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Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates

in 2019

Struggling to find the words to say in your influencer outreach email? Well, then you’re in luck! Down below are 10 of the most helpful influencers' contact template of 2019 — there to help you start off your influencer marketing campaign the right way around! Stick around till the very end and you’ll even be introduced to our favorite tool for influencer outreach.

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Part 1. Most Helpful 10 Influencer Contact Templates in 2019

To start off with, let’s go over the influencer contact templates. We’ve chosen ten different templates that all have their own unique purposes, but you can use any of these very easily (all you have to do is changing the words to match the tone that you want to set up for your collaboration and make the template your own).

Top 10 Influencer Contact Templates in 2019

1. The Start of a Collaboration

There are certain factors that make this influencer contact template work. For one, it encourages a good first impression by putting the influencers’ work under a positive light. For another, it keeps the purpose of the actual collaboration very vague — which implies that the influencer will have creative control over the collaboration as well (and won’t be restricted to acting as a mouthpiece.)


  • Opens with a strong introduction.
  • Initiates a warm conversation rather than a cold transaction.
  • No expectations are set, only the potential for them.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Start of a Collaboration

2. Test and Review

The difference of this contact template and the previous is the fact that it sets very specific expectations upon the receiver. If you use this email template, you’re promising to send free samples of a product for the influencer to test for themselves, as well as to giveaway to their audience. Use this template only if you’re certain that the influencer wouldn’t be offended at the lack of monetary compensation.


  • Introduces the subject of collaboration.
  • It also introduces the expectations of the brand to the influencer.
  • Strictly focused on the transaction.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Test and Review

3. Solicit a Long-Term Ambassador

Much like the previous template, this introduces, very early on, the expectations set upon the influencer. It starts strong with a warm introduction but goes straight into the value of the collaboration (which is shared profits earned by the influencer’s audience clicking on the affiliate link provided.) This implies a long-term relationship based on the active use of the affiliate link.


  • It starts off with a warm and friendly introduction.
  • Sets up expectations immediately.
  • It provides other avenues for future communications.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Solicit a Long-Term Ambassador

4. Shared Profits through Promo Code

Much like the previous, this template is all about setting up a long-term collaboration that focuses on the ability of the influencer to promote a ‘promo code’ that their audience can use in order to receive a discount for a certain product or service. Much like with the affiliate link, it promises shared profits over a long period.


  • Solicits long-term cooperation between brand and influencer.
  • It empowers the influencer to promote and plug the promo code as much as possible.
  • It will not require that you come up with a flat fee.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Shared Profits through Promo Code

5. The First to Know

This is less of a template and more of a ‘sample.’ However, it’s quick and easy to emulate! It’s very short, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be less effective than some of the other influencer contact templates out there. In fact, it may even be more effective because it’s length will make it easier for the receiver to read! The purpose of this email template is to promote a product/service before it comes out to an influencer who may want to be informed on the product beforehand. No actual collaboration is in play, but it has potential.


  • Establishes a connection between brand and influencer.
  • No exchange of money or product required, just an exchange of information.
  • It can be reworded and rephrased in 100+ different ways.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - The First to Know

6. Early Access Review

Much like with the second template on this influencer contact templates list, this one promises access to a product in exchange for a review. However, this is different in that it pushes a product/service that is still in ‘Beta’ (just launched and not readily available for the public.)


  • Incites interest over the product before its launch.
  • It gives you access to honest reviews that can be used for improvement.
  • Establish a good starting relationship with influencers.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Early Access Review

7. Feature in Exchange for Content

This template specifically talks about featuring an influencer. However, it can also be used for various purposes with just a little rephrasing. Specifically, this is the contact template to use if you want to feature an influencer’s honest review on your website.


  • Simple and straightforward.
  • The language and tone used are very courteous.
  • Great for starting relationships with other influencers.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Feature in Exchange for Content

8. The Event Invitation

This contact template is for those who are looking to invite influencers to an event (whether it be an event for raising brand awareness or an event to celebrate the launching of a product/service.) The tone used in this invite is very courteous, and expectations are set at the very end to ensure that the influencer knows what is expected in exchange for their invitation.


  • The template is flexible and very easily used.
  • No monetary compensation is promised.
  • Influencers enjoy events so that they can establish connections for themselves.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - The Event Invitation

9. Courteous but Firm

Not much is offered to the influencer with this template. However, it is very flattering — which makes it good for grabbing the attention of influencers who are known for working with others. Just remember that this is not a template or email that you can send to just everyone. You’ll have to consider the risk and make sure that you do whatever you can so that the influencer will not be insulted by your expectations.


  • Very complimentary so as not to be rude.
  • Great for obtaining user-generated content.
  • Solicits honest reviews that can be used for improvement.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Courteous but Firm

10. The Second-Attempt

If you’ve already contacted an influencer once before, then you may want to try something like the follow-up template below. The language used here is very easily changed, although there shouldn’t be much that needs changing — with a follow-up it’s always good to stay courteous.


  • The patient tone used increases the template’s overall effectiveness.
  • Great for potentially missed emails.
  • Doubles your chances of establishing connections.


Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - The Second-Attempt

Part 2. How to Use Influencer Contact Template in Practice

Now it’s time to put one or more of the templates that we introduced into practice! For this, we recommend that you use a tool called InflueNex. InflueNex doubles as both an influencer search engine and a tool for the management of communications. So, if you’re looking to dip into influencer marketing through YouTube, this is the tool to use.

Key Features:

  • The influencer search engine allows you to locate influencers.
  • Communications management feature for collecting sent and received messages.
  • Save Template option for saving emails sent for future use.

How to Use InflueNex to Contact Influencers

Step 1. Use the Search Toolbox

To start using InflueNex, take advantage of the search toolbox in order to find influencers that you want to work with.

Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Use the Search Toolbox

Step 2. Send Invitation to Contact Influencer

Once you have found the influencer you want to work with, you’ll be moved to their Analytics Dashboard. There, click the Send Invite button to be moved to the email composer.

Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Send Invitation to Contact Influencer

Step 3. Use Influencer Contact Template

Now, under the ‘Email Body,’ copy & paste the template that you want to use and edit it as necessary. From that point on, you can click the Send button to send your email to your chosen influencer.

Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Use Influencer Contact Template

Step 4. Save as Template

On the other hand, if you want to save this template so that you can use it again in the future, click the Save as Template button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Save as Template

Step 5. Name Your Chosen Template

You’ll be asked to name your chosen template. Do so and click the OK button.

Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Name Your Chosen Template

Step 6. Choose an Email Template

In the future, if you want to send another influencer the same message, you can choose your saved template by clicking the drop-down menu under “Email Body.”

Most Helpful Influencer Contact Templates - Choose an Email Template


Don’t make influencer outreach any more complicated than it already is! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of all the FREE influencer contact templates available out there for your campaigns. If you’re really that concerned about remaining completely individual, then use a tool like InflueNex to change up certain templates and make them your own! Whatever you decide in the end, there’s no other time to do it other than now. So, get moving.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 11,2019 14:27 pm
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