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Social Bakers Review

and Its Best Competitors

Are you looking for a tool that you can use in order to find Instagram influencers? Then, you might have already considered Social Bakers as a program to try! It is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular Instagram influencer marketing tools out there. But, what does it actually do? And, what does not it do? Continue reading if you want to learn about Social Bakers and a couple of alternatives that you may want to give a try.

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Part 1. What is Social Bakers?

Social Bakers is an influencer search engine/influencer analytics tool. It’s targeted towards marketers who are looking for influencers to endorse for their influencer marketing campaign. Its primary focus is Instagram -- letting you find Instagram content creators through their location and niche. Of course, you could try all this out for yourself (aside from the analytics tool -- which is only available when you request for a demo with them), but we’re going to be showing you exactly how it works below before answering some questions that you might be asking.

Detailed Guide on How to Use Social Bakers

Step 1. Select a Region and an Interest

In order to start using Social Bakers, you will need to go to their website. On there, you are given the chance to either request a Full Demo or a limited FREE trial. For the limited free trial, you will be asked to Select a Region and Select an Interest.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Select Region and Interest

Step 2. Click the Find Influencers Button to Proceed

Once you’ve selected the region and interest of the influencer that you want, click the Find Influencers button in order to move forward. This will take you to a signup sheet, first and foremost, that you need to fill in before getting access to their other tools.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Click Find Button

Step 3. Signup for Social Bakers

The signup sheet for the initial FREE trial is not as intrusive as the one required if you were to request a full demo. You just need to provide a Name, Work Email, Phone Numbers, and Company Name. Then, you can click the Submit Button and proceed to the actual influencer search tool.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Signup for Social Bakers

Step 4. Limited Trial Search

For the limited FREE trial, you can see three influencers for free (complete with their location, gender, age, bio, tags, etc.)

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Limited Trial Search

Step 5. Request a Demo for More

If you want to unlock more influencer searches, then you’re going to need to Request a Demo.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Request a Demo

Step 6. Request a Demo for Analytics

If you want to see the analytics of an influencer -- on the limited FREE trial, selecting one of the Instagram influencers previews will only lead to this page (shown below), where you are instructed to, once again, Request a Demo.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Request a Demo for Analytics

Pros and Cons of Social Bakers


  • Detailed analytics on Instagram influencers is provided with the premium version.
  • It has a database a couple of millions large (but curated for only influencers with larger followings -- no new accounts.)
  • There are four different subscription plans available (two of which are request-only -- not pricing available.)


  • It is a lot more expensive than some tools available.
  • It will only allow you to monitor 1 social network at a time (if you want to switch, you can there is a limitation to how many times you can switch per month.)
  • For the cheapest plan, you will need to pay a couple of hundred dollars per month for the essentials and 10 profiles.


Social Bakers offers four distinct premium plans -- although only one has pricing provided. For that plan, the Essentials plan, you are charged $240 per month (which is $2,400 annually.) Other plans will require that you contact a Social Bakers representative and get a quote!


All in all, there is no denying the appeal of the Social Bakers tool. It’s perfect for marketers who have a little more money to spend on their influencer campaigns (because it is definitely on the expensive side of things.) There’s nothing wrong with requesting a full demo if you want it. There are certainly those that are ecstatic to be able to use this for their business, so it can’t possibly go wrong. The only issues that you might have relate to the number of profiles that you can monitor and the limited social network switch (only two per month with the essentials plan.)

Part 2. Best SocialBakers Competitors in the Market

If you think that Social Bakers might not be the one for you, then you can always consider some of its other competitors! For this, we have 10 different programs to recommend. Some of these will be a bit different from what Social Bakers is capable of. Such things include the ability to discover influencers, automatically create reports of the analytics, and more! So, make sure to keep reading until the very end to learn more!

1. InflueNex


The first program that we want to cover is InflueNex. This is, much like Social Bakers, a social media influencer search tool that you can use to discover new influencers or analyze known influencers for your influencer marketing campaign! As of right now, the program is completely FREE to try (although some premium features might require that you log-in -- no billing information required.) It’s one that we can recommend to just about anyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have or however far along you are with the process, InflueNex should be able to help!

  • Influencer searching feature enables you to find the right influencers with advanced filters.
  • Influencer dashboard allows you to view all the details about the influencer.
  • Send invitation to the influencers on InflueNex is easy to be done with a single click.
  • Influencer maangement can easily be organized on this alternative to Social Bakers.
  • Tracking effects of your collaboration video is easy on the platform.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - InflueNex

2. HootSuite Analytics


Number two on our list is HootSuite. It is much like Social Bakers, a premium influencer management tool. It can be used by both influencers and brands -- although it is more targeted at the influencer side of things (judging by the content scheduling features and the in-depth account insights.) It is a lot cheaper than Social Bakers (at $19 per month for their Professional plan), so that might be one thing that you consider when trying to choose which one is better for you.

  • Content optimization and scheduling features for influencers.
  • Deep Insights and analytics provided instantly for a connected account.
  • Different levels of subscriptions are available for everyone (although the one most get is the Professional plan -- which costs $19 per month.)

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - HootSuite

3. Instagram Insights


One tool that we can’t forget when comparing tools to be used for the analysis of Instagram influencers is Instagram Insights. This is free-to-use for every Instagram user that has their account ticked as a ‘business account.’ Of course, it doesn’t have a lot of the other fancy tools that you see in most other analytic management tools. However, it does offer great insights into the type of audience you have and what you might be able to do in order to increase engagement, following, etc.

  • FREE to use for Instagram business accounts (which is also FREE).
  • Provides a lot of information on audience demographics -- which is great for optimizing content to suit the taste of your own audience.
  • Reach, Impression, and Exit rate is also available for analytics to maximize optimization.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Instagram Insights

4. Social Blade


Next up on our list is Social Blade. This Social Bakers alternative is probably very familiar for those who are looking into YouTube content creators. It was made for both influencers and brands -- and it is completely free. All you need to do in order to use it is entering the username of the content creator that you want to analyze, and then select them from the results. Analytics tool of this alternative to Social Bakers includes general statistics, content performance and so on. It’s not the most comprehensive tool available out there, but it can get the job done if you’re looking for is an analytics tool.

  • Influencer search feature (not meant for discovering new Youtubers -- just finding known-ones.)
  • General stats available for the public (reach, impressions, ranking, etc.)
  • Analytics on channel performance, content performance, etc.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Blade

5. Crowdfire


Next up on our list is Crowdfire! Now, much like some of alternatives to Social Bakers in this list, Crowdfire is something made for influencers or brands that have their own business-centered account. With this platform, you can schedule content, monitor social media for any mentions (which is a great way of discovering new influencers), and more. Now, there are upgrade plans that you can try out if you’re looking for something a little more premium.

  • Content scheduling tool for managing your social media content.
  • Analytics available for your account (including audience demographics, reach, etc.)
  • There are various plans available (VIP plan is $33 per month.)

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Crowdfire

6. Hype Auditor


Our number six, Hype Auditor is a bit of a specialized tool. It has a feature that isn’t available for other analytic tools out there -- that is the pay-per-use feature. That makes it great for those who aren’t planning to create incredibly big campaigns (although it does get cheaper the more ‘tokens’ you buy.) In any case, it works with a search feature that will allow you to look up Instagram content creators by their username -- HypeAuditor will pull up the rest of the report automatically. The reason why we suggest it as a Social Bakers alternative is the fact that it offers a great ‘fraud’ detection feature -- allowing you to suss out Instagram accounts that buy fake followers or engagements.

  • Pay-per-use tool (a single report will cost 1 token -- which can be bought in batches.)
  • A full demo can be requested for FREE.
  • General analytics, audience demographics, account optimization insights, and fraud-detection are available for each report.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - HypeAuditor

7. Keyhole


Keyhole is the next analytics tool on our list! It was created for managing social media accounts (which is primarily an influencer struggle.) However, brands who have an active social media account might also want to use it because it provides analytics on one’s competition. It’s a little more expensive than some tools, but it does provide a lot of premium features for optimizing content that a lot of other tools might not provide.

  • Content Management tool for optimizing your shared content.
  • Mention monitoring feature for finding out who is talking about your product!
  • Various plans are available for purchase (at different price ranges.)

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Keyhole

8. Social Rank


Next up we have Social Rank. You can probably tell from the name alone what kind of program it is, but it does actually offer a bit more than just ranking influencers. That is, it provides a lot of content management tools that will allow you to really optimize your shared content and make sure that you’re posting the right things, at the right time, with the right hashtags, etc. Unfortunately, if you want to try out this tool for yourself, you’re going to have to request for one of their plans (the pricing is undisclosed on their website.)

  • Channel and Audience analytics for looking at the top performing posts, most active audience member, etc.
  • Content Scheduling is also available for managing when you post your content.
  • There are several tiers available for their plans (although the pricing is available via request-only.)

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Social Rank

9. SquareLovin


Next on our list is Square Lovin! It’s much like the Instagram Insight tool for viewing your analytics. However, there are other insights provided by this Social Bakers alternative that you may find useful, including choosing your best performing hashtags, seeing the performance of your content, or viewing your audience’s activities. The best thing about SquarreLovin is that it is FREE.

  • A FREE user-generated tool that is available for everyone.
  • Channel metrics are available for viewing the performance of your account.
  • You can also perform other types of deep analytics that can provide insights on your audience, posts, etc.

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - SquareLovin

10. Iconosquare


The last Social Baker competitor is Iconosquare. It’s actually a mobile app -- which is useful if you like to work on-the-go. Now, much like a lot of the other tools available on this list, this offers a mix of features that are helpful for both influencers and brands. These include: content management, an analytics viewer (for your account), and the monitoring of the analytics of three of your greatest competitors. It’s also around average in price -- which is always good for those who are working on a budget.

  • The starting price for one of Iconosquare’s premium plans is $29 per month.
  • It provides in-depth analytics on how you can optimize your content.
  • It can also provide analytics on the performance of your competitors (limited amount only -- unless you pay for higher-end tier plans.)

Social Bakers Review and Its Best Alternatives - Iconosquare

Part 3. Comparison between SocialBakers, InflueNex, and HootSuite

SocialBakers has a lot of competition when it comes to tools for influencers/brands. The two we found most notable were InflueNex and HootSuite! These can definitely stand toe to toe with Social Bakers. And, depending on your needs, you might find that one is even better! To help you make up your mind once and for all, we’ve included a comparison table down below between the three aforementioned programs.

SocialBakers InflueNex HootSuite
Pricing Starting plans are at around $240 per month (or $2400 annually.) Freemium program. SignUp is required for certain features, premium tools can be viewed in demo. Prices are not disclosed and are available at request only.
Key Features Instagram Analytics, Influencer Search, and more. Influencer Search, Analytics, Messaging, and more. Content Management, Influencer Analytics, and more.
Advanced Filter Support Available only for location and interest. Available for Category, Location, Subscribers, Average Views, Language, Active Engagement, Price Range, etc. Not available.
Influencer Management Influencer Analytics viewer is available in order to aid in the management of influencers. Manage infleuncers in fully personalized groups, and view details of influencers easily. Not Available
Influencer Effect Tracking The influencer stats and analytics are available for viewing. The Influencer’s growth and performance can be viewed from the analytics. The effect can be checked via analytics.
Supported Search Platforms Instagram YouTube Cross-Platform (Focus on Twitter)
Ease of Use Average Easy to Use Average
Overall Rating 4 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars


That concludes our overview of Social Bakers and its best competitors! All in all, we can conclude that Social Bakers is definitely a program that you should at least try. However, if you’re looking for a tool that enables you to find the right influencers in one click, then definitely check out InflueNex! It’s great for brands looking to break through to the YouTube audience.

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