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Successful Influencer Marketing Examples

in 2019

Influencer marketing has been trending for a while now. This marketing strategy entails brands using influencers to assist them with their marketing strategies. In most instances, this marketing strategy entails using various Social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, among others. There are numerous influencer marketing examples of success stories. These stories prove that influence marketing is a success and can turn around the general performance of a brand. These marketing strategies take different times to deliver the expected results. Furthermore, there are tools which help determine if a strategy is effective or not.

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Part 1: 10 Successful Influencer Marketing Examples

All influencer marketing strategies have been customized to suit brand’s needs. Here are motivating examples worth checking out:

Example 1. The Launch of Motorola’s Moto Mods and Moto Z Family


Motorola launched a couple of new phones for their brand. These phones mostly fell under Moto Mods and Moto Z family. These phones were different from the commonly produced ones. This is terms of their outlook and design. Mods family phones can be swapped in and out. Additionally, a person can connect a project on any of the above phones.

Based on this, it was evident that this phone was for the young generation. The Young generation is mostly active on social media platforms. These platforms range from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and pinterest, among others. This is one of the reason social media was the best platform for Motorola to reach out to their young customers.

Motorola Company realized that a large fraction of its young audience spend quality time on YouTube. This is where they saw using influencer marketing was the most influential and effective ways of reaching their audience. Motorola’s marketing team opted to market their Moto Z family phones through YouTube. This renowned brand went for thirteen influencers, with an aim of targeting all their consumers.

Each influencer was required to come up with unique post and post them on their respective YouTube channels. Content were required to pinpoint key features about Moto Z family phones. Motorola went an extra mile and allocated topics the selected influencers had to talk about.

Reasons Motorola Strategies Worked

  • They identified the platform most of their targeted audience use, which was YouTube.
  • Motorola used the right influencers with a strong online command and active followers.
  • Their marketing strategies covered various aspects regarding their new phone models.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - The Launch of Motorola’s Moto Mods and Moto Z Family

Example 2. Sony Xperia Z5 via Instagram


Sony Mobile Company decided to try out influencer marketing to see if they would increase their sales. Therefore, this renowned brand went an extra mile and opened an Instagram account. They wanted to use this Instagram profile to market their sony Xperia Z5.

Sony chose this social media platform because of the millions of users. Additionally, Instagram is all about photographs. Therefore, Instagram users need a phone with a powerful camera. Well; Sony Xperia Z5 has a pretty powerful camera with a good zoom feature. Sony Mobile Company decided to create an Instagram account to showcase how powerful this phone model was.

This renowned brand went ahead and opened over 100 Instagram accounts. They tagged these accounts the pictures they had taken using Sony Xperia Z5. That’s not all; this Company went on and hired around thirty successful influencers to spread their photos. The influencer marketers they used housed over seventeen million potential users.

Reasons Motorola Strategies Worked

  • Sony properly identified their audience. Sony Xperia Z5 main audience was instagram users. Instagram users require powerful camera to take quality pictures.
  • They used influencers with a strong online presence.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Sony Xperia Z5 via Instagram

Example 3. Dunkin Donuts on National Donuts Day


National Donuts day is one of the most celebrated events across the globe. During this event, people consume plenty of donuts. Dunkin donuts took advantage of this event and became an influencer marketing campaign examples worth checking out. This Donut Company went an extra mile and created national Donuts day campaign. They wanted to come up with captivating and enticing marketing campaigns that would entice and captivate Donut lovers.

The Snapchat campaign was designed to notify potential clients about offer on their special day. Snapchat is one of the commonly used social media platforms. Therefore, they choose around eight influencers to create and post content on their platform. The stated influencers went on and took over this brand’s snapchat channels on the festive day.

They spread these campaigns across three cities across the United States. These influencers used their popularity and content to call their supporters to visit Dunkin Donuts stores and get the special offers. Dunkin Donuts also equipped their influencers with Geofilters to help those who order online. This helped Dunkin Donuts gain more followers and increase their market. Influencer marketing strategies reached about three million people.

Reason’s Dunkin Donuts Strategies Worked

  • They took advantage of the National Donuts festive to sell their Donuts
  • They used the right influencers for their marketing strategies.
  • Influencer marketing strategies were handled at the right time

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Dunkin Donuts on National Donuts Day

Example 4. Sickhouse Snapchat Film


Indigenous media is renowned for producing videos across various platforms. They have specialized in social media and traditional television videos. Indigenous media produced a video called sickhouse. This was considered the first Snapchat film. Production media house considered using a famous Influencer. They went for Andrea Russett. Russett posted at least ten seconds of the video.

This influencer opened a discussion with her audience regarding this film. Andrea Russett has roughly 2.5 million followers on YouTube. She was also encouraged by Indigenous media production to participate in the discussion. All the other actors were told to avoid any social media platform during the production of this video. The only updates were to be seen on Andrea’s Snapchat account. Therefore, the number of fans curious to watch the extended 70 minute video increased. This is thanks to the influential role of Andrea Russett. This influencer attracted over 100 million views on her Snapchat account only.

Top Reasons Indigenous Media Strategies Worked

  • They use a single Snapchat account for all their marketing campaigns. This made people curious on what would happen next.
  • They used the right influencer. Andrea Russett has a strong online command.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Sickhouse Snapchat Film

Example 5. Pepsi Emoji Product


Pepsi is a renowned brand across the globe. Their products have a lot of consumers. Pepsi intended to increase their sales at Walgreens. Therefore, they came up with a limited amount of special packaged Pepsi products. These products had packaging phrase #SayItWithPepsi.

This Company decided to focus social media platforms for the emoji products. They wanted to notify their consumers that the special packaged products could only be found at Walgreens. A large fraction of Pepsi users are active on social media platforms. Pepsi Company went an extra mile and selected a couple of influential creators.

These influencers were required to come up with unique content of the Pepsi emoji products. They were to inform their followers about the limited emoji Pepsi products. The content created by influencers ranged from Videos, photographs and blog posts. A large fraction of online users are teenagers.

Pepsi was named among the social influence marketing examples with successful marketing strategies because their product was purchased in large number. Most of their consumers were teenagers. A large fraction of teenagers are active on social media platforms.

Reasons Pepsi Marketing Strategies Were Effective

  • They considered influencer marketing strategies during summer. Pepsi makes a lot of sales in summer when compared to other seasons.
  • Walgreens is a renowned brand. Pepsi made the right decision in placing their unique product at Walgreens

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Pepsi Emoji Product

Example 6. Haagen-Dazs Bogo Promotions at Walgreens and Duane Reade


Haagen- Dazs Bogo is well known by New Yorkers. This brand deals with a wide variety of Ice Creams. Haagen decided to try out influencer marketing strategies during summer. They were named among examples of social media influencers strategies that helped deliver positive results.

Haagen-Dazs Bogo introduced an offer of buy one get one free. They also stated that sampling and the promotion will only be available at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores in New York.

Haagen-Dazs Bogo went an extra mile and linked up with local Influencers to assist them with their marketing strategies. The selected influencers were required to come up with unique content within the theme Haagen- Dazs open container. Their content was supposed to market their ice cream and the two brand stalls they would find their ice cream.

That’s not all; the selected local influencers were required to come up with strategies that would target only New Yorkers. Digital zip code was recommended. Influencers went an extra mile and used social media platforms to reach their targeted audience. These platforms range from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, among others. Haagen- Dazs campaigns reached over 14 million people.

How Haagen Dazs Campaigns Were Successful

  • They used Local influencers with strong online followers.
  • They used renowned brands to sell their Ice cream.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Haagen-Dazs Bogo Promotions at Walgreens and Duane Reade

Example 7. The Rare Country Award


Cox Media group intended to launch a rare country award. The rare Country award was to be voted by fans. Therefore, Cox media group wanted to expand their popularity to a wide range of country lovers. Cox media group had a Facebook account with strong online presence.

They wanted to expand their social media presence. This is the reason they decided to open a Twitter account. Therefore, Cox media group contacted Insightful, one of the influencer marketing platforms. They wanted the selected influencer to assist them attract a reasonable amount of followers on Twitter.

The selected Insightpool team went an extra mile and created Twitter posts. They also engaged their followers. Each influencer was required to vote for his/her favorite follower on the rare country award. Afterwards, he/she was required to entice his audience to vote for their favorite artists. Around 20 influencers were selected to help brands Cox media group gain a strong online presence on Twitter. They were also required to change their accounts to match with the rare country awards branding.

Their marketing campaigns were effective to the point Cox Media group gained over 55 million followers. Top artists started signing up for this event. They also shared the event link with their fans.

Reasons Cox media campaigns were effective

  • Cox media was named among top influencer marketing examples because they targeted the right audience. This influencer marketing campaign was designed for country music lovers.
  • They used influencers who are familiar with country music. Twenty influencers were used in this marketing strategy.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - The Rare Country Award

Example 8. Anthem of us, Detroit


They went an extra mile and used powerful local influencers to assist them with their marketing campaigns. These influencers ranged from Detroit bikes, directors of slow roll and Shinola. Big Sean, one of the local celebrities’ endorsed this project. This improved the ratings of this video shoot. Other top influencers within Detroit helped out with this outreach.

Anthem of us received over 500, 000 views, immediately this video was produced. Bedrock real estate Company found their marketing strategy a success.

Reasons Bedrock Campaigns were a success

  • They had a targeted audience, which were Detroit residents.
  • Powerful and renowned influencers across Detroit stepped up and assisted with the creation and distribution of Anthem of us.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Anthem of us, Detroit

Example 9. Fiji Water


Fiji Water is one of the renowned water brands. This brand wanted to expand their marketing strategies and cover a wide market area. Fiji Water decided to use social media and specifically Instagram. Instragram is one of the commonly used social media platform. After thorough research, Fiji water decided to go for influencer marketing strategy. Little did they know they would be linked among successful marketing strategies in 2019.

This brand settled for an influencer by the name Danielle Bernstein. Danielle is a fashion blog. Apart from that, she has a perfect body because of working out. She was the ideal candidate in helping Fiji water showcase they were committed to helping people hydrate their bodies and feel refreshed. Danielle was required to come up with roughly an eight minute workout routine. Her personal trainer also appeared in the video. Afterwards, she was supposed to take some Fiji water.

A lot of people desire a healthy body like Danielle. The sales of Fiji water brand increased after launching this influencer marketing strategy.

The success of Fiji Water Strategies

  • Danielle Bernstein was an ideal candidate for this marketing campaign. She regularly works out and Fiji water can help hydrate her body.
  • Danielle has huge followers on Instagram. As a result, this marketing strategy will reach a large fraction of people.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Fiji Water

Example 10. Stride Gum


Stride gum wanted to take their brand to the next level. Therefore, they decided to use Influencer marketing strategies. Stride gum selected Snapchat as one of their preferred social media platform. They didn’t stop there. Stride gum selected DJ Khaled as their selected influencer. This influencer attracts over 3 million views.

This is one of the reasons DJ Khaled is referred as the king of Snapchat. Stride gum’s mad intense gum campaign was a very successful. The demand for their gums increased. The number of followers on social media platforms also increased.

Stride Gum was ranked social influence marketing examples in 2019 worth checking out. DJ Khaled is one of the most successful celebrities across the globe. His followers are also active. Secondly, Stride gum is a well-known brand.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Stride Gum

Part 2: How to Find Influencers Using Influencer Searching Tools

Are your marketing strategies proving futile or taking long to deliver results? If yes, consider influencer marketing strategies. This marketing strategy entails using an influencer to market your brand among his/her audience. Generally, there are numerous influencer searching tools you can use to find the right influencer. Influencers are divided into sections. Secondly, brands must pay a fee for the selected influencer to assist them with their marketing strategies. Influencers can be found through keywords and clicking on a particular category.

About InflueNex


Do you want your brand to be listed in examples of social media influencers in 2019 worth checking out? If yes, InflueNex is what you need. This is one of the leading influence marketing hubs you can use for your marketing campaigns. InflueNex has helped numerous brands attain their marketing needs.

Any brand can present their influencer marketing needs. InflueNex houses a couple of influencers. These influencers are specialized in different fields. Therefore, brands can easily identify influencers within their field. This platform allows brands to go through list of influencers and highlight the most ideal one. Thereafter, brands will present the marketing campaigns they need. Your influencer will create content and upload it on their social media platforms.

InflueNex has a web tool, which allows you to check the performance of your applied marketing strategies.

Key Features of InflueNex

InflueNex platform is user friendly. This is thanks to a couple of key features which simplify the entire process. Here is a list of key features which define this influencer marketing tool:

  • Find Influencers - InflueNex can help you to find influencers with easy clicks, and offers advanced filters to help you make the search more accurate.
  • Manage Influencers - Manage influencers with fully-customized groups.
  • Analyze Influencers - Analyze influencers with his/her detailed channel information.
  • Contact Influencers - Analyze influencers with his/her detailed channel information.
  • Track Effects - Tracks effects of your campaign video with detailed information.

Ho to Find Influencers with InflueNex

Step 1. Log in InflueNex

Start using InflueNex by visiting the official homepage of this website, and then create an account by clicking the Create an Account button at the upper right corner. If you already have an account, you can click the Log In button to log in the platform.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Log in InflueNex

Step 2. Enter Your Keywords & Use Advanced Filters

Now you can use this searching engine with ease. You can enter any keyword related to the influencer you want to find. Moreover, you can use the advanced filters below the searching column to make your search more accurate. There're 8 filters in total which will make your search more specific.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Enter Your Keywords & Use Advanced Filters

Step 3. Browse Matched Influencers

After making up all the searching settings, you can click the Search button at the right side of the searching column, and then InflueNex will start searching matched influencers for you. The searching results will be displayed below the searching column.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Browse Matched Influencers

Step 4. View Influencer's Profile

If you find an influencer that you're interested in, you're allowed to click the name of the influencer and view the detailed information of him/her. In the detailed information page of the influencer, you'll see the video views, subscriber history, channel performance and other details of this influencer.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - View Influencer's Profile

Step 5. Contact Influencer

If you want to contact the influencer for collaboration, you can click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner of the influencer's profile page, and then you'll be navigated to the email template page. Now you can write the email and send to the influencer directly.

Most Successful Influencer Marketing Examples - Contact Influencer


InflueNex has successfully helped numerous brands attain their marketing strategies. Furthermore, all influencers on this influencer marketing hub are experienced. Take your business to the next level today by checking out InflueNex platform today and hiring the right marketer.

Written by Christine Smith on the Oct 17,2019 17:56 pm
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