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Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips

in 2019

There are many YouTube marketing tools and services out there that you can use in order to boost your YouTube marketing business and we have a very helpful one to introduce to you down below. One that can help you understand your audience a little better, find other YouTubers that are in the same niche as you that are doing better or worse, etc. Part of marketing is getting to know your competitor, after all! But first, we’re going to be introducing you to some of the top 10 helpful YouTuber marketing tips that can help you improve your marketing business to get you started on the right path.

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Part 1. Top 10 Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips

When it comes down to it, YouTube is a shifting market. Sometimes, what might work one year will no longer work the next. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t constants that you should keep in mind. These, to some, might be the basic of the basic but that doesn’t mean there isn’t benefit in going over the things you might have been more focused on before (and perhaps have started to abandon now that you’re further along in your business journey.)

Tip 1. Keyword Research and Tags

One of the most important things when it comes to marketing — whether you’re a YouTuber or otherwise, is Keyword research. It’s all about the keywords! That’s how your video gets discovered, which is important not only when you’re starting out but also important in finding new viewers as well!

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Keyword Research

Tip 2. Find a Niche

It’s tempting to branch out and try different things. However, it’s an indisputable truth that channels tend to do better when they have a focus. It’s what gets your audience coming back to you. It isn’t always about how you present yourself or the quality of your videos, those can be important factors that might help your growth, but before that, you need to find your audience.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Find a Niche

Tip 3. Thumbnail Research

Do you know what’s big on YouTube? Thumbnails! It’s not always about having the most riveting title or catch card. People click on YouTube videos based on the thumbnail of your video and the kind of content you push out; certain thumbnails might work better or worse for your views. Look back on your own thumbnails, research the type of thumbnails people are clicking on these days and try to change up the game a bit and see how it works for you!

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Thumbnail Research

Tip 4. View Tendency

Although we’d hate to admit it, views do matter and sometimes it’s important to sit back and get an objective view on how your channel is doing. Are the views growing? Are they dropping? What are the trends? Views will offer you a lot of insight when it comes to the activity levels of your audience and what may or may not be interesting to them.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - View Tendency

Tip 5. Subscriber Tendency

It’s nice to get an honest look of your subscriber count as well. With most channels, the trajectory of subscriber tendency is higher rather than lower. So that’s not necessarily what we’re worried about here. What we’re focusing on is when do we see a significant rise and when does it plateau? What videos got you those new subscribers and what videos didn’t perform as well? It’s all about asking the right questions and figuring out why they matter.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Subscriber Tendency

Tip 6. Overall Channel Performance

Something that you might want to look into, is your overall channel performance. If you have the right marketing tool to help you, all the current stats and important information should be laid out for you to see. Which videos are doing well? Which videos are not? What is your current average view per video, average likes, average comments, etc.? These are helpful in determining growth and the potential for growth!

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Overall Channel Performance

Tip 7. Research Related Channels

This is a tip that you probably get all the time. However, it really is helpful! Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of research on what is working with the people on the same niche market as you. What are they doing well that you aren’t? Research is key in marketing, and there’s nothing easier if you have the right tool for the job.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Research Related Channels

Tip 8. Learn about Community

Although a lot of people might tell you otherwise, it’s nice to get a good understanding of how the people, in the same market as you, are doing. This is not about self-deprecation. Don’t compare your numbers to theirs. Instead, focus on the trends in their analytics. Are they experiencing the same rise and drops that you are? Is that normal? What isn’t normal? Get to know your community and learn about how they work!

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Learn about Community

Tip 9. Look into Your Ranking

Again, this is not about ‘numbers.’ Don’t focus on the negative here, and instead, focus on how analytics can help you grow. If you haven’t started yet, you might even want to use these analytics to see what is on trend right now. How is the beauty community doing? Is the tech community as lucrative as before? Marketing tools like InflueNex can help you see the bigger picture.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Look into Your Ranking

Tip 10. Reach Out to Other People in Community

Reaching out to anyone, in any capacity, is difficult. Not everyone has a business email up, and even if they did, they might not even read or acknowledge your message. However, it is still important that you reach out and connect to the other people in your community. Extend an olive branch, if you will, in hopes of growing that relationship and nurturing it for future collaborations!

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Reach Out to Other People in Community

Part 2. Helpful YouTube Influencer Marketing Tool for Help

If you take advantage of the tips, we have laid out up above, then you’re going to need a YouTube Influencer marketing tool for help! For that, we recommend that you try out InflueNex. InflueNex is an influencer search engine that you can use in order to find YouTuber Influencers, analyze their channel performance, and even reach out to them for possible collaborations or product endorsements.

How to Find YouTuber with

Step 1. Enter Keywords

One of the first things that you can do on InflueNex, is to use the search toolbar. It works just like any search toolbar. All you need to do is type down relevant keywords or tags related to the subject/channel that you are looking for, and then click the Search button.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Enter Keywords

Step 2. Advanced Search

If you want a more on-hand approach, you can also use the advanced tag feature that InflueNex offers. On there, you can pick out all the relevant tags that match the type of channel that you’re looking for (category being the niche they belong in, language is the main language they use in their videos, etc.) To use these, simply click on the drop-down menu related to the relevant tag, and then select the option that best suits what you’re looking for. Of course, just like before, you’ll need to press the Search button in order to proceed.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Advanced Search

Step 3. Select YouTuber

A list of YouTubers related to the tags or keywords that you put in should appear under the general search box. You can browse through it as much as you want, all you need to do is click the one that you’re more interested in!

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Select YouTuber

Step 4. Analytics Dashboard

Now you’ve made it on their analytics dashboard! From here, you can apply the tips that we discussed in our quick tips and tricks section or even send them a message (by clicking the Send Invite button) if you’re looking for a more personal conversation.

Helpful YouTube Marketing Tips in 2019 - Analytics Dashboard


In conclusion, YouTube marketing is a difficult thing. However, knowing what you can do to improve and having the right tools for the job should be able to help ease your way! For that, we really recommend that you try out! As you can see from our breakdown of the website it itself, it is sleek, fully functional, easy-to-use, and very helpful when it comes to YouTuber marketing! You won’t lose anything trying it out for yourself, and it’s available for you to try out for FREE right now.

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