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Are you looking for the best possible platform to find an influencer to advertise your product? Well, look no more! For this, an influencer search engine should be enough. Ever since the growth in popularity of online marketing, everyone including yourself can easily find the right person to help you promote your business with very convenient ‘search engine tools.’ Whether it be a beauty product or a video game, there are tons of social platforms filled with different influencers who maintain an active audience. All you have to do is reach out to the right influencer who has a bigger chance at engaging with an audience that matters.

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How does the process work? Well, it is fairly easy. It’s just a matter of using one of these ‘search engines’ and choosing from the list of quality influencers that they provide. To make your job even simpler, we have gathered 10 completely different search engines to give you a bigger chance at finding the right influencer, keep reading to see why and which specific tool is the best for you!

Part 1. Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine

As for our very first influencer search tool, we highly recommend that you test out InflueNex. It is currently the biggest YouTube influencer search engine with detailed analytics of over 100 million creators! The site itself is built with many features to help you discover millions of different YouTube creators based on their daily view count, overall popularity status, and more. What else is there?

Well, InflueNex's most striking feature has to be the built-in tool that allows you to make direct contact with creators. Now, this may not sound that exciting, but apart from this solution, there is almost no solid possibility of reaching out to a popular YouTuber without getting lost between their fan base who sends emails daily if not hourly. But where do you need to start? For this, we will show you a couple of simple steps on how to use InflueNex and connect with a worthy audience for absolutely free! Click here to test it out now.

How to Use This Influencer Searching Engine

Step 1. Enter Relevant Keywords

First things first, after opening InflueNex's website you will see many selective tags and a search bar on the interface. If you have any specific influencer in mind just type in the name or use generalized keywords (gameplay, beauty guru, technology, etc.)

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Enter Relevant Keywords

Step 2. Choose Tabs to Filter Your Search

Though, if you're planning to look through the influencers rather than contacting a specific channel, filtering your search by using the tabs that provide selective options might be the better option.

With those you can choose an acceptable price, choose what country their base is, what language they speak, etc. and look for influencers based on the characteristics that best suit your business.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Choose Tabs to Filter Your Search

Step 3. Click on Search Icon

All set? Now you will only need to click on the Search icon which will instantly name many creators depending on your selected tags and keywords. This may go up to thousands of channels if the category is popular enough.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Click Search Icon

Step 4. Sort by InflueNex Score

Many influencers to choose, but which one is the best? Luckily, there is a Sort By feature to help you see the most popular to the lowest ranked creators between your list. To do this click on the auto-selected option beside Sort By and choose InflueNex Score if you want to see them based on how InflueNex ranks them.

Tip: You can also sort by how many subscribers they have, the overall view they have, and their activity rate.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Sort by InflueNex Score

Step 5. Check Out Analytics

Once you choose an influencer, open their analytics and you will see a collection of data which will inform you of their progress on the YouTube community. Including daily view counts to estimated YouTube price range of this creator. If interested, click on Send Invite and fill in the requested information to get in contact.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Check Out Analytics

Part 2. Another 9 Helpful Influencer Identification Tools

If you’d rather keep your options wide there are 9 more helpful influencer search engines that we consider good enough to give a try. Especially if you're planning to promote your product on more than one platform. There are many other active social networks, after all, and each are filled with thousands of consumers! So, read through the other 9 helpful influencer identification tools we’ve scrounged up and judge it for yourself.

1. Buzzsumo


This is another tool with different ways of finding the right influencer as well as popular content that might interest you to spice up your ideas. Though, Buzzsumo is specialized, and is considered primarily a Twitter influencer search tool for locating bloggers, journalists, influencers or other people with no specific profession. Much like with InflueNex, you can play with the filters provided in order to make it easier to find creators who might like to work with you.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Buzzsumo

2. Pitchbox


This one might be a little limited unlike the other mentioned tools since it is mainly focused on SEO services rather than social media. Though, if it suits you, Pitchbox has a simple search engine for you to discover suitable influencers by entering the related keywords. It can also filter the found influencers and send automated emails along with follow-ups to have a more effective communication with the clients. Try out the demo version and see for yourself.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Pitchbox

3. BuzzStream


Another one of our recommended influencer search tools is BuzzStream. Apart from allowing you to search through websites, this tool can create a list of your own and add popular blogs which might relate to your niche. There is also another feature in which you can find influencers and see their analytics directly through BuzzStream. Additionally, it can even auto send personalized emails and check out how effective your outreach is. It is fairly advanced yet easy to use.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - BUzzStream

4. NinjaOutreach


If you're looking for a more generalized influencer search engine, NinjaOutreach might be for you. With this tool, you can search over 25 million websites of either influencers, bloggers, companies or other individual articles which can be sorted by adding tags to your search. Apart from websites, there is also an option to search through Instagram and Twitter as well. What else? Just like many other search tools, this one also allows you to sort and filter your personal list and even send automated emails to each influencer. If interested, there is a 14-day free trial for you to test out.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - NinjaOutreach

5. Followerwonk


As for our next tool, we got Followerwonk which is mainly related to Twitter influencers. So, if you're planning to find your desired influencer on Twitter, this search tool is completely free to use. Starting from searching Twitter bios you can compare accounts along with other simple filters to make your job easier. Simple, efficient, not the most advanced, but still worth a try.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Followerwonk

6. GroupHigh


GroupHigh is another convenient tool to help you find different influencers from selective social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Apart from these, it's mainly focused on blog influencers than the rest. To find your influencer, there is also a filter to choose a location, ad networks used and many other handy options. List them up and check the status of your mentions. Try out the demo and purchase it if it suits your liking.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - GroupHigh

7. Dovetale


Next up on our list, we have another tool which isn't mainly focused on finding an influencer but does contain two different ways to do so. Just like the standard influencer search engines, this one also comes with a discover feature to find and research by adding filters along with your keywords. But what makes it different? There is a monitor which shows who your desired influencer is engaging with. With this, you can track your competitors and request the creator a better deal to gain their attention. It does request $199 monthly, but if you're willing to pay it can play a huge role in improving your business.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Dovetale

8. HypeAuditor


As the influencer marketing improves, many social media platforms take this as an opportunity to widen your possibilities at contacting the desired creators. Especially Instagram, which you might already know is impressively popular, provides the same solution. Though if you're not familiar with which influencer your business may associate with, try HypeAuditor which is an Instagram influencer search engine that gathers open source data and audience quality to save you from doing the research yourself! Just pick the country and an accurate category of your product to start surfing through the wide range of online influencers.

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - HypeAuditor

9. Heepsy


Last but not least we have another Instagram influencer search tool. This one is completely free if you're not willing to pay $9 a month for advanced features which might come in handy. Though apart from that, it does contain 2 million influencers in its database, you just need to search for a suitable Instagram bio and look through the given results for absolutely no cost!

Most Helpful Influencer Searching Engine - Heepsy


All in all, these are all great tools on their own with different advantages and limitations, but still convenient to use if you're planning to advertise your brand with the help of online marketing. In fact, the more platforms you introduce your product, the more popularity it might earn all over the internet! Most of these are surprisingly simple to use as well, just choose the desired tool, enter keywords and filter your search to find the best influencer in no time. Especially with InflueNex, you have a chance to try it all for no cost whatsoever. With its immensely large database, you'll get a better chance at exploring between all the selection of YouTube creators. Give it a try and take advantage of making the best out of Influencer marketing for your business.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:28 pm
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