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Tribe Influencer Review

and Best Alternative to It

Are you looking for a tool that you can use in order to start managing influencer marketing campaigns but you’re not quite sure which one to go with? Well, one of the names that might have popped up while you were searching is Tribe Influencer, and there is no denying that it is a good social media marketing tool. Whether it is going to be the tool for you, is another question altogether. Don’t worry. We’re going to provide a very in-depth breakdown of the Tribe Influencer app. And, if you’re still not convinced, we’ll be covering several alternatives that you may want to take into consideration.

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Part 1. What is Tribe Influencer?

The beauty of Tribe Influencer is that it doesn’t take much work -- at least, not for the brand. It will require some set-up (which is what we’re going to be showing you how to do in the tutorial below.) However, a lot of the work is done by the influencers themselves. After all, it is a platform where micro-influencers are meant to apply for already set-up marketing campaigns. Thus, the only thing left for the marketer to do is to wait for influencers to apply (which they are apt to do.)

How to Use Tribe Influencer

Step 1. Select Whether You’re a Brand or Influencer

The first thing to do when signing up for Tribe Influencer is to choose whether you’re a Brand or an Influencer. Of course, in this case, we’re going to be introducing things in the perspective of a marketer. However, the option for influencers is right there as well if need be. Click the I’m A Brand button in order to set up your marketing campaign.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Select Whether You're Brand or Influencer

Step 2. Get Started for Free

Tribe Influencer, much like most influencer tools, offers a FREE trial that you can test out if you want to see the available tools first. All it requires is that you select the Get Started for Free button and fill a sign-up sheet (no billing information required.)

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Get Started

Step 3. Sign Up to Tribe

Although billing information is not required for the signup, you will need to share some personal information in order to proceed. That includes your Name, details on your business, Location, Work Email, and a Password. When you’ve finished filling in the signup form, click Sign Up to move forward.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Sign Up to Tribe

Step 4. Start an Influencer Campaign

Next, Tribe Influencer will give you a choice between setting up an Influencer Campaign or a Content Campaign. Select the Start an Influencer Campaign button in order to set up a campaign that micro-influencers with genuine audiences can apply for.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Start a Campaign

Step 5. Use Tribe’s Campaign Builder

From here on out, you’re on your own! Thankfully, Tribe has a fairly intuitive campaign builder that you can use in order to set up your influencer campaign. Of course, as a tip, the more detailed you are the better.

After you’ve published your influencer campaign, micro influencers that have been approved by Tribe should now be able to view your campaign and decide whether it is one that they can work on.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Use Tribe's Campaign Builder

Pros and Cons of Tribe Influencer


  • Tribe Influencer is a great solution for brands which have lower budget, or that have lower-budget campaigns in mind (as most micro-influencers are satisfied to work for a couple of hundred dollars per post.)
  • It also won’t require the marketer to actively seek out influencers (as they are the ones that apply once the campaign is set up.)
  • The tools that Tribe Influencer provides (like the highly intuitive campaign builder) was created in order to be very intuitive and easy to use.


  • As mentioned, most of the influencers on Tribe Influencer are micro-influencers, which usually mean that they are in very specific micro-niches.
  • It might take a while for micro-influencers to be attracted to your campaign.
  • Overall, its uses as a marketing tool are targeted at certain types of campaigns only. So, it cannot be expected as your solution for long-term collaborations.

Bottom Line:

Tribe Influencer is a great tool. However, as we mentioned just now, it’s something that has a very specific purpose. For example, if you want to launch a campaign with macro influencers, then Tribe Influencer won’t be much helpful. It works as a cheap and easy way of getting micro influencers to promote your product, but not for a lot of other things. That is why we’ve included a couple of our most recommended alternatives below! Take a quick look and see just how varied your options can be.

Part 2. Is There Any Alternative to Tribe Influencer?

For our first recommended alternative to Tribe Influencer, we have InflueNex. There’re a lot of differences between Tribe Influencer and InflueNex, but that’s why we’ve chosen it as our favorite alternative -- it provides features that you wouldn’t be able to get with Tribe Influencer. We’ll be showing you all those details (and more) in the step-by-step tutorial that we’ve included below. The key features of InflueNex are listed as below:

  • InflueNex functions as an influencer search engine, allowing you to look up influencers based on their niche, location, number of subscribers, active engagement, etc.
  • It also offers in-depth analytics that helps you to learn more about the influencers.
  • An Invite tool is also available for you to connect with influencers directly on InflueNex (no need to move to any other platform.)
  • Track effects of your collaboration video with every detail.
  • Manage influencers with fully personalized groups.

How to Use InflueNex in Detail

Step 1. Go to the InflueNex Website

Firstly, visit, and clcik the I'm a Creator or I'm a Brand or I'm a Creator button at the upper right corner to log in InflueNex.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Go to InflueNex Website

Step 2. Use Advanced Filters

InflueNex offers advanced filters that will allow you to search for your desired online influencer based on their niche, country, their number of subscribers, price range, etc.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Use Advanced Filters

Step 3. Keyword Search

Now you can enter your keyword into the searching column, and then hit the Search button at the right side of the searching column.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Keyword Search

Step 4. Sort Your Results

InflueNex should have then pulled up a list of influencers that match your selected parameters. If you find your list longer than you’d like, you can cut through some of the guesswork by organizing the list based on Rank, Subscribers, Views, etc. with the use of the Sort feature.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Sort Searching Results

Step 5. Influencer Stats & Analytics Dashboard

After you’ve selected an influencer that suits your campaign, you can then get to know them a little better by viewing their analytics such as video views, engagement rate, recent performance, etc.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - View Influencer Stats

Step 6. Contact Influencers

If you think the influencers meets your requirements, you can click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner of the page to send the influencer a collaboration email.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Contact Influencers

Part 3. Other Helpful Alternatives to Tribe Influencer

In this part, we’re going to breeze through a couple of other alternatives that you might want to consider. Most of them will be in the same vein as either InflueNex or Tribe Influencer, and the other platforms may have different functions, but all of these tools can be used to help with building up your campaign.

1. HypeAuditor


The first up on our list is a tool called HypeAuditor. It’s very different from both InflueNex and Tribe Influencer. However, it is still a tool that is used by marketers looking to deep dive into the Instagram market. Its main purpose is to analyze, and it does that very well. With it, you can get an in-depth report on how an influencer is doing -- engagement rates, profile reach, number of impressions, etc. It also includes an analysis of how authentic the influencer’s audience is.


  • Provides in-depth analysis and insights on Instagram influencers.
  • A demo can be requested that you can test without making any commitments.
  • Uses a convenient pay-per-post system that charges you once for every report (not subscription-based.)


  • This tool is strictly Instagram-based.
  • Registration is required in order to access the demo-version.
  • It is not meant to be used as an influencer search engine and cannot help you manage campaigns. It is just an analysis tool.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - HypeAuditor

2. Social Bakers


The next tool on our list is Social Bakers. It’s a little closer to InflueNex, feature-wise. At least, in that, it serves as both an influencer search engine and an analytics tool. With it, you can plug in your desired location and niche, then the algorithm will do all the work by pulling up a long list of thousands of the most suitable influencers. It is Instagram-based, much like Hype Auditor, but they’re different in that a subscription is required in order for it to work -- registration is also required if you want to try out all of its features.


  • The tool is easy to use! Just plug-in your region and niche, and it will do the rest!
  • It will pull up thousands of influencers that you can choose from, but all of them are curated and specifically chosen for their authenticity and engagement rates.
  • In-depth analytics are also available for all influencers (demo or premium version required.)


  • This is a PAID program, with subscription fees that go upwards of a couple of hundred dollars per month (billed annually.)
  • There is a FREE demo that you can try out, but registration will be required (complete with personal details and billing information.)
  • If you want to test out its FREE but non-demo version, you can see the tool, but it’s very limited and unusable.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Bakers

3. GroupHigh


GroupHigh, a blog influencers tool, is the next on our list. This is big for marketers who are looking for bloggers who can write in-depth reviews of their products on their blogs (and perhaps post it on their social media accounts as well.) Now, it does offer some support for Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well, but its blogger database is definitely its priority (with over 15 million curated blogs to date.) If you want to use GroupHigh for your business, then it would have to be for influencer searching purposes -- as that it is primarily what it is meant to do.


  • GroupHigh has a large blog influencers database (over 15 million), with some influencers on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well.
  • It can be used to search for bloggers based on their network, location, ad network (Google Ads, Adthrive, etc.), and many others.
  • Influencer analysis is also offered as one of its premium features (available only with the PAID version.)


  • This cannot be used to connect with influencers -- just discover them.
  • It is a PAID app, and if you want to try out their demo, then you will need to schedule a trial period personally after having filled in your business information.
  • The database of social media influencers on this platform is quite small.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - GroupHigh

4. Klear


Klear is very much like both Social Bakers and InflueNex. It has a huge database -- of over 900 million influencers now in over 60,000 different categories! Before, it has been named Twtrland (as it was primarily a Twitter-focused tool.) That’s since been changed, however, as it now has influencers from Facebook and Instagram on its database as well. It’s an influencer search tool that can help marketers to discover new influencers to work with, and analyze the influencers’ channels based on insights and analytics.


  • Has a big database of influencers.
  • Influencers can be searched based on their categories (to which Klear has over 60,000.)
  • In-depth analytics on an influencer and the analytics of engagement is available in the premium version.


  • Much like Social Bakers, its primary focus is the analysis of influencers.
  • Its Instagram and Facebook databases are lower than its Twitter database.
  • It is a PAID product and an appointment must be scheduled in order to gain access to its free live demo.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Klear

5. Dovetale


Dovetale is a platform that is very similar to Klear, but also far more expensive. To be fair, it does offer a lot of the tools that you would need in order to start your campaign and it even goes as far as offering tools to help you manage your campaign after you’ve found the influencers that you wanted to work with. So, in that sense, there’s no denying that you are getting the full package: search feature, analytics feature, monitor feature, and a payments management feature all in one.


  • Has a big database of influencers.
  • The search feature that it offers is very similar to InflueNex and Social Blade -- as it allows you to discover new influencers.
  • Whilst, the analytics feature, is very similar to Klear.


  • The starting price for a subscription with Dovetale is around $199 per month.
  • It only supports the following platforms: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.)
  • Its FREE trial requires registration and the scheduling of an appointment.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Dovetale

6. Heepsy


Next up on our list is Heepsy, another influencer search engine tool with a focus on Instagram (although it does provide search functions for other channels as well -- Facebook, Twitter, etc.) It’s on the cheaper end and is even free if you’re only looking for the most basic of search (bio search) which is optimal for smaller brands. All in all, it’s not the most premium tool available, but it can get the job done.


  • Cheap Tool (Location based searched is available at $9).
  • Support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Has a database of over 2 million Instagram influencers.


  • Payment is required if you want to search from other networks (outside of Instagram).
  • Influencer analytics is only available in premium version.
  • Its searching feature is basic.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Heepsy

7. Buzzsumo


If you’re looking for another blogging influencer tool like GroupHigh, then you might want to consider Buzzsumo. It does offer Twitter-based influencer search as well, but its focus is on bloggers. Now, much like the previous tool we mentioned, it is not necessarily the most advanced tool out there. However, there’s no denying that it does work. Especially if all you want is a tool that can help you find bloggers based on their niche or location!


  • Advanced filters are available for blog influencer search.
  • Twitter influencer search is more basic (based on bio and shared content) but still available for use.
  • Very easy to use -- just enter a topic, apply necessary filters, and then go through the list of influencers provided.


  • It’s one of the older tools available out there, and thus doesn’t have support for many social networks (just Twitter and Blogs.)
  • Payment is required for its more premium features (up to 99$ per month.)
  • Features locked out in the free version include unlimited searches, advanced filters, etc.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Buzzsumo

8. BuzzStream


Again, we have another blog-focused influencer search tool with BuzzStream. It is a little less expensive than the previous, but it does offer less support (as it is just a blog influencer search tool.) Now, as far as its actual search features go, it’s pretty much the same as we described with InflueNex. Just with a different set of parameters (because of its blog-focus approach.) A nice feature that it does provide, however, is outreach (which not many others do.) It can be used in order to keep track of your communications with a certain influencer, in order to maximize your success at getting the deal.


  • Search engine feature is available for looking up blog influencers.
  • A 14-day FREE trial can be used in order to test out its features.
  • Its starting plans are on the lower end (especially when compared to other blog-focused influencer search tools.)


  • BuzzStream is just a blog-influencer search tool (it does not cover any other social media platforms.)
  • Signup is required in order to test out its FREE version.
  • Tools are easy to use but rather basic.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - BuzzStream

9. Kred


Next up on our list is Kred! If you’ve been in the market for a while, then you probably know of a tool that was just like it (called Klout.) Well, Klout is now gone, but Kred is still up and running! And, it just so happens to be one of the best influencer “score” platforms available. The reason it is a ‘score’ platform rather than an analytics tool is the fact that it focuses more on an influencer’s general credibility rather than their entire analytics.


  • Very easy-to-use influencer 'score' tool.
  • Can be useful for improving an influencer’s social influence.
  • Offers a 'Kred Story' feature for optimizing content before it is shared.


  • Although it can be used by marketers, it is generally an influencer tool.
  • The tool is PAID (with the starting price at around $19.)
  • It’s rather basic with the starting plan.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Kred

10. Followerwonk


Last on our list is a very simple and very cheap tool called Followerwonk. Of course, there is a premium version as well (that provides more features), but it is one of the few tools out there -- outside of InflueNex, that manages to provide free tools that can be used for a fairly long stretch of time. Its platform of focus is Twitter, and it provides search, analytics, mentions, and comparison tools (although most -- as mentioned, are available only in the PAID version.)


  • Can be used for an extended period of time as a FREE influencer search tool.
  • Influencer Analysis, Comparison and more features are also available.
  • Very easy to use -- enter keywords, fill in filters, and search!


  • The tool is strictly for Twitter only (no other social media network support.)
  • Very basic, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely far simpler than most.
  • Certain features are under lock -- and cannot be used unless you pay for its premium plans.

Triber Influencer Review and Its Best Alternatives - Followerwonk


Tribe Influencer is a great tool for marketers who want to connect with micro-influencers over a long period of time. However, it doesn’t cover a lot more than that. That is why, we recommend that you try out some of the alternatives that we introduced today -- like InflueNex, for example, which makes up for Tribe Influencer’s limitations by allowing you to discover new influencers on your own and get to know them before you set up your campaign. Remember, influencer marketing doesn't have to be difficult – and the tools that we’ve recommended can make sure of that.

Written by Christine Smith on the Oct 17,2019 17:14 pm
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