How to Use Online Video Marketing to

Promote Your Business

Being an entrepreneur, who doesn’t want to grow their business? Considering the video content at high exposure, marketing through videos can surely assist you to the extent you haven’t imagined. But to no surprise, it takes time, talent and of course, efforts. As a marketer, you must know how video marketing strategy can help developing your business. In the web world, we can find numerous ways for online video marketing to promote the business, and we’ll introduce the most helpful ways to do that in this article.

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Part 1: Most Helpful Way to Use Online Video Marketing to Promote Business

When it comes to promoting your business over social media, first thing that run through our mind is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and et al. However, with the drastic rise in the most active users who watch videos over YouTube regularly, it has now become the second most visited website in the world. Here are a streak of reasons why online video marketing via YouTube can be your best option.

Why YouTube video marketing helps to promote business?

Promoting your business via a killer online video marketing strategy on YouTube will certainly bring a pool of opportunities for you. YouTube, being the one of the most popular and the biggest social networks across the world, mean immense opportunity to reach maximum audience and huge potential to increasing your brand awareness. Eventually, generating more leads by driving in much more traffic.

Let’s explore some amazing facts and figures that will help you understand why YouTube video marketing is the best platform to promote business:

  • With over 1 billion registered subscribers, YouTube is the second biggest website along with being the second biggest search engine in the world.
  • Every single day over YouTube, people spend 1 billion hours time watching videos.
  • In US, YouTube is watched more by 18-34 year-olds on mobile than any cable TV network or TV channel.
  • YouTube is watched more by 18-49 year-olds on mobile than any cable TV network or TV channel across the globe.

What’s more? Well, there aren’t any signs that YouTube will slow down until the next decade. And hence, things are pretty clear! A killer YouTube video marketing strategy is all that you require to reach more and more audience and enhance your results overall.

But, one thing pokes your head here. From where can you get started? First, you need to collaborate with a YouTube influencer who can effectively market your video over his/her channel. And for this purpose, we have brought to you – a highly effective web tool to find the most suitable YouTube influencer according to your needs. With you can efficiently search and filter out the most relevant YouTube influencer for your web video marketing. Here are some of the key features of this tool.

Key Features of

  • With over 100 million YouTube creators base, InflueNex ensures that you get to collaborate with the most apt influencers.
  • InflueNex helps you to effectively filter influencers as per content, average views, subscribers, engagement rate, country and language.
  • More importantly, with InflueNex you can make use of keywords to look for the apt influencer as per your needs.
  • Moreover, with InflueNex you’re also enabled to measure the influencer reach, in addition, you can track, analyze and effectively manage your influencer marketing campaign without any hassles.
  • Furthermore, InflueNex offers influencer analytics with which you can efficiently analyze the data in an easily interpretable visual chart style.

How to use to find YouTube influencers

Step 1: Browse the website and create an account over it to get started without any restrictions.

Use Online Video Marketing to Promote Your Business - Create an Account

Step 2: Now, to search for the most apt influence as per your needs, you need to key in the keyword (over the main interface) that you wish to target. And then select the desired filters available just below the Keyword search bar.

Use Online Video Marketing to Promote Your Business - Enter Keywords to Search

Step 3: Next, hit on the search icon and you’ll have the entire list of YouTube influencers that meets your search criteria and are apt for your social video marketing needs.

Use Online Video Marketing to Promote Your Business - Find Results

Step 5: Lastly, when you’ve opted for the desired YouTube influencer to collaborate with for your online video marketing campaign, you can simply hit the “Send Invite” button and get things rolling.

Use Online Video Marketing to Promote Your Business - Locate Specific Influencer

Part 2: Other Helpful Video Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business

Web video marketing has a lot to do with these days or else your business may get sidelined by the ones who’re regularly and actively doing what is required. Here are the other 5 video marketing strategy that are worth considering.

5 Video Marketing Strategies Worth Considering

#1. A Powerful CTA in your Video is a must!

Even if you have presented your message clearly, it is pretty important these days to include a powerful Call-To-Action in your video. It will prompt your viewers to like, comment, rate your video and share or subscribe your channel. Doing so will let you know how good your viewer engagement is. If they liked your video, they will certainly crave for more information and subscribe or follow you. And for this, a strong CTA has always been the effective motivator. Basically, a strong CTA is a bunch of words that encourage your audience to quickly respond to your video. For your convenience, we have collated a couple of powerful CTAs:

  • Let’s Do It!
  • Talk to Us!
  • Sign Up Now!

#2. Don’t miss other Social Media platforms to market your video

Just because you’ve a great YouTube video marketing strategy doesn’t mean you should only rely on it. Marketing your video over other social media platforms is equally important. Your presence over all such platforms will help you get the most out of your web video marketing campaign. Engagement with target audience is directly proportional to how active you are on Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. The more you engage with your audience the more you’ll understand what they genuinely require.

#3. Invest in Keyword Advertising

A yet another popular technique to showcase your brand video over Search Engines via high relevant keywords is Keyword Advertising. The only problem with this technique “to advertise your brand to all searchers” is that you’ll be spending a hefty amount on buying keywords. Manual Keyword management includes a whole lot of time and effort, eventually diminish the productivity potential.

Here we have collated a couple of the of the best keyword advertising services for your consideration:

  • Find profitable keyword niches.
  • Discovery of new effective keywords.
  • Utilize negative keywords.
  • Organize and group keywords.

#4. Make Video Collaboration with Influencers

The key aspect for a successful video marketing strategy is Collaboration. Making a Video collaboration is far better as you will be doubling your outreach and is a highly effective way to gain more subscribers. So team up with influencers and start bringing more loyal audience to your page.

#5. Use Public Relation Techniques

Now that you have promoted your video all over the social media, why just limit yourself to it when you widen your reach with the help of public relation techniques. Mainstream media is extremely valuable nowadays. Ever since, a powerful medium of information is none other than Mainstream media. Get in touch with them and incorporate this video marketing strategy to gain good publicity which is indeed crucial to any company.


With all that comprehensive information at your side, we are now positive that you can now make your own powerful Video Marketing Strategy that gives you much higher ROI. And with InflueNex at hand, you can always find the best of the best YouTube influencer to help you boost your business with an effective online video marketing campaign.

Written by Christine Smith on the Aug 07,2019 14:29 pm
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