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Influencer marketing is one of the forms of social media marketing which involves endorsements from the influencers, organizations or people with substantial social presence or expert knowledge of their respective field. You can download influencer marketing for dummies PDF from the internet as it can provides you with tons of tips and tricks to help you with it.

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Part 1: 15 Tips on Social Media Marketing for Dummies

In this part, we're going to introduce the helpful tips and tricks about social media marketing for beginners. These tips and tricks can help you to get started with influencer marketing with ease. The following part will show you in detail.

1. Preplan your goals

Before beginning your campaign, you'll need to think about your goals for the campaign. This will enable you to have proper data and facts before you expect the result of campaign. Only with the clear goals, you'll be able to tell the influencers to do the right things for the campaign. You should have data from before the campaign started. This also helps you to check the success of campaign by comparing the data from before the campaign and after it.

2. Always have specific target audience

You should always know what kind of audience you want to target. This can be done by analyzing the nature of your product, suppose you own a lipstick brand, your target audience will be mainly women. Hence, once you know what your target audience is going to be you can choose the influencer and the platform accordingly in order to get maximum benefit from the campaign.

3. Choose your influencer only after proper research

The popularity of influencer marketing has led to the rise in the number of fake influencers. These influencers generally buy their followers for a good profile and engagement. They will not be able to provide you any reach or engagement. Therefore, it is advisable to do a thorough research before you actually hire an influencer as it may lead to loss for you. You should check the credentials as well as past successful campaigns. There are a variety of websites that have verified influencer; you can visit these websites in order to find the best suitable influencer for your business.

4. Going for the macro influencer isn’t the best idea

As you might know those big influencers have a wider audience backing them up. But it's not always a good idea to choose the macro influencer for your business, because the audience of the influencer may not be . Small influencers have a lot more active audience on daily basis than bigger counterparts as they can be more involved with their audience. Choosing small influencer may be more suitable for some purposes where you need instant results. These influencers are a lot cheaper to hire as well.

5. Be a little flexible

Unlike conventional marketing where the business gets 100% control over marketing strategy, influencer marketing isn’t suitable for you if you want full control. No one understands their audience better than the influencers themselves. That is the reason why you should give the influencer more authorities than only creating the campaign. This will help you a lot as the influencer can create other posts to attract his/her influencers to join in the campaign.

6. Keep the audience in mind while selecting the content for the campaign

In influencer marketing, people are shown what they want to see. This means that the quality of content used in your campaign should be suitable for the target audience. If it isn’t suitable for target audience, the campaign wouldn’t be successful as people will have a look at it only if they are interested and interest conversion. Hence, it is advised that you should let the influencer decide the content as he/she has a better understanding of the audience.

7. Maintain good relations with your influencers

This is one of the ways through which you can avail small promotions for free. Make a round-up out of the influencers you have worked with or are industry leaders. Mention any of them in your social media, blog or website anywhere and make sure they know this, this will strengthen your relationship with the influencer and if he/she goes and shares whatever you did, and you can get free traffic for your website, social media or anywhere. Other influencers will also be motivated to work with you after they see your treatment.

8. Provide good compensation

You should always pay your influencer well, as he/she is the main element in this type of marketing. Paying a good compensation will mean that they will be more motivated and committed towards your campaign which will be beneficial for you only in return. This will make a good impression of you on the influencers’ community and you may also get better offers from better influencers.

9. Create targeted campaigns

You should hire multiple influencers and start campaigning in wide but short bursts. This will provide you maximum coverage in a lot lesser time. After this is over, you can go for more conventional way as now your brand will already be recognizable by the masses and hence you will have better conversion. This tactic is generally done by new companies as it can offer you a very high amount of exposure in a very small amount of time.

10. Never expect instant return

Influencer marketing can sometimes take a bit of time before they start showing results. Hence, it is advised that you should have patience for the result. As already mentioned, a wide audience doesn’t necessarily mean better conversion. Once a campaign is started it all depends upon the audience, and you shouldn’t keep troubling your influencer for small things.

11. Understand your value

You should always know your value and what your presence brings to the table. An ideal influencer partnership should be mutual in nature. You should always check what you can offer to the influencer, like if your business or whatever has a blog, then you can offer to post their content as well, this would create a mutual understanding between you and your influencer. This may even help in cost reduction.

12. Engage on social media

Good influencers can be hard to get, but if you are good enough to follow this tip, you might get to work with better influencers. Make sure you interact with top influencers on a regular basis. This can be done by sharing their posts, commenting on it, liking their post etc. This will make them notice you which will be better for you when you try to approach them for a campaign.

13. Sponsored content aren’t the only option

People generally think that influencer marketing is all about sponsored content. This is not the case as a lot of companies have shifted towards proper full time partnerships with their influencers in order to use their expertise and produce goods according to their experiences. This is a massive game changer as the influencers can provide you with the necessary data like what people would like to have in a particular product, this can genuinely add to the quality of your product. They also bring their vast following with them in every task they do which will provide you with a wide exposure.

14. Make proper announcement and let everyone know

Partnering up with an influencer is a thing to show-off. You should spread the word about your association as it is also beneficial in collecting audience as once they see their favorite influencer with you, they would like to know about you as well. This will provide you with free of cost audience and exposure. It will also be helpful in creating a better relation with your influencer.

15. Measure your success

Last but not the least important part of influencer marketing is to measure the results and see if it was good for you or not. After the campaign is over, you should do a thorough study to determine the campaign as successful or a failure. After analyzing the campaign, you can find out what went wrong or right, this will help you to create a better campaign next time you plan to do influencer marketing.

Part 2: Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Tools for Dummies

In this part, we're going to introduce several most helpful tools for influencer marketing if you're new to this field. These tools can help you to manage your influencers and achieve your goals with easy steps. Check them out.

1. InflueNex


This is one of the most popular tools for everyone who wants to get started with influencer marketing. This tool offers you a large influencer database, and allows you to search for the right influencers in accordance with your specific needs. It allows you to track and analyze your campaign, giving you the ability to understand any problems regarding the campaign and rectify them to be more efficient.

Key features of InflueNex

  • It provides a lot of filters which can act as a screening process and hand you the list of influencers according to the preferences you have pre set.
  • It has a rating system along with the categorical division of influencers, under which influencers are divided into different categories based on their reach, type of audience, are of expertise and geographical locations.
  • It has a live tracking feature for your ongoing and complete campaigns which can provide statistical data related to your campaign, this is beneficial when you want to analyze the campaign.

Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Influencer Marketing for Dummies - InflueNex

2. Klear


Next on this list is Klear. Klear is a simple and easy to use tool which lets you find influencers that are already engaged with you and also those within your network. This tool divides influencer into 4 categories which are celebrities, Power users, Casual and novice. This division is based upon the size of the audience these influencers pose along with their off work popularity. This feature can help you to identify the right type of influencers and also save a bit of money while hiring an influencer.

Key features of InflueNex

  • The division of influencers is based on their size which helps you to find the right influencer easily and makes the website easy to understand.
  • Availability of demographic charts of each influencer helps you to design the appropriate content for the chosen influencer.
  • This tool is really easy to use and very helpful for both influencers and businesses alike.

Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Klear

3. BuzzSumo


Next on this list is Klear. Klear is a simple and easy to use tool which lets you find influencers that are already engaged with you and also those within your network. This tool divides influencer into 4 categories which are celebrities, Power users, Casual and novice. This division is based upon the size of the audience these influencers pose along with their off work popularity. This feature can help you to identify the right type of influencers and also save a bit of money while hiring an influencer.

Key features of BuzzSumo

  • The division of influencers is based on their size which helps you to find the right influencer easily and makes the website easy to understand..
  • It is a very reliable tool when it comes to finding a good influencer.
  • This tool offers a lot of basic services for free which is good thing.

Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Influencer Marketing for Dummies - BuzzSumo

4. Brandwatch Audiences


This is a very powerful tool that has its own powerful ranking tool for the influencers listed on it that too with tons of customizations. You can choose the occupation, age etc of the followers as a filter and the powerful engine of the tool will provide you with a list of suitable influencers. This is a very powerful tool but the only thing that holds it back is that it can only be used with twitter.

Key features of BuzzSumo

  • The ranking system of influencers on this tool is very good. This can help you find the influencer that can easily interpret your plan into the content.
  • It can be used to target small audience as well as large audience, which makes it a tad better.
  • This tool allows a great deal of customizability for filters that are used to find influencers.

Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Brandwatch Audiences

5. Kred


This is an entry level tool which is suitable for first time users due to the ease of usage it offers to its users. It provides you the metrics of the influencer based on mentions, retweets, activity, and followers on twitter. This tool also provides outreach score of the influencers. The tool combines all the data and produces a list of influencers which are ranked according to their performance.

Key features of Kred

  • The ease of usage is one of the main key features of this tool.
  • It has a powerful screening process for selecting right influencers.
  • You can track influencers based on the mentions, retweets and so on.

Most Helpful Tips and Tricks about Influencer Marketing for Dummies - Kred


Influencer marketing is fairly a new trend and has been gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Choosing the right influencer is a tricky job but the tools mentioned above will provide you much help. Out of all the tools mentioned above Influenex is the most powerful as it has all the necessary features that you might need when you start an influencer marketing campaign. So, if you are looking to start an influencer marketing campaign, influenex is the best tool to start with due the variety of features it offers.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:18 pm
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