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Do you want to analyze an influencer’s audience statistics? While searching for potential online influencers, you might find it difficult to choose the correct influencer for your brand. This problem occurs mainly because it’s a bit challenging to compare between thousands of creators with the same niche as yours. However, to solve this issue you can simply try out an influencer analytic tool. It is an easy way to find and check the success of an influencer as well as their current demographics. Especially, with the growing popularity of this method, there are now countless software/websites for you to try out! But which one is the best? To save you some time, here we have gathered 10 amazing tools to help you access each influencer’s audience analysis.

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10 Most Helpful Tools to Help You Make Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis

In order to choose the right tool for analyzing an influencer’s audience, first you will need to specify your desired features. This may change based on the platform you’re planning to promote your on and the budget you’ve spared for this very issue. With this in mind, it’s surely going to be much easier to pick the tool that will improve your income successfully. For this purpose, we’ve also prepared down points along with the key features of each tool to give you a solid idea of their quality. Look through them and select the ones that fit your expectations.

1. InflueNex


As for our first tool, we recommend InflueNex. This is a YouTube influencer search engine with a huge database that includes millions of channels and the stats and analytics of said channels. Additionally, it also provides many other helpful features for comparing and finding the most suitable influencer for your business. With the help of these tools you can review an influencer’s audience engagements, check activity and contact them through the site. Thus, this is the perfect tool and also the easiest method if you’re looking for an audience specifically from YouTube. You can now start using InflueNex for no cost, but you’ll need a premium account to get full features. Just click on the link provided above and start browsing endlessly.


  • InflueNex provides helpful features about searching, analyzing, managing and contacting influencers.
  • This tool currently contains over 1 million YouTube profiles along with real-time updates of their analytics.
  • You can directly contact each influencer through InflueNex by entering the required information.


  • Only accessible for YouTube, you can’t search influencers from other platforms.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - InflueNex

2. Social Blade


There is also Social Blade, which is another great way to check influencer stats from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily motion, Mixer and Instagram. From each network, you will receive graphs and statistics of countless influencers for free. Though unlike InflueNex, if you’re mainly looking for YouTube influencers, it only tracks over 23 million users. Though this is pretty average considering it also contains million other influencers from multiple platforms. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to make accurate analysis of different influencers from more than one social media platform or website.


  • You can look for influencers from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily motion, Mixer and Instagram for no cost.
  • You can check your own and your competitor’s statistics remotely from your smartphone.
  • Provides graphs and stats of every published channel and social media account from the mentioned platforms.


  • Since it has a huge database for not only one platform, it may lag or take a while to update a profile’s statistics.
  • No guarantee of the successful growth of your channel, it might either take a while or fail at providing a vast improvement.
  • Considering many users apply to this software, it might take a while for the developers to get back to you if you have any issues.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Social Blade

3. Instagram Insights


Next up, we have Instagram Insights. Now as you may guess from the title, it is an Instagram based method that you can try out straight from the website/app itself. This is quite helpful to give you a better understanding of an account’s engagements or overall progress by accurate graphs that represent the real-time growth of your account. Additionally, you can check each post’s detailed insight to see which content attracts the most attention. To do this all you have to do is switch to a business profile and start analyzing for free.


  • You won’t even need to download an extra software to track the progress of an account if you’ve already converted to a business profile.
  • Straight on Instagram, just go to settings and turn your account into a business one to access these features.
  • You can check out the interactions made by each post and see how many people visited your account.


  • Allows you to only access analytics of your own personal/business page rather than tracking influencers.
  • Another limit to this method is that Instagram won’t promote your account for free despite allowing you to become a business account for no cost.
  • Your posts might not pop up on the explore page since Instagram mostly values friendly accounts over businesses.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Instawgram Insights

4. Hype Auditor


Hype Auditor is also an Instagram analytic tool with over 3 million accounts running in its database. As for how it works, rather than purchasing a subscription, you will need to pay for each action you take. To do this you will need to pay for $1.99 a token to spend on each influencer report. However, it does provide a good service to track engagement rate, check authentic engagements, and lastly, it provides an aggregated score for each influencer. If you already have specific people in mind, this system could be quite convenient.


  • Fairly big database for Instagram. Including over 3 million profiles that are updated with artificial intelligence.
  • Doesn’t require a subscription, you can only pay for the accounts you specifically want to analyze.
  • Provides an Audience Quality Score to track which influencer has the most active audience between them all.


  • Despite how convenient it is for small researches, if you’re planning to explore more than a couple influencers, this might come as a problem.
  • The rate decreases with every purchase if you don’t buy 100 tokens at once which will automatically lead you to a bigger payment.
  • This is solely based on the Instagram platform just.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Hype Auditor

5. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a convenient tool for managing all your social media accounts. Just like the other standard analytic tools, this one also comes with detailed social statistics of each one of your accounts to track your progress. It offers a free plan with limited access to its primary features. Additionally, you can check out post analytics if you sign up for a paid plan. It does require a solid amount if you’re aiming for a detailed research.


  • To check out how the tool works, Crowdfire allows you to use their tool freely with some limitations.
  • This tool is quite useful if you’re planning to keep up with more than one platform.
  • Offers a detailed analytic of each profile and post if you sign up for the required plan.


  • You can only check the social analytics only for one day if you sign up for a free plan rather than paying for 30 days of data.
  • Most tools are limited for free users. Though if you pay for the subscription, you can access many useful features.
  • Since Crowdfire promotes other user’s content, you might find it hard to stumble upon posts that are related to your niche.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Crowdfire

6. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a paid tool to track Instagram and Facebook influencer analytics. You can also schedule your posts and manage new content with the provided features. As for Instagram, it offers a wide range or influencers along with the general statistics of their accounts. It is also quite easy to find a fitting profile with content, hashtags and community that relates to your niche. If you want to access the advanced version of this tool, the lowest plan starts with $29 per month.


  • Contains two different network platforms to search from -- including Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can track content engagement, profile activity, page performance and also story engagements for Instagram.
  • Has a post scheduling and content planning tool.


  • You have to pay $29 per month to decently use this app by unlocking the limited tools.
  • You can only see the analytics of 3 competitors, and then you’ll have to buy a needed plan to access more.
  • You can only browse two social networks.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Iconosquare

7. Keyhole


Keyhole is also a paid tool to track the development of your Instagram account’s presence. There is a detailed monitor feature that allows you to check your, and your and other competitors', account performance. This is a great way to step up your brand strategy and promote your market to a worthy audience on Instagram. As for the price, it requires quite a high cost, but you can still try it out for free. It comes with a yearlong data with a limit of 99 posts.


  • Allows you to access a long-term data of an account’s posts that includes maximum 99 posts if you purchase a specific plan.
  • You can track other influencers’ accounts apart from your own brand’s profile.
  • Has a free trial to test their professional plan that comes with countless great features.


  • You will have to pay $199 per month in order to use its professional plan.
  • Professional plan only includes basic features despite its price.
  • The agency plan is for $999 if you want to track multiple influencers.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Keyhole

8. Social Rank


Social Rank is another tool to track influencers from Instagram and Twitter. It is a great way to identify your audience and manage your current content with the help of its provided statistics. Additionally, this tool allows you to sort your followers depending on their activity, comments, likes and other useful information to filter your audience. As for the content, you can check out each one of your posts’ insights and learn more about their performance and compare them to see which one attracts the most attention. The price isn’t available on their website, but apart from the standard plans, you can also get discounts if you’re popular on social media.


  • You can track and manage followers from both Twitter and Instagram.
  • Sort your followers by many categories including their engagements and alphabetized or chronological order.
  • Gain insights of each and every post on your account and learn the amount of interactions.


  • You will need to purchase the Basic or Premium tier to widen the range of features.
  • You can only get a discount if you’re some sort of celebrity with a big audience.
  • It doesn’t allow you to track other influencers, only your business account and its posts.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - Social Rank

9. SquareLovin


Square Loving is also a tool based on Instagram insights. You can access in-depth analytics of your account and learn about your audience engagement. This tool automatically provides you the essential information about your profile along with the growth of your likes, followers and comments. It also has a metric to compare your posts by how much likes and comments it gained. And, while posting, SquareLovin will show you which hashtags have attracted the most attention. Basically, you will have a better understanding of your audience with this free tool.


  • You can try out all its features without needing to pay for any subscription.
  • It has a unique feature that lets you see which tags have worked for you the best.
  • You can check out a metric of your performance by the audience engagements and post interactions.


  • It only allows you to check the performance of your own account instead of tracking your competitors.
  • You can only access your Instagram accounts’ analytics rather than having multiple social media platforms to choose from.
  • The monthly analysis of your account does not start straight away, you will need to wait before it is accessing the needed information.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - SquareLovin

10. HootSuite Analytics


HootSuite is a social media scheduling tool. Its free plan helps you track three profiles and access the basic tools to see a general insight of your account. The paid plans come with their own advanced features, the higher the price the more tools you gain. As for the cheapest plan, it costs $19 per month. This one allows you to have an overview of your website with key metrics. On the other hand, there is also a Team plan which helps you access unlimited reports, create customizable dashboards of your analytics and have a better insight of your audience.


  • It comes with many different plans that provide alternative tools to manage and track your social media accounts.
  • There is a free account with limited features that might be useful if you’re not seeking for a deep research.
  • You can access many social media platforms.


  • You’ll have to purchase the Professional plan eventually if you rather have a deeper access.
  • The training required for this tool costs $21 per month.
  • You will need to pay manually for each app you use, starting from $.99 to $4.99 each month.

Make a Perfect Influencer Audience Analysis with Helpful Tools - HootSuite Analytics


Making an in-depth analysis of any influencer is easier than it sounds. With the help of these influencer analysis tools, you can track the performance of the influencers, and the engagement of your campaigns. All you have to do is choosing the app that provides the features which can help to improve your business. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to understand which content they’re interested in. So why not give these tools a try and analyze any influencer with ease.

Written by Christine Smith on the Oct 17,2019 16:31 pm
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