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Most Helpful Social Media Influencer Agencies

Online in 2019

Social media marketing agencies play a vital role in social media marketing today, as the social media influencer agencies can build the connection between influencers and the business holders. If you are a business holder and want to promote your brand, products or service, then you should probably ask the help for best social media influencer agency, and get connected with the best influencers for the case. With the help of the social media influencer agencies, you’ll pay less effort in finding influencer and negotiating with the influencer than ever.

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Part 1. Most Helpful Social Media Influencer Agencies Online

If you are looking for a top influencer marketing agency on the internet, then you have landed on the right page because is what you’re looking for. It is a YouTube influencer searching engine that you can take advantage of to find the right influencer for your business. With the help of filter function in this platform, you’re able to find the influencer that can meet your requirements perfectly. To know how this influencer marketing agency works, you can follow this step by step tutorial:

How to Find Influencer with

Step 1. Visit, and hit “Create an Account” button at the top right corner. If you already made your account then you can directly Login.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Create an Account

After clicking the Create an Account button, you’ll see a pop-up dialog. Fill in the form and click Sign Up button.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Sign Up

Step 2. After logging in, you’ll be able to use the searching engine. You can see different filters below the searching bar. Enter the keyword, make up all the setting, and click Search button to start looking for an influencer.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Search Influencer

Step 3. You’ll get results immediately based on the keywords and filters you’ve set up. You can add the influencers to your “My Favourite” list for a comparison by clicking on the heart at its right.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Add Influencer to My Favourite

Step 4. When you are done selecting your favorites then, click on the “My Favourite” button at the top.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Click My Favourite Button

“My Favourite” section offers you the details of this influencer, such as subscribers, categories, Active time, etc. You can add the influencers to a comparison table, and get a clear clue on which influencer you’d like to cooperate with.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - My Favourite Dashboard

Step 5. The last step is to write them an email. InflueNex offers you an email sending system, and you have full authority to edit the email according to your will. After all the work is done, you can click the Send button to send the email to influencer directly.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Send Email to Influencer

Part 2. Another 9 Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies Online

Influencer marketing agency is important for all kinds of businesses, whether the business is large or small. Digital influencer agency can help to improve business to another level online, and these agencies are helpful for the business to pick up the right influencer. Given below are some top influencer marketing agencies of the year 2019.

1. Passion Digital


The Passion Digital is a worldwide popular digital advertising agency. It is also popular for its various services that include SEO, PPC, Web Designing and Social Media Management. It clearly shows that this agency covers all kind of marketing services which not just helpful for influencers but also many businessmen and entrepreneurs. They campaign the influencers with blogs and vlogs on all kinds of social media platforms. Since, they deal with all kinds of retailers, influencers, etc so they have a very strong network which gives them a good hold over market to advertise the content of their influencers and other clients.

Key Features:

  • Pay per click advertisement services
  • Social Media management
  • Conversation rate optimization

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Passion Digital

2. Viral Nation


The Viral Nation is an award winning services in the marketing of social media influencers. They are contributing the society in two ways i.e. not just by providing strategized and organized marketing campaigns of social media influencers but also they give a platform to new and talented people of social media by launching them under their brand name. They have huge popularity among social media enthusiasts and entrepreneurs of new generation.

Key Features:

  • They are an influencer’s talent agency.
  • They provide influencer marketing on all kinds of social media platforms.
  • They will help you creating the creative and unique content for your social media platforms by their professional consulting services.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Viral Nation

3. Carusele


Carusele is a unique platform because of their completely different approach towards the marketing of influencers. They use a Content Performance Index which is actually an algorithmic ranking system for the social media influencers. They use this index to hand pick the top rated influencers on different platforms and help the selected influencers to create original and superior quality content which is launched on the behalf Carusele brand name. The skilled team of Carusele keeps the track of stats of videos in the real time and promotes the content accordingly.

Key Features:

  • They increase the traffic or followers for the influencers and their content.
  • They can also increase the sale of the products or merchandise of the content creators.
  • They handpick the passionate influencers and help them getting good hold over the market.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Carusele

4. Americanoize


Americanoize is one of the topmost marketing agency for influencers as they are popular for their next level marketing techniques to bring up any brand or influencer in the market. Their process of serving their clients includes influencer’s event marketing, content marketing and their campaigns. They help their clients to achieve the desired level in not only social media platforms but also in the real world markets. They strategies and execute the marketing procedures and campaigns with consultation of their clients. They have served some popular brands on the globe like McDonalds, Apple, Ray Ban, Bloomingdales, Hitachi, etc.

Key Features:

  • They will track your contents and measure the results to accordingly upgrade the strategies.
  • They create Ad Hoc content and strategies for marketing.
  • They will tailor your content according to your goal and need with keeping the demand of public in mind.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Americanoize

5. Hello Society


The Hello Society is popular because they are completely powered by the influencers. They provide all the possible services for the marketing of the influencers and representing their talent on higher levels of social media market. They also work with different brands and agencies which they use to build a wider network for the marketing of their influencers. They make sure that all kinds of content published under their services must a high quality content which drives a huge amount of traffic to the influencer’s page or website.

Key Features:

  • They provide strategic amplification to the content of influencers in order to reach the required aim.
  • They use the story-telling form of marketed content to connect more to the visitors.
  • They provide insights of the content to the influencers which are backed up by real time data tracked by professional analysts.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Hello Society

6. Ignite


Ignite has won an award for being the best social agency of the year 2016 and that makes it clear that they serve their clients and influencers which best kind of social media marketing and other services. They exclusively focus on social media marketing strategies and believe that social media influencers and their content should be uniquely tailored to make a connection with the audience. The quality of the content speaks a lot about the passion and dedication of the creator, so they help the influencers in achieving their targets with unique strategies.

Key Features:

  • They provide in-house support services.
  • They provide crisis management services for the influencers.
  • The help the influencers in creating the best content.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Ignite

7. INF Influencers Agency


Unlike all other service providers, INF focuses more on the management of the influencers rather than advertising them. The INF is partnered with Feldman Agency which is music management group ruling in the entertainment sector from more than four decades. INF has been working in the market of the influencers by serving a lot of beneficial reasons like they the talent to grow and also develop more opportunities to get even higher platforms.

Key Features:

  • They provide a brand ambassador for your products by matching it with a perfect fitting influencer.
  • They create digital prints and on camera campaigns.
  • They work with their clients to get the perfect collaborators for curated collections.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - INF Influencers Agency

8. Everywhere


Everywhere is a social media and influencer marketing agency which is popular for creating best campaigns to promote the brands and social media influencers and they giving consultation to create best kind of content. They also provide additional services like helping the influencers to manage their audience or community and how to strategies the content to reach the utmost levels. However for the record, the reach of Everywhere’s Blog is more than 1 billion where you can find various useful topics to read like fashion, travel, food, etc.

Key Features:

  • They handle all the campaigns and management of the influencers.
  • They provide social media management training.
  • Help the influencers to creative fresh, creative and demanding content.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Everywhere

9. Mediakix


Mediakix is one those influencers marketing agencies that have set in the recent past years but have gained a great amount of popularity and made a high profile than many other agencies in this sector. Their specialty is to target the audience with all kinds of social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vines, Blogs, etc. They give the special focus on management and advertisement of YouTube creators and also provide a bunch of beneficial and supportive services for them.

Key Features:

  • They provide YouTube Influencer Scholarships for the innovative and passionate creators.
  • They sponsor the blogs of the creators under their brand.
  • They create genuine video campaigns for the influencers to get good hold on viewers.

Social Media Influencer Agencies - Mediakix


The above article has discussed a couple of top influencer marketing agencies in the year 2019 and all of them are best for their respective services like at Passion Digital you can get Payper Click advertisement while at Hello Society is giving you social media advertisement and management. However, InflueNex, a YouTube influencer agency is giving you completely different service. You can count on it over any service provider because here you can select you collaborator by yourself, talk to them directly and all this at surprisingly very low prices.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:29 pm
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