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Top 10 Killer Online Marketing Strategies

for Small Business

Many people who are running small business don’t realize the need of digital marketing strategy. Well! It is indeed essential to have one to take your venture sky-high. And if you are new to it, you may find it challenging. However, by reading today’s article, you will not feel so. We will provide top proven strategies of online marketing for small business. So, without much to do, let’s go straight to the page and learn the most helpful online marketing strategies for small business.

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Part 1: 10 Killer Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

1. YouTube Video Marketing

One of the greatest online marketing strategies for small business is YouTube video marketing. It is an undeniable fact the YouTube has been hugely grown social network since past few years, therefore, it opens various opportunities for small business owners to get connected with the audience as much as possible. You require a clear YouTube video marketing strategy to promote and make your brand’s journey remarkable. Read on the facts below to believe us more firmly.

  • YouTube is counted as the 2nd biggest website having 1 billion registered subscribers.
  • Nearly 1 billion hours are spent by people on watching videos every single day
  • Despite having numerous cable TV networks or TV channels, YouTube is accessed more by 18-49 year olds.

Hence, it is clear that using YouTube for nurturing and boosting business is a great idea to go with.

Benefits of YouTube Video Marketing:

  • Videos make people remember your brand easily if you use a good video.
  • Videos are more searchable and people spend more time on videos than content.
  • Videos are easily shareable and can be spread to every corner of the world.

2. Pay Attention to Website Design

Your website, undoubtedly says a lot about you. It actually is your mouthpiece that speaks the entire thoughts of yours to the customers. Therefore, devoting time or even money (if it takes) in web design is always a sane idea. As the website stresses upon the products and services, if the design is not neat and understandable and not to mention, captivating, you might lose potential customers. Hence, this is one of the online marketing strategies for small business that one should bear in mind. Also, we suggest you to hire professionals who are expert in creating a website. After all, investment is what it takes to grow business! So go for it in the first place.


  • A great website design provides a great first impression gets successful thereby welcoming more visitors.
  • If your customers are conveyed the right message from your neat website, you motive will be easily fulfilled.
  • As a great design will attract more customers, generating more revenue will be not be a problem.

3. SEO and SEM – Not to be missed

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are the sine qua non of online marketing for small business. SEO basically assists you and your business rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP). You need to take guidance on SEO strategy, plan on the keywords and work on it. The search engine i.e. Google will then detect the keywords entered by a user and bring the results accordingly. If you have employed the ideal keyword density on your content, chances are that your company website will come on top of the search results thereby gaining more traffic. As a result, you might attract more customers and see your business growing.


  • Your business may rank on the top if it is search engine optimized.
  • Your brand identity will be discovered by the users easily.
  • You can be ahead of your competition if you use SEO and SEM as the online marketing strategy.

4. Settle on Press Releases

Writing press releases is a yet another great online marketing strategy for small business. By press release, you are simply announcing your new product or the existing product through various media sites. Through blogs, newspapers and other popular media sources, you can take your brand reach globally.


  • Press release will provide the privilege to reach the target audience easily.
  • It is a cost-effective method to create brand awareness.
  • A press release having the achievements of the business may attract the investors thereby benefitting you in the long run.

5. Email Marketing is the keystone

Another fundamental online marketing strategy for small business includes email marketing. Usually your website visitors don’t instantly go for buying your service. And therefore, asking them for their contact or email can be a great way to interact with them. Talking in the marketing term, by using this online marketing strategy, you can retain the customers with “lead magnet”. This is where you can approach for personalized campaigns by offering the visitors that will cater their certain needs. For instance, you can propose a free download, specific free service, a free membership for first few customers or a coupon etc. in exchange of subscribing to your email list. If the strategy works well, you can then get the chance to share your authenticity or reliability to the customers by serving them useful content over email.


  • It is low cost and easy to reach globally
  • An immediate communication can help building customer relationship, your brand and its credibility.
  • It improves your visibility, sales and your value as well.

6. Get Socially Recognizable with Social Media Marketing

We all know how heavily people use social media. Considering the involvement of people reaching sky, why don’t you use the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr or Twitter to get your business promoted? And this what our next online marketing strategy suggests to you to increase your brand’s visibility. Every other person is using it today, staying behind in terms of this won’t make any sense. You can make Facebook page, create hashtag campaigns and post relevant content on regular basis to keep your presence in the minds of people.

If we talk about some facts and figures, there are nearly 70% of the users who prefer social media to avail customer support. And 31% are happy to use social media instead of telephone. Hence, if used in the right way, this online marketing strategy will not just let you connect with the people but help in gaining more followers thereby making your small business big in no time.


  • This online marketing strategy improves website traffic.
  • As social media networks are 24X7 accessible and from all over the world, not using it as marketing strategy may lose the potential customers that stay on social media at odd hours.
  • It helps in instantly increasing followers than any other platform.

7. Engage Users with Contests and Giveaways

Customers like to get entertained rather than just reading out the boring stuff. And holding contest and making strategies on giveaways are a great way to keep them entertained and interested in your brand. Using this online marketing strategy, you can post unique deals for customers. Be sure to serve your promotion purpose from the customers in exchange for free product or a service. We can say that this strategy can be of assistance in converting regular followers to regular clients or buyers. You will surely witness a boost in your sales.


  • It helps in growing your network and generating leads.
  • You can increase sales and subscribers through giveaways easily.
  • The fans and followers get attracted thereby increasing the engagement.

8. Make Customers Content with Relevant Content

According to a research, 55% of marketers take blog content creation as top priority. And promoting your business through right kind of content is a great way to entice more sales. Make sure to create worthy stuff in your blogs or articles. And content isn’t just limited to blogs, it may comprise videos, podcasts, infographics, e-books etc. However, your content shouldn’t be of low quality. And you have to ensure that the topic is relevant and it is SEO optimized as a good content is the only key to build trust with the target audience.


  • It builds a feeling of loyalty and trust between customers and brand.
  • It is able to generate traffic even after they’re published for long.
  • Content is easily shareable and so your business will reach more audience if the content is beneficial to them.

9. Run Affiliate Program

Another important online strategy for marketing business is the affiliate program. It basically refers to encouraging and incentivizing the influencers like bloggers, YouTubers or other media content creators for posting your links on their channel or sites. This is another great online strategy for increasing sales. It has been found that over 50% traffic on mobile device come from affiliate marketing. Also, 15%-30% of sales are generated through Affiliate programs for advertisers. All in all, you need to give a commission to the affiliates from the revenue that you generate through the sales because of posting referral links on their platform.


  • With collaborations and partnerships, earning profit becomes pretty much easier.
  • People know that affiliated content is genuine and therefore they stay through it.
  • It can be easily tracked like click-through views or rates of website view etc.

10. Stay Active on Social Media

As mentioned above also, social media is managed actively by the people; you also can’t afford to be inactive on social media. Merely posting about brand on the social media and not staying active on it might not work for you. Be sure of providing valuable conversation with the people so that they can gain trust on you and your company. And as a result, your following links will be easily clickable by the followers from next time.


  • You will be able to track any new follower and thereby create more strategy to grow the business.
  • The more you engage with the audience, the more you’ll understand what they genuinely require.
  • Engagement with target audience is directly proportional to how active you are on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Part 2: How to Find a YouTube Influencer Easily

You might have stumbled upon the question about finding YouTube influencer many times. Well! All of these worries can be ward off if you have It is a tool specialized in finding the appropriate YouTube influencer. It is of great assistance if you wish an effective search of the influencer across the world. Let’s understand some of the most sought-after features of this tool.

Key Features of InflueNex:

  •  InflueNex can help in looking for the suitable influencer by just using the keywords.
  •  With this tool, you can use filtering to get the influencer found really fast. By filter content, average views, subscribers, country, language etc. InflueNex is really helpful in finding the apt influencer to you in no minutes.
  •  In addition, the tool provides influencer analytics where you can scrutinize the data through easy to understand chart.
  •  On a plus, measuring the influencer reach, track and analyzing the influencer marketing campaign is possible using this tool.
  •  The tool just makes sure to give you the most relevant influencer among the 100 million YouTube creators base.

How to use to find YouTube influencers

Step 1: To begin with finding the influencers, visit website and start creating an account.

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Create an Account

Step 2: As the next step, you need to search for the influencer you want. Simply put in the target keyword and pick out the filters below the keyword search bar.

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Use Keywords and Filters to Search Influencer

Step 3: Click on the search icon and you will notice the list of YouTube influencers matching to the filters and keywords you have used.

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Get Influencers List

Step 4: Choose the one influencer channel that you were looking for. You can then get the nitty-gritty of that influencer. Ranging from the total views, total posts, income etc. you can have a full view over any of these.

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Send Invite

Step 5: In the last, when you find an influencer that is meeting your needs, you can click on “Send Invite” to collaborate with him/her. That’s about it!


These are some of the online marketing strategies for small business you need to pay attention to. It’s the dream of every entrepreneur to get recognized universally and appreciated by the satisfied customers. No matter how small your business is, never hesitate to follow these tactics and you never know when can god smile on you. Also, we would really like to recommend you InflueNex as it can be considered as topmost way in raising your business. By using it, you can get the insights on your potential competitors and then you can take actions accordingly. We hope that you enjoyed this article. Please let us know in the comment section if we missed anything.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:28 pm
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