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Most Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips

for Small Business

With today’s vast popularity of social media sites, millions of people are using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media apps and sites. There’re also people using the social media sites to promote their business. Traditional pop-up ads and display ads have less influence than before, so business starts to cooperate with social media influencers and let them promote the products or services to their audiences. Today, we will share the best social media marketing tips in this article which can help you to reach the customers with ease.

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Part 1: 20 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

Tip #1: Posting on YouTube

The first social media marketing tip is taking advantage of YouTube. YouTube is the most popular and powerful video platform which is used by billions of users worldwide. This platform allows users to upload their own videos and many brands also use YouTube to post videos of their products. If you are a business owner then you can also create videos of your products and upload them on YouTube. Later you can connect with social media influencers and share your product URL with them to get more popularity for your product.

Tip #2: Target Customers According to Location

While promoting your products online make sure to share location of your store or company. Sharing location can help your customers to reach your store with ease without doing any effort. This is practical and will be very beneficial for the business holders.

Tip #3: Check for Effective Campaigns

Mostly people start campaigns over internet on different social media platforms but they don’t take care that actually those campaigns are effective or not. To test your campaign you can use A/B testing which is the best and effective way which is working or not. Google analytics is also a very nice tool that helps users to test the social media campaigns running on Facebook and other social sites.

Tip #4: Social Media Strategy

This is very important to make good social media strategy for your products and do necessary changes according to the current market scenario. There is not any matter how long your store is on social media sites you need to work regularly to improve your brand presence on social media. You always need to improve your goals, make needed changes what is required.

Tip #5: Use Instagram App & Website

Instagram website is the most popular picture and short video sharing platform. This platform is used by billions of users worldwide. You can follow the users on Instagram and post your product videos. While posting videos on the Instagram make sure that your video length is up to 15 secondsbecause Instagram doesn’t allows users to post lengthy videos. You can follow millions of people on Instagram and ask them to promote your services or you can share your product photos as well.

Tip #6: Use HashTag for Posts

Make full use of hashtags is also a good social media marketing tip. Hashtag is regularly getting popular among the social media users. Hastag is really very good way to attract people towards your posts. While posting blogs, videos and photos about your product on the social media write related hashtag using the targeted keywords so you can get more people towards your posts.

Tip #7: Get Best Online Reviews

Everyone reads reviews of products before buying them. Some users read reviews on the online sites and some users go for deep research using Google and other sites. This is very important to get positive reviews about your products from the different review sites. You can explore review sites and listing platforms using Google or other search engines and try to get good reviews about your product and services.

Tip #8: Go for Conversations on Social Media

If you are looking for customers then you can directly engage with them on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Search posts about your products on social media and then join those conversations by commenting on them or helping people to get the right products. This will help you to increase sales.

Tip #9: Offers to Promote Sales

Offers are very important while selling your products online or trying to reach your prospective customers. When you want to promote your product to a wider range of people, you can take advantage of the online deals or coupon websites to expand your business.

Tip #9: Offers to Promote Sales

Offers are very important while selling your products online or trying to reach your prospective customers. When you want to promote your product to a wider range of people, you can take advantage of the online deals or coupon websites to expand your business.

Tip #10: Stay Connected

If you’ve get connected with the social media influencers, you should stay connected. By communicating with each other from time to time, the influencers can get a clear concept of your product or service, and then the promotion of your products will be more specific and effective.

Tip #11: Hold Your Campaign Accordingly

Mostly every company faces up and downs during different season of a year so make sure to keep eyes on the seasoned products and manage your social media campaigns accordingly.

Tip #12: Share Events on Social Media

Another way to improve your business with social media is sharing events. With the help of up-rising events, you’re able to let your business reach more people, and meanwhile, your products or services are also reached by more people on the social media sites.

Tip #13: Understand the Needs

In the online market everyone comes with different requirement of the products so you need to take care about their needs and manage your social media campaigns accordingly. It is better to use targeted keywords in your social media campaigns according to the customer product requirement.

Tip #14: Interact with People

Mostly people like to buy products from real people after doing necessary discussion. It is better to talk with the people on social media and let them know that you are a human so they can easily trust on you. If you want to promote your products or service, you’ll need to listen to your customers, because they’ll give you suggestions and feedbacks about your business.

Tip #15: Logo and Icon of Your Product Website

If you own a brand then the logo of a brand will have a very positive impact on your business marketing and promotion. At the time of running social media campaigns you need to make sure to post your brand logo with every post so people can easily understand your brand and read full posts. Once people started reading your complete posts they will keep your brand name and logo in their mind and next time they will read it completely once they see logo of your business.

Tip #16: Sharing the Content

If you want to do business on social media sites, one of the best methods is creating UGC content and sharing it. The content can help you to popularize your brand and make more people be interested in your business.

Tip #17: Create Content for Your Audience

It’s better not to play the Mr. Know All role on social media. You only need to be professional in the field that your business lives, and provides all related content to your audience to improve the authority of your brand and your business.

Tip #18: Do Necessary Changes on your Social Media Accounts

Necessary changes to the social media accounts simply mean that you use keywords related to your business. Do research what keywords are using people to search your products and services. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool to check the valuable keywords then use those keywords on your social media pages and posts to attract more people.

Tip #19: Offer Direct Benefits to Your Customers

On the social media there are chances of interacting directly with the customers. When you interact directly then you can offer some benefits and discount on your products to them. You can offer them free short trial, eBooks or discount coupons which will attract them to your services and products.

Tip #20: More Connectivity More Sales

You don’t just reply on the Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. There are thousands of other sites also available over internet which can help you to reach people such as social review sites and social bookmarking sites etc. You can try to get good reviews on the social review sites from users to attract more people towards your services.

Part 2: Most Efficient Way to Find a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers can influence the intentions of their audiences, and that’s why many businesses want to cooperate with the social media influencers. Companies contact with these influencers and ask them to share their product and services with their followers on the social media sites. InfluNex is one of the best online YouTube influencer marketing platform for the businesses to find the right influencers for business. There are millions of influencer data available on the website according to different product categories. In the following tutorial, we’ll show you how to find a social media influencer with

How to find an influencer with

Step 1. Create an Account

Firstly open the website in your favorite browser and then you need to create a new account if you don’t have one. Click the “Create an Account” at the upper right corner of the website.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Create an Account

Step 2. Signup

After clicking on the “Create an Account” option a popup box will be there on screen. Fill necessary details which is asked on the website here and then click on the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of popup. Now your account is created and you will be redirected to your account.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Signup

Step 3. Look for Influencer

On the home screen now you will see so many options with the different filters such as subscribers, price, language, country etc. In the search box enter keyword related to your service and then apply filters according to your business need. Finally click the “Search” button.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Look for Influencer

Step 4. Find Influencers

Now the website will show you huge list of influencers according to your entered keywords. For example we have entered “Gamers” keyword and go results about gamer influencers with all details. If you have found the right influencer according to your business keyword then click the “Heart” button in next to the influencer details. Now it will be added to your favorite influencer and you can easily find it anytime later. Just like this you can select other influencers as well.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Find Influencers

Step 5. Go to My Favourite

After selecting your influencer simply click the “My Favorite” option and there you will see list of all your selected influencers.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Go to My Favourite

Step 6. Click Send Invite

Now in the “My Favorites” tab you will see all influencers and you can visit their social media profiles by clicking on the “View Profile” option. If you thing someone is right for your business then simply click on the “Sent Invite” button.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Click Send Invite

Step 7. Send Email to Influencer Directly

Now you will see a box asking you to send Email. This is very important step because you need to explain your business need and try to impress the influencer to work with you. Write a professional Email here and then simply click on the “Send” button.

Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business - Send Invitation Email to Influencer


With the tips shared in the article about social media marketing for small business you can easily do social media marketing for your product and services. These tips can help you to get right output from your campaigns. If you need to search social media marketing influencers for your product then the website is best option for you because it offers you millions of user data to connect with right people for your business promotion. You can follow our social media marketing tips and get success in the business.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:29 pm
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