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Are you searching for a useful influencer database to find ideal creators for your brand? Even if there are hundreds of websites that contain a massive database, it might still be hard to pick a useful tool between them all. So, where can you find a potential influencer database? To help you pick a decent set of search tools, we have prepared a list with several helpful databases that might suit your needs!

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Part 1. Most Helpful Influencer Database to Help You Find Influencers

As for our first and most helpful influencer database, we recommend InflueNex. It is currently one of the leading marketing platforms available. It also offers many additional features to help you find the right creator in your niche. What are they? Here some of the key features that makes InflueNex the most helpful method available:

  • Above 2 million YouTube influencers in its database.
  • Contact any influencer you’ve found within the app by using Send invite tool.
  • Filter your search by InflueNex’s advanced tools and split the result into 16 different categories.
  • It doesn’t require any payment; you can surf through its database for free.

Apart from these features, there are many other convenient settings that you can use while determining your desired influencer.

How to Use InflueNex

Step 1. Main Interface of InflueNex

Before we jump into our influencer search, let’s take a look at InflueNex’s main page. Since it has a fairly convenient design, you can easily spot the:

  • Search tool in the middle for typing in any related keywords.
  • Filters underneath the search bar to specify the category you’re looking for.
  • Additional tabs for your selected influencers, Messages and Feedback.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Main Interface of InflueNex

Step 2. Enter Keywords

Enter the keywords of the influencer you'd like to search. You can either enter the name of the influencer, or the category that influencer belongs to.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Enter Keywords

Step 3. Select Filters to Define Your Search

Other than Country, there are many other filters you can choose from. Language, for instance, could be helpful if you plan on reaching out to a specific English, Hindi, Spanish, etc. speaking audience.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Select Filters

Step 4. Sort the Results

There is a huge chance you might get a massive list full of potential influencers, though to make your job easier, click on the Sort By tool and select a filter. This will readjust the given list by their authority.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Sort Influencers with InflueNex Score

Step 5. Check out Influencer Engagements and Send Invite

When you do pick an influencer, who fits your ideal choice, make sure to check their analytics and social engagements on this platform. If everything is as desired, you can click on Send Invite button to contact them through InflueNex.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Check out Influencer Profile and Send Invitation

Part 2. Other Helpful Influencer Database to Help You Find Influencers Easily

There are so many other influencer databases available. Each one of them come with unique tools and features. Now, despite most of them offering a paid monthly plan, you can still try a demo or free version beforehand. So, what are these tools? Between hundreds of influencer databases, we have picked 10 tools with their 3 key features as well as other excellent tools to help you improve your market.

1. Upfluence


Upfluence is an excellent tool that has around 1 million active influencers from more than one network. You can search and find these creators along with their up to date demographics from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs online. To find these influencers, you can simply enter niche-relevant relevant keywords on the provided search bar. Apart from that, you can add creators to personalized lists and sort them by optional filters.

Key Features of Upfluence

  • It has a database with almost 1 million analyzed influencer profiles from multiple social media networks.
  • You can search through creators from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other blogs.
  • It has a special outreach feature to send personalized emails to the list of influencers you’ve picked.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Upfluence

2. HypeAuditor


HypeAuditor, on the other hand, is an Instagram influencer measurement tool. To find creators, you can either search through thousands of results matching with your brand or simply categorize them to have a more specific list of influencers. When you do come across potential influencers, you can check their current ranking, main content, audience country, followers and estimated engagements within Instagram.

Key Features of HypeAuditor

  • It has a huge database with over 3 million Instagram influencers with their audience demographics, Quality score, engagement rate and many more.
  • Has a special Audience Quality score that can help filter out spam accounts.
  • You can readjust the list of influencers by breaking it into 14 categories.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - HypeAuditor

3. BuzzStream


BuzzStream mainly focuses on SEO marketing. You can enter keywords for influencer search and look through the profiles of each creator to see their social media presence. Once you do find a list of potential influencers, you can go ahead and send them personalized emails along with automated follow-ups. As for the pricing, their cheapest plan costs $24 per month, but you can still check out their basic features by trying the 14-day free trial now.

Key Features of BuzzStream

  • Has a special outreach feature to contact any influencer you’ve found within its database by sending personalized emails and even prepare automated replies beforehand.
  • You can easily add bloggers your list while surfing through the internet.
  • Search influencers with the help of relevant keywords and see each creator’s social media accounts from their profile.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - BuzzStream

4. TrendKite


TrendKite offers you many great tools to identify influencers who share the same niche as yours. You can find these creators from its huge database of 825 million profiles which display audience demographics and active engagements. It is also quite easy to segment these influencers based on a keyword, location, reach, language or many other helpful filters.

Key Features of TrendKite

  • This tool has one of the biggest databases -- that contains over 825 million influencers.
  • Each influencer has detailed audience demographics.
  • Contact any influencer within TrendKite with its customizable messaging tool.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - TrendKite

5. Heepsy


Heepsy is another Instagram influencer database as large as 2 million. This tool is also quite affordable for solo bloggers or smaller companies that are looking for a low budget program for their research. To access these features, Heepsy offers a $9 monthly subscription with an additional filter tool, but you can also try out its free plan with limited features.

Key Features of Heepsy

  • It has over 2 million active Instagram profiles with analytics of their daily engagements in its database.
  • You can try out its basic set of filters and other features within the free plan.
  • The subscription costs only $9 per month, making it affordable for every company to purchase.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Heepsy

6. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is a Twitter influencer search engine that allows you to find influencers through keyword research. To specify your search, you can also use filters such as Location and follower count. Apart from analyzing online influencers, you can also track your own account’s audience to see which content attracts the most attention. Followerwonk might not be the most advanced tool, but considering its completely free, it earns some consideration.

Key Features of Followerwonk

  • You can check out not only other influencer’s profiles, but also your own account and its audience.
  • Filter tool to help you determine what kind of influencer you’re searching for.
  • It is completely free to use, no need for any additional subscriptions or paid tiers.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Followerwonk

7. SocialBakers


SocialBakers is also a great tool with a huge influencer database that focuses mainly on Instagram creators. This allows anyone with either personal or business profiles to track their audience and see daily engagement rates. You can also track other influencers and see their overall demographics if you purchase one of their paid tiers.

Key Features of SocialBakers

  • Analytics of your own business or personal account as well as your competitor’s or other influencers’ general performance within Instagram.
  • Filter your search after entering a related keyword to have more specific results that fits your brand.
  • Offers a free plan if you rather try out the main tools before signing up for the demo version.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - socialBakersw

8. Pitchbox


Pitchbox is solely based on SEO marketing rather than social media influencers. This tool allows you to find influencers by entering keywords that are based on your niche. You can manage this list by sorting it depending on their authority. As for the price, it might be a little too high for solo bloggers with a low budget, but all in all it's a great tool for influencer research.

Key Features of Pitchbox

  • This tool gathers real-time data of the influencers and displays accurate analytics of their online performance.
  • Allows you to sort your customizable list by authority or other useful filters.
  • Has a special Outreach tool for sending emails within one place and even prepare follow-ups to communicate with more than one influencer at the same time.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers -

9. Awario


Awario is actually a web monitoring tool that has special features that could be used for searching influencers as well. For instance, if someone mentions your brand or related topics you can easily see and sort it accordingly. This will show you which influencers are posting about you or a topic that has to do with your line of work, making it so much easier to find potential influencers. As for the pricing of this tool, the cheapest plan starts at $29 per month.

Key Features of Pitchbox

  • You can find influencers within Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs or even news articles.
  • Find influencers by checking your mentions or other posts that contains a topic related to your brand.
  • Set up ongoing monitors to check the latest posts which are related to your line of work.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Awario

10. Dovetale


Last but not least, Dovetale is also an excellent method to find online influencers with multiple unique ways. As for the first one, it provides a search tool and standard filters to help you determine your search and sort the results depending on the importance. Apart from that, there is also a Monitor tool that allows you to see with whom your competitors engage with. If you want to give it a try, their cheapest plan costs $199 per month.

Key Features of Pitchbox

  • Two ways to find influencers by either exploring related creators with the Discover tool or track your competitor’s engagements with a special monitor feature.
  • You can discover influencers within Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
  • It provides accurate analytics that are updated daily.

Most Helpful Influencer Database to Find Influencers - Dovetale


You can find any influencer with a proper influencer database. All you have to do is pick the one that offers the most suitable social network and advanced features. InflueNex, for example, is the one that we’d suggest for those looking to break into YouTube and find influencers through keywords and filters! But, feel free to try out the ones that stood out to you the most and enjoy the convenience of these influencer databases.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:15 pm
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