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What does it take for an outreach platform to be good enough for you or your brand? There’s plenty of them out there, some of which focus on certain platforms and others that try to cover them all. However, not all of them are capable of the type of outreach that we personally hold these platforms to have a standard for. Keep reading to be introduced to the most helpful influencer outreach platforms for contacting influencers and how to use them.

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Part 1. Use Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Platform to Contact Influencers

For our most recommended influencer outreach platform, we have InflueNex. InflueNex is a YouTube-based platform, so it belongs in the group of platforms out there that focus only on one social media network. However, it does an amazing job of covering all of its bases — be it finding influencers to work with, analyzing said influencers, and contacting them for outreach --- you can do it all on-site with the help of the following features…

Key Features

  • Influencer Search Engine with smart keyword search features and advanced filters.
  • Basic Stats and Analytics Dashboard for all influencers on their database.
  • Outreach Manager that acts as your one-stop inbox for all collaborative communications.
  • Effective mail composer that allows you to save written emails as templates for future use.

How to Use This Influencer Outreach Platform to Contact Influencers

Step 1. Go to InflueNex Website

In order to use InflueNex for contacting influencers, you’ll have to go to the website first and create an account. You only need to click the Sign Up button at the upper right corner to create an InflueNex account.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Create an Account on InflueNex

Step 2. Search for Influencer

The easiest way to search for a specific influencer with InflueNex is through the search bar. Much like other smart search functions, this will automatically predict what you’re looking for so that you can find specific influencers easier.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Search for Influencer

Step 3. Use Advanced Filters

If you’re not sure who to work with yet, the best feature for you are the advanced filters. The advanced filters will allow you to set up parameters (like subscriber count, engagement rate, niche, etc.) so that you can browse through influencers that suit the needs of your campaign.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Use Advanced Filters

Step 4. Contact Influencer

On the dashboard of the influencer you decide to work with, you’ll find a pink Send Invitation button that you can use in order to contact them directly (no need to manually input their email information, InflueNex should have that, if available, on their databanks.)

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Contact Influencer

Step 5. Complete the Email Form

The last thing for you to do is to compose the email that you want to send to the influencer. InflueNex has a highly intuitive email composer that you can use for this reason.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Complete the Email

Part 2. What're the Key Features of a Helpful Influencer Outreach Platform

Now that we’ve introduced how you can go about using one of these influencer outreach platforms, let’s talk about the features that make platforms like these so great and how you can make the most out of said features to go about your marketing campaigns! We’ve used InflueNex as our standard for this.

Most Important Key Features of a Helpful Influencer Outreach Platform

1. The Search Engine

One of the things that makes a helpful influencer outreach platform is the search engine. This will allow you to easily find influencers to work with (whether you have one in mind or not.) As was demonstrated in the tutorial above, the search bar is helpful for finding influencers based on specific keywords or video tags, whilst the advanced filters are great for more preliminary searches (where you can specify parameters for the ‘optimum’ influencer.)

2. Stats and Analytics

A big part of marketing campaigns relys on the research that you do beforehand. Be it the core numbers (their follower counts, engagement rate, etc.) or something more focused on their long-term effect (like the growth of their channel and whether it goes up steadily or has had major hiccups.) Good influencer outreach platforms will offer features that can help you to view the statistics and analyze an influencer easily.

3. Quick and Easy Outreach Tool

An influencer outreach tool is also an important part of a helpful influencer outreach platform. For example, InflueNex provides a very efficient influencer outreach system that helps users to contact influencers easier than ever. Autofill, batch contact, and email templates are very useful metrics that enable users to get in touch with the influencers in easy steps. Therefore, a good influencer outreach platform should be equipped with a helpful influencer outreach system.

4. Influencer Management Features

Another must-have for helpful outreach platforms is influencer management function. Influencer management feature is a very hepful feature for the users if they're in connection with many influencers, and want to make the influencers organized. The feature also helps when users want to contact multiple influencers, as the influencers of a same category may only need one collaboration email.

5. Other Practical Features You Need

A helpful influencer outreach platform should also provide features that can help users to establish connections with the influencers in easy steps. Besides the influencer contact email system, a good influencer outrach platform should also offer a effect trackiing system which can help users to track the effects of their campaigns, and once anything goes wrong, users can conact influencers immediately.

Part 3. Another 9 Helpful Influencer Outreach Platforms

As promised, here are 9 other influencer outreach platforms that you can check out. Not all of these will have the same functions we talked about in the previous part of this article, but they do stand out in their own way. Be it the fact that they support outreach to other platforms (like Instagram or Twitter), or because of other reasons that we’ll go over as we breakdown each platform's pros and cons.

Other Helpful Influencer Outreach Platforms in 2019

1. BuzzStream


BuzzStream is very similar to InflueNex in that it provides both influencer search functions and outreach management features. With this tool, you can create email templates of previously sent emails (like with InflueNex) and use them for future collaborations. Unlike some outreach platforms, it also automatically compiles reports of your collaborations to make your campaigns all the easier to manage.


  • Influence search engine for finding influencers.
  • Outreach management features and reports.
  • Centralized database for keeping campaigns easy to manage.


  • The interface of this platform is not user-friendly.
  • It contains many features and doesn't stay focused.
  • Reports of the platform being slow or glitchy on occasion.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Buzz Stream

2. BuzzSumo


Second, on the list is BuzzSumo. This was primarily a blog-based influencer outreach platform, as it was made to connect brands with popular blogs (be it through searching them through niche-specific keywords or their known domain names.) However, in research years, they’ve also widened their scope to include social media influencers as well.


  • Offers a helpful influencer sareching engine.
  • Monitoring functions for keeping track of influencers.
  • Tracks the latest trends on target keywords or brands.


  • Limited in outreach management feature.
  • Outreach will have to be performed outside of the platform.
  • The features on this platform are limited.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - BuzzSumo

3. Upfluence


Upfluence is one of those tools that handles everything — which is why it’s so expensive. On this platform, you can find influencers to work with, analyze their stats, and perform outreach to initiate a collaboration. The database, despite being carefully curated, is also pretty large (currently 1 million large.) So, you shouldn’t need to worry about finding someone who can bring business to your company.


  • Easily find influencers through keywords and locations.
  • Offers detailed social media stats and analytics.
  • Outreach support for managing campaigns.


  • You'll have to accomplish the influencer outreach with third-party platform.
  • Because of complicated features, this platform is not easy to use.
  • There're reports about the website functioning slow or glitchy.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Upfluence

4. Ninja Outreach


It’s all in the name. Ninja Outreach was designed to be an influencer outreach platform for brands. It also functions as an influencer analysis tool — for monitoring the impact of certain influencers. With the help of Ninja Outreach, you'll be able to get in connection with the influencers with several simple steps.


  • Works as an influencer search tool.
  • Offers detailed insights on influencers.
  • Find influencers on different social media sites.


  • Not as intuitive as other platforms.
  • Have limitations in searching influencers.
  • The website looks casual.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Ninja Outreach

5. Heepsy


Heepsy is a large influencer database that claims to enable users to search among 7 miilion influencers. It can be very useful at finding and monitoring specific influencers that may be helpful in growing brand awareness and the promotion of a product. Its outreach functions are limited, but it provides a lot of the information you may need to get started on your campaign.


  • A large and curated database of influencers.
  • Advanced filters make it easy to discover new influencers.
  • Provides detailed insights for influencers.


  • The free trial is incredibly limited.
  • Not all influencers on the database have detailed insights.
  • Only provides influencer searching and analyzing features.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Heepsy

6. HypeAuditor


Next is HypeAuditor, an Instagram and YouTube influencer analytics tool that is great for the preliminary part of the outreach process. With HypeAuditor, you can perform in-depth research on specific influencers that you are interested in working with, and you'll be able to know the influencer's performance, including engagement, total video vews and more.


  • The pay-to-use option is very convenient.
  • High Spec insights on Instagram influencers.
  • It also provides insights for YouTube influencers.


  • Limited in terms of actual outreach functions.
  • Not very useful when it comes to contacting influencers.
  • Limited in other basic outreach functions.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - HypeAuditor

7. Crowdfire


Again, Crowdfire isn’t exactly an outreach tool. However, it’s a platform that can be very helpful when the brands are preparing to do influencer outreach. With this premium app, brands are able to keep track of their campaigns, as well as monitor keywords of interest in order to discover which influencers are already talking about their products or brand.


  • Monitoring functions for brand account.
  • Also capable of tracking influencer trends.
  • Helpful in the initial outreach stages.


  • Instagram functions have been reduced.
  • Limited primarily to Twitter-based influencers.
  • Actual outreach functions are nonexistent.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - Crowdfire

8. AspireIQ


AspireIQ is a newer, and thus lesser-known, influencer outreach platform that focuses primarily on helping you find influencers and manage your campaigns. When it comes to actually reaching out to influencers, this tool is very helpful — although it’s definitely not as premium as some of the other tools on this list.


  • Influencer search features for discovering influencers.
  • Functions available for outreach and outreach management.
  • It has an intuitive and convenient library.


  • Lesser-known premium platform.
  • Not many guides available to help in actual use.
  • A lot of its focus is on brand-content creation.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - AspireIQ

9. iFluenz


iFluenz is another one of those lesser-known but still incredibly useful influencer outreach managing tools. It’s not as helpful when it comes to discovering influencers to collaborate with. However, it has a lot of the functions necessary for actual outreach and outreach management.


  • Offers functions for the creation of marketing campaigns.
  • Helpful in the initial outreach stages.
  • Provides annual reports on campaign results.


  • This tool is not a popular influencer outreach platform.
  • It is not an influencer search engine.
  • Doesn't offer detailed stats or analytics for chosen influencers.

Most Useful Influencer Outreach Platform - iFluenz


Influencer outreach platforms were very specifically designed in order to help brands with their influencer marketing campaigns. If you believe that using one of these platforms can help support the growth of your brand, then there’s nothing that should stop you from trying out one of them — be it InflueNex or any of the other 9 influencer outreach platforms on our list of alternatives.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 13:51 pm
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