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Are you looking for an influencer marketing agency? Agencies match up influencers and brands for potential collaborations. It’s a great way to skip the learning curve that is usually required when getting into influencer marketing by letting other people take charge of some (if not all) of the process for you! Of course, because of the amount of work that is usually required to set up such campaigns, agencies can get pretty expensive. But there’s no denying the convenience of having trained professionals to take charge of your campaigns.

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Part 1. Most Helpful YouTube Influencer Agency in the Market

FameBit is one of the most helpful influencer agencies out there. Now, the handlers for your case won’t be handling your campaign. However, it is still a great platform to reach out to influencers that are already in their agency. In this case, the influencers need to go through an approval process before being approved. And then, they are separated based on their number of subscribers, niche, etc.

A lot of marketers prefer working with agencies because they don’t have to worry about reaching out to several influencers at once. The reason we chose FameBit as our favorite, however, is because of the following features:

Key features of FameBit:

  • Influencers can only join the platform once they’ve been approved, and then they are separated into categories (which makes the search for the right influencer a lot easier.)
  • It is YouTube focused - which is great for those looking to endorse video content.
  • Proposals can be written directly on FameBit and sent to the influencer (no need to look for business emails -- which is always a bit of a pain.)

Part 2. Other Helpful Social Media Influencer Marketing Agencies in the World

Next up, we’re going to be introducing you to a variety of other social media influencer marketing agencies. Now, as we mentioned, several of the agencies work on multiple platforms, while others focus on specific social networks (like how FameBit was focused on YouTube). We’re going to do our best to deliver as much information as possible.

1. Viral Nation


The first agency on this particular list is Viral Nation. Unlike FameBit (which focused only on one platform), Viral Nation supports YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. It’s not just an agency for reaching out to influencers either. Viral Nation does a lot of the work for you. That includes representing brands/influencers looking to collaborate, optimizing content for the collaboration, and more. All in all, there’s not much that it’s lacking in.

  • Analytics are available for viewing the reach of your campaign.
  • Influencer representation is available for influencers looking to be sponsored by a brand.
  • Viral Nation is also brand-friendly by helping set-up campaigns, contract influencers, etc.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Viral Nation

2. Hire Influence


Next is Hire Influence, another full-service agency that connects brands to their influencers (set up in teams based on their location and their niche.) Because it is ‘full-service,’ a lot of the work can be done for you. Although, how much of that work you want to be done is fully up to you! You can choose what kind of work you want the agency to take care of for you -- their plans are very customizable and can be changed based on the needs of your company.

  • Customizable service plans for deciding what kind of work you want to be paid for.
  • They have teams of influencers that are spread out across 12 different countries.
  • The agency also offers training, so that you are able to familiarize yourself with the process and perhaps work on it yourself in the future.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Hire Influence

3. MediaKix


MediaKix is another popular agency that you may or may not have heard about. It supports Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and more! And, it’s available globally. Now, of course, much like with other agencies, MediaKix is meant to help you by connecting you to influencers that are in the same niche as you. But they can also help you manage your campaign and optimize it so that you can break through social media!

  • Much like with other services, MediaKix offers customizable plans (so you can decide how much work they do for you.)
  • The platform support is quite wide (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.)
  • It has been used and loved by many big-name brands (e.g. Blue Apron, Nordstrom, BarkBox, etc.)

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - MediaKix

4. OpenInfluence


Next up is OpenInfluence, another full-service influencer agency. Unlike some agencies, however, their plans aren’t as customizable. Instead, they offer something that they call a ‘four-stage’ process which involves creating the campaign, finding influencers that would suit the campaign, reaching out to said influencers, and then reporting the success of the campaign through detailed analytics! A lot of the work is handled by real people -- although they do use Artificial Intelligence and complex algorithms to do some of the work as well.

  • OpenInfluence works on a campaign from start to finish (all the way to creating it to reporting how well it is doing.)
  • They use smart AI-driven analytic tools for their work to maximize optimization.
  • Although their plans are more inflexible, you can still actively participate in the process -- if you are concern about how it is proceeding.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - OpenInfluence

5. Leaders


Number 5 is Leaders, which is a rather large agency (with over 1 million influencers in their network.) Now, the beauty of this agency is the fact that a lot of the stuff that they do is automated. They use a lot of AI-driven tools in order to find the best influencers for you -- usually through in-depth analytics. They also offer real-time campaign performance reporting -- so you know exactly what’s going on with your campaign the entire time.

  • AI-Driven analytics tool for discovering which influencers are the best for your business.
  • Real-time monitoring of your campaign is available at all times.
  • Their database of influencers is rather large, and each has been curated in order to push maximum performance.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Leaders

6. Amplify


The Amplify is next up on our list, and it’s another one of those tools that are very famous (and as such handles very large brands!) It will require a larger budget to take on a campaign with TheAmplify, but they really do most of the work for you. They find influencers, set up the campaign, and allow you to monitor your progress as you go. Of course, in order to be able to work with such large brands, they take very careful care of their influencers. Everyone that wants to use TheAmplify is screened in order to promote maximum effectiveness.

  • Higher-End Influencer agency for bigger businesses and brands.
  • AI-Driven technology is used in order to handle a lot of analytics.
  • It has a long history of success and is used by a lot of big names (e.g. Goosebumps, Pepsi, the NFL, etc.)

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Amplify

7. Infinity


Infinity is the next agency on our list. It’s in the smaller end, but they cover a lot of the more obscure brands and offer influencers from social media, TV, radio, etc. It’s a lot of variety, which is exactly what some brands might want -- especially if they have a product that is targeting a very specific type of audience. Of course, as a full-service agency, they do take care of a lot of the work -- from the creation of the campaign, to the hiring of the influencers, and the reporting of the performance of said campaigns.

  • Support influencers from social media, TV, radios, etc.
  • Content creation is a big part of their process -- and they plan it all out before they approach influencers for work.
  • Campaign management is something that they work on as well -- allowing you to sit back the entire time and let them do most of the work.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Infinity

8. Agency Entourage


Next up is Agency Entourage, an Instagram-focused influencer marketing agency. They don’t just focus on social media. Much like Infinity, they do a lot of ‘classic-style’ advertising, which does work well for certain brands who want to connect to an audience outside of the millennials and gen z that spend most of their time online. They put a lot of focus on the content creation management and make sure that the campaign is as meaningful as possible so that it can potentially reach more people.

  • Content management is an offered feature to optimize the reach of all campaigns.
  • It is not strictly a social media influencer agency (it offers advertising through other means as well.)
  • It is a full-service agency. So, they can and will (if you choose to) handle everything from start to finish for you.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Agency Entourage

9. August United


Next is August United! It’s one of the newer agencies but it’s certainly made a name for itself in the past couple of years. In fact, in their client list, they have a bunch of brand-names like PetSmart, Ralphs, Persil, etc. They match up the higher-end clientele by recruiting influencers with the highest amount of reach and engagement rate (boosting impressions and sales!)

  • Much like most influencer marketing agencies, it is full-service.
  • That means, that they are more than capable of doing most of the work for you.
  • They pride themselves on content creation, content management, etc. for making sure that the content that you’re endorsing is top-notch and optimized for the highest number of engagements.

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - August United

10. Zorka.Mobi


The last agency on our list is Zorka.Mobi. They offer full-range support when it comes to influencer marketing (for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.) Now, much like the previous agency on this list, this is newer (one of the newest in fact.) However, they’ve collected over 300,000 influencers in their database (spread out over 90 different countries.)

  • Full-range marketing support (from start to finish.)
  • Analysis of the campaign is available after the fact so that you can see its actual effect.
  • The creation of content can be managed by Zorka.Mobi as well (it all depends on the type of help package you decide to use.)

Most Helpful Influencer Marketing Agencies - Zorka.Mobi


If you’re looking for a quick and simple way of creating an influencer marketing campaign, then agencies are definitely one way to go about it. Of course, a lot of creative freedom is restricted in this case. However, you can always take comfort in the fact that you will be leaving your campaign at the hands of a professional team of people who do this for a living! And, as such, have a lot more experience on the matter. Check out any of the agencies we listed above and get your campaign running today!

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 17:56 pm
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