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How Can We Measure Social Media Impact

with Several Helpful Ways

Are you looking for an easy way to measure an influencer’s social media impact? Well, we have a social media evaluator to recommend to you! This one is for YouTube, which has one of the biggest and arguably most active communities in the industry right now -- which can lead to very successful marketing campaigns! With the tool that we’re going to introduce to you, you will be able to measure the social influence of YouTubers and use that information to see what kind of sales you can expect!

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Measure Social Media Impact

As mentioned, we’re going to be introducing a YouTube influencer tool. It’s called InflueNex and it’s the easiest tool available online for measuring social media impact! As of right now, it has a database of over 100 million different creators spread out all over the world. Separated into categories like Health, Entertainment, Gaming, Pets, etc. We’ll be showing you how to use it in the tutorial below, and later we’ll introduce a couple of features that it provides for measuring how an influencer impacts its audience!

Easiest Way to Measure Social Media Impact

Step 1. Go to InflueNex and Use Search Tool

As of right now, InflueNex is a FREE website that you can use in order to find and discover Youtuber influencers who you want to reach out to for your marketing campaigns. You can visit it through the URL we’ve shared below.

  • Once on InflueNex, you’ll have access to the Search Bar (which you can use in order to locate influencers via relevant keywords, usernames, their bio, etc.)
  • There are also advanced filters that will allow you to narrow down your search based on Niche, Location, Language, Price Range, and more.

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Use Search Tool

Step 2. Sort List of Influencers

After specifying the characteristics that you want your influencer to have, InflueNex will pull up a list of different YouTube Creators (which can be hundreds or thousands depending on the criteria you’ve chosen.) Don’t worry, you're able to sort the list of influencers by InflueNex score (and other values.)

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Sort List of Influencers

Step 3. Select YouTuber and View Their Analytic Dashboard

Now, the best way to measure the influencer’s social media impact with InflueNex is through their InflueNex Score. This is available on top of their Dashboard (and on the side next to their results), and it’s a letterform rank that has been aggregated based on all detailed insights on their social influence. There are other values that you can look at here, but for that, you can refer to the breakdown of features that we have below!

How to Measure Social Media Impact - View YouTuber's Analytic Board

Part 2. How to Measure Social Media Impact with Other Ways

As promised, we’re going to be talking about all the ways that you can measure social media impact with InflueNex! It’s great at providing insights you might have never been able to get otherwise (as creators tend to keep these very close at hand.) You can see the main insights in list form below, along with a description of how you can use them in order to plan your influencer marketing campaign.

1. Measure via Active Engagement

When trying to evaluate how an influencer is doing, the first thing that you need to look at is the influencer’s engagement. Not their subscriber count or views -- those are things that could easily be faked, engagement is the most important. It confirms that the channel is not a ghost town and that there are actually real-life people that will be watching. And it provides a percentage on how active the influencer’s audience is -- something that you need to know in order to measure how likely they are to choose to click on a link, put in a code, etc. to buy your product.

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Measure via Active Engagement

2. Average Number of Views

Pushing aside any potential outliers -- videos that do great as well as videos that don’t do so hot -- what is the YouTuber’s average view count? InflueNex offers Avg. Video Views on the analytics dashboard (which you can see highlighted in the image below.) It’s an aggregated number from which you can calculate how many people you will be able to reach by collaborating with this influencer. Of course, that doesn’t mean all of them will buy or even try out your product. However, it’s a good starting point to stand by.

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Average Number of Views

3. Channel’s Overall Performance

Outside of the cold aggregated numbers, InflueNex also offers some insight on the channel’s latest performance. On this, they display the reach of all their current videos including the average likes or comment per post. Again, this is a great way of telling how active an influencer’s audience really is -- which is important when trying to figure out how many of them will be willing to take the bite and try out your product.

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Channel's Overall Performance

4. YouTuber’s Growth Tendency - Views

Another thing you might want to have a look at is how a YouTuber’s views are doing over time. Do you see a straight shot climb? Or, is the YouTuber more established with big highs and lows in their view tendencies? Of course, in this case, it’s always better to go for a YouTuber that is able to provide a steady trajectory -- with no big dips.

How to Measure Social Media Impact - YouTuber's Growth Tendency

5. YouTuber’s Growth Tendency - Subscribers

Another thing to look at is a YouTuber’s subscriber tendency. This should always be a steady line going up! Any sudden bumps (whether high or low) is suspicious as it could mean that the YouTuber is either buying off subscribers or had done something to incur their loss. In that sense, at least, this tool is invaluable (especially for a business who doesn’t have the time to study a creator’s brand and evaluate their subscriber authenticity.)

How to Measure Social Media Impact - YouTuber's Growth Tendency

6. Video Analytics

Of course, if you want to dip your hands a little deeper into the available insights that tools like InflueNex offers. You can really dive deep and break down a YouTuber’s views, likes, comments, etc. based on their latest posts. This is a great way of really accurately assessing how a YouTuber is doing (and InflueNex will allow you to see all these details under their ‘YouTube Posts’ section.)

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Video Analytics

7. Check out Their InflueNex Rank

Not just subscribers (which is what we have highlighted below), but a channel’s general ranking is aggregated by InflueNex at the top of the dashboard. So, you can see how this particular YouTuber is doing when compared to every other creator in their database. It’s not necessarily a deal breaker. However, it might help when you’re trying to compare one influencer to another that is very similar.

How to Measure Social Media Impact - Check Out Their InflueNex Rank


If you want to measure the social media impact of YouTube influencers for your future influencer marketing campaign, the tool that we’d most recommend is InflueNex. It’s very easy to use, and it provides great insight on a YouTuber influencer’s base analytics. Be it their active engagement, subscriber tendency, view tendency, overall channel performance, and more! If you want, remember that you can try it out for FREE by visiting the InflueNex website.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:26 pm
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