Outreach Plus, Ninja Outreach was designed for contacting influencers — so you can expect the platform to be highly intuitive in that sense. It’s the tool to use if you’re looking for something that can help you keep track of your campaigns (be it during the initial outreach or later on as the campaign is actually taking place.)

Key Features:

  • Influencer analytics tool for keeping track of marketing campaigns.
  • Influencer outreach functions for contacting influencers to collaborate with.
  • Intuitive interface designed specifically for influencer outreach.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Ninja Outreach

5. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a tool that you can use in order to do research for your influencer outreach campaigns. It works for both Instagram and YouTube Accounts — all you have to do is find an influencer you want to work with, and then choose them in order to get in-depth insights and analytics on their growth tendencies on social media.

Key Features:

  • Pay-per-use option (no subscription required.)
  • Insights for both Instagram and YouTube influencers.
  • Deep analytics (with stats shown for efficient influencer outreach.)

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - HypeAuditor

Part 3. Most Practical Tips and Tricks about Influencer Outreach

For this last portion, we’re going to be wrapping up with the most practical tips and tricks about influencer outreach. These are the things that you must know in order to be able to go about your influencer outreach without worries. It can act as a review as well, as we’re going to be going through some things you may already know. Whatever the case may be, make sure to go through each tip to learn the most that you can.

Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Influencer Outreach

1. Start with Research

Before performing any kind of outreach, you should always start with research. This isn’t just strictly about the influencer either (although that is definitely important), spend as much time as you can getting to know the market so that you can get through your campaign easily.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Start with Research

2. Start Connection Early

The reason we recommended Crowdfire as a tool to use for outreach is that it’s important to start making connections as early as possible. Aside from being a great way to grow your presence on social media, interacting with influencers online will also allow you to establish early relationships that you may end up working with in the future.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Start Connection Early

3. Try Out an Influencer Agency

If you’re struggling to find influencers for your campaigns, then you may want to find them through an Influencer Agency. There are plenty of them out there that you can try out — MediaKix, Viral Nation, FameBit, etc. for example, are popular influencer agencies known for their ability to create explosive campaigns by pairing the right brands and influencers together.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Try Out an Influencer Agency

4. Use a Template

This tip is for those who struggle when it comes to actually writing an outreach letter. There are other solutions available out there — like hiring a freelance writer to write your email campaigns for you, but if you want to handle the outreach independently, then using a template is definitely the way to go about it.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Use a Template

5. Calculate Your Potential Through Case Studies

This is related to our first tip — do your research. However, this time, it’s all about making sure that your campaign will go successfully. And, the best way to do this, is to look at some of the most recent case studies involving similar campaigns. You’ll find that doing this is a lot easier than you think. Especially if you use a tool that will allow you to see deep insights and analytics on the performance of pre-existing ad campaigns.

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide - Calculate Your Potential Through Case Studies


The best way to make the most of this ultimate guide for influencer outreach is to practice with the tools that we introduced — be it InflueNex or the other 5 alternatives that we listed in the beginning. Doing that will allow you to get to know the market more easily — which is all you need to get started.

Contact Influencers
1. Influencer Outreach 1.1 Influencer Outreach Tools 1.2 Contact Influencers 1.3 Hire an Influencer 1.4 Influencer Contact Templates 1.5 Influencer Outreach Marketing 1.6 Best Online Influencer Outreach Agency 1.7 Contact Social Media Influencers 1.8 Influencer Outreach Platform 1.9 Contact Micro Influencers 1.10 Get an Influencer's Contact Information 1.11 B2B Influencer Outreach 1.12 Influencer Outreach in Email Marketing 1.13 Influencer Outreach Save Your Content Marketing 1.14 Contact Influencers for Marketing 1.15 Content Strategies for Influencer Outreach 1.16 Influencer Outreach Case Studies 1.17 Outreach Influencers for Brands 1.18 Write a Good Influencer Outreach Letter 1.19 Good Questions to Ask Influencers 1.20 Write Influencer Marketing Proposal 1.21 Influencer Outreach in SEO 1.22 Ultimate Influencer Outreach Guide 1.23 Contact Influencers to Partner with You 1.24 Contact Media Influencers 1.25 Contact YouTubers for Permission to Use Their Music 1.26 Sales Contact Influencers for Promotion 1.27 Contact Gaming Influencers 2. Contact YouTubers 2.1 Contact YouTube 2.2 Contact Someone on YouTube 2.3 Contact a YouTuber 2.4 Contact YouTubers for Collaboration 2.5 Contact YouTube Channel Owners 2.6 Contact YouTube Users 2.7 Contact People on YouTube 2.8 Contact YouTubers for Business 2.9 Contact YouTubers Through Email 2.10 Contact YouTube Influencers 2.11 Find Contacts on YouTube 2.12 Contact YouTubers for Monetization 2.13 Contact YouTube Video Owners 2.14 Contact Famous YouTubers 2.15 Contact Other YouTubers for Collaboration 2.16 Contact YouTube Video Uploader 2.17 Contact YouTube Creators 2.18 Company Contact You to Promote Product on YouTube 2.20 Contact YouTuber to Review Your Product 2.21 Contact YouTube Video Authors 2.22 Contact YouTube Vloggers 2.23 Contact Minecraft YouTubers for Collaboration 2.24 Contact Indian YouTubers for Collaboration 3. Contact Other Influencers 3.1 Contact Instagram Influencers 3.2 Instagram Influencers Outreach Tips 3.3 Contact Facebook Influencers 3.4 Contact Influencers on Twitter 3.5 Twitch Influencer Outreach 3.6 Contact SnapChat Influencers 3.7 Contact TikTok Influencers 3.8 Contact Reddit Influencers 3.9 Contact Brands as an Influencer 3.10 Contacted by YouTuber to Promote Your Products 3.11 Alternatives to NinjaOutreach

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