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Latest Influencer Marketing Trends

in 2019

It’s 2019 and humankind has come so far in the world of marketing and advertising. Without any second thoughts, influencers’ marketing is now one of the most effective and affluent ways to promote the products and services and there is no need to prove that anymore as it is easily visible to all. With time, the techniques and trends in influencer marketing have evolved and changed according to the market and social media audience.

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Part 1. What're the Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019

It all started from very simple process of promoting brands on social media platforms but now the same technique has become more efficient and with strategically established plans that have various sub-parts working on different levels. To understand how to use the advancement of digital technology for the optimum fruition, you need to keep up with the current influencers and social media marketing trends of the market.

Currently, influencer marketing is in the mainstream and definitely has matured a lot from the way it was in previous year. In precise words, today it is the legitimate way for all kinds of content marketing with creative and effective techniques that promises better results. However, there were some loose ends too in 2018 but nowadays professionals have definitely changed the way it works and you might want to take a look at these influencer marketing trends.

1. Quality of Followers Matters

This is definitely a new trend in the market and is based upon lots of researches and analytics of campaigns. If you don’t have right kinds of followers then it doesn’t matter if you have a hundred thousand followers, you will be getting only a few thousand views or likes. This is why influencers now focus on having quality followers i.e. people who love their niche and also respond to the posts and videos. Thus, they get a greater response when they introduce new products and services.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • Helps in retaining the current followers and also drags new followers on the platform.
  • It is the base of making broader support base and trustworthy fan following.
  • Issue of fake followers has been eliminated and it has brought more transparency to influencer marketing strategies.

2. Influencers Are Entrepreneurs

Unlike before, the influencers of social media platforms have now understood the fact they have a great importance and can make a huge impact. Major part of all social media influencers agree with this fact. Their reach is too extensive and good hold over their fans and followers that many have started promoting their own products and services however a lot of influencers also endorse the products of other businesses.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • Influencers are the new-age entrepreneurs who also look for expanding their business or platform. They consider the option of long term relations with business firms instead of using pay-per post.
  • This will also make them looking into different products from different firms or platforms, which will create even broader followers' base attracted from different products and services being marketed in their platform.
  • It has given rise to new trend in which influencers themselves are regulating other micro influencers in their niche that promotes and expends the market of influencers.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 - Influencers are Entrepreneurs

3. Focus is on Micro and Nano Influencers

Earlier people were just aware of macro influencers but today they have been categorized in four types i.e. Celebrity influencers with millions of fan base, macro influencers with 10,000 – 100,000 fan base, micro influencers with 1000 – 10,000 followers and the beginners or nano influencers with around 1000 followers. The contemporary trend influencer marketing is more about focusing upon nano and micro influencers as they tend to target fresher audience and also engage with major followers from their list.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • Influencers are the new-age entrepreneurs who also look for expanding their business or platform. They consider the option of long term relations with business firms instead of using pay-per post.
  • This will also make them looking into different products from different firms or platforms, which will create even broader followers' base attracted from different products and services being marketed in their platform.
  • It has given rise to new trend in which influencers themselves are regulating other micro influencers in their niche that promotes and expends the market of influencers.

4. Podcasts, Live Streaming and IGTV

Another major trend that you will see these days and is very effective too is extensive use of video content. It is no more limited to those creative and attractive video posts because today influencers use the new features of social media platforms. Influencers live stream with their followers so that they can directly conversate with them. They also make podcast videos to introduce something new in the market, like product, content or it could be even an interview with another macro influencer or a celebrity. However, Instagram has always been generous to its influencers and now there is a feature of IGTV on which influencers can post large videos on their IGTV channels.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • It engages the audience and is a better way to communicate with them.
  • It also builds up the trust between influencers and their followers as it becomes a two-way conversation.
  • Followers can get better information about the consent or product that is being promoted.

5. Long-Term Ambassadorship

It is said by professionals that brands that have same influencer for longer span to promote their product, tend to sell it more than the brands that frequently switch their marketing influencers. That is why brands now use this new technique which is one of the major influencer marketing trends i.e. having same influencer or influencers for your brands promotional campaigns or you can say to have an official ambassador for your brand name. Seeing the familiar face again and again with same brand makes the audience relate with the product and thus there will be greater chances for them to buy it.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • It creates brand’s credibility in the market.
  • Audience tends to believe and connect more to the promotional campaigns.
  • Ultimately, higher reach to active customers and even higher sales.

6. Affiliate Marketing

It is the concept of modern marketing techniques which is trending these days. If you follow any celerity influencer then you might have come through any content like giveaway videos, online competitions which will offer gifts and discount coupons from particular brands to winners and the most tending of all is unboxing videos. These are promotional tactics which are actually affiliate marketing and using them for your brand is the best strategy that you can choose.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • It attracts the audience more towards your products.
  • If you are with the right influencer then there are sure chances of increased sales.
  • This trend develops a direct relation with your brand and public.

7. A Democratic Place

Social media platforms have become a democratic place when it comes to marketing industry. There are all kinds of influencers on social media platforms from micro to macro influencers and even celebrity influencers with millions of fan base. With good technological knowledge and tech-savvy skills, influencers are themselves able to create unique and creative content that lands them up with collaborations with bigger firms and celebrities. However, micro influencers who offer marketing services at low prices are affordable for many small firms. Thus, this market is in democratization phase and every influencer is blooming.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • Small firms can also hire the services of small influencers that mean everyone can take advantage of influencer marketing.
  • Due to huge competition in the market, the prices of these services have also become much affordable as well as there is rise in the quality of services.
  • It will create balance in the influencer marketing industry by bringing small influencers up and making place for newbies.

8. More Innovative Video Content with IGTV

Innovative content was always the priority of influencers market but now, it more about creative video content. To be more precise, IGTV is one of the major social media marketing future trends. After Twitter and YouTube, Instagram has a major number of active users but when it comes to businesses then there is nothing better than Instagram. The feature of IGTV is the major factor that influencers consider in order to spread the promotions and also deliver those strategically created creative videos.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • Since it is new and cool feature of Instagram, it attracts greater audience.
  • Let the creators think outside of the box to deliver unique content.
  • It does not only deliver your brands info to followers but also entertains them.

9. ROI is a Key Factor

The brands and influencers are now aware about this major factor of influencer marketing i.e. ROI is very important. The goal is not just to get the huge fan base and creating creative content but also they need to keep to the mark that they end up with increased ROI. It is like the wholesome factor which gives positive results when all other small factors like quality followers, good reach and creative content are up to the scale. So, if your ROI is good that means your brand is going great too.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • The success of brands is also measured with its ROI, so it's important that it should be great every time.
  • Creates a threshold for the quality of the campaign based on the previous campaigns’ ROIs.
  • Helps in stargazing the techniques and campaigns in way to focus on all the basic factors.

10. Risky influencers are the new black

Brands nowadays prefer risky or controversial influencers more and don’t mean they have lesser credibility in the market. Competition and huge platform always tangles mega influencers in some other controversy. However, brands see this is a golden opportunity because such influencers have great traffic on their platform and this could be perfect for promoting a product but with tactical strategies.

3 reasons why this trend matters

  • Brands can get huge crowd at one place and also higher response to the promotion.
  • It gives a fresh start to the influencer after any ugly controversy.
  • The brand comes in limelight and thus your returns increase.

Part 2. How to Do Influencer Marketing According to the Trends

The landscape of digital world is updating at a rapid rate and if you can’t keep up with it then you are clearly wasting all your money whether it is on quality production or old school advertising. You are lucky to be in the era of successful marketing of influencers and they are not going out of style, at least not anytime soon. So, you know that you can make good use of it to validate your brand, increase sale and ROI, etc but still the question is how to it correctly. How to do it that you yield the best results? To know this in detail, check out the points discussed below.

1. Affiliate marketing and discount codes

This is something that most of the brands and influencer relationships are doing these days. They not only run collaborative campaigns together but are also using brilliant tactics of affiliate marketing with discount coupons. Brands give discount coupons on the name or tag of influencers which influencers publish on their channels and platforms. This creates even better chances of selling your products because even if public is not aware of your product then they will check it and buy it for being a fan of that particular influencer.

2. Influencers with the right base

It is very, very important that you are collaborating with right influencer. If they are not your perfect fit then all your investments and strategies will go in vain. You need to be sure that the influencer that you are collaborating with should have good understanding and relation with their followers as well as they should be having a major fan base of followers that would be interested in buying your products, especially if they are a nano or micro influencer.

3. Giveaways and Competitions

This is another ultimate tactic of bringing shine to your products and creating a buzz among huge audience reach. With just a little extra budget, you can run these campaigns in which you can giveaway a few units to influencers which they will give to their random followers. You can also organize fun competitions with your influencer and the winners can get those giveaways. Nowadays, people also love unboxing videos which you can use as a strategy.

4. Invest in the influencers that make more video content

IGTV, You Tube, You Tube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook live have taken over the old school strategies like Twitter tweets and Facebook posts because video is in trend and people love watch it. So, you should find an influencer for yourself that is more in the video content thing instead of only writing creative posts. These influencers will also create attractive and strategic videos for your brand’s promotion which will ensure bigger catch over audience.

5. Keep documenting your performance and goals

Investing in influencer marketing may feel like putting your money in a very risky gamble and if it is your first time then it would feel more like you may never be going to generate any ROI, ever with these campaigns. To be free of these risks and worries, you have to do a few simple but extremely necessary things i.e. keep tracking and documenting your key performance indicators as well as your goals. These will help you in updating your strategies and plans, accordingly and you can expect positive results.

Part 3. Use an Easy-to-Use Influencer Marketing Tool to Keep up with the Trends

Reading all of the above sections, you might have got a clear idea by now that how effective influencer marketing could be once you get in collaboration with the best suited influencer and also execute strategic campaigns. However, half of the part is discussed above i.e. trends, tips and tricks but other half i.e. finding the perfect fit can be a popular influencer marketing tool.

InflueNex is one of the most popular platforms for influencer marketing among influencers as well as brands. Here, you can easily find the kind of influencer to collaborate with you want because they have an inbuilt search engine on their website that shows search results from millions of influencers from social media platforms. The best part is that these results are refined by eight filters like Category, No. of Followers, No. of Views and five more.

Key features of InflueNex:

  • It has eight search filters i.e. Category, Country, Language, Subscribers, Price range, Last Active Time, Average Video Views and Email.
  • You can select the favorite influencers and save them in different categories, if needed.
  • You can track real time updates and stats of your promotional campaigns.
  • You can directly send invitation email to any influencer you would like to collaborate with.
  • You can check the demographic details of influencers on their previous videos.

Detailed guide on how to use InflueNex in few easy steps:

Step 1. Visit InflueNex

Open the page of InflueNex by clicking on the link given above in the description and if you already have an account then “Login” to it.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 - Visit InflueNex

Step 2. Create an account

Click on “Create an Account” button given on top right corner. A small window will appear on the page as shown in the image below. Fill the boxes correctly and sign in with your new account.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 - Create an Account

Step 3. Searching the right influencer

This is the most important step where you have to enter a keyword in the search box that describes your genre or criteria to find an influencer like user has entered “technology”. Also, as mentioned previously it has eight filters to refine the search, so you can set them all according to your preference now.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 - Searching for Influencer

Step 4. Selecting the best influencers

After getting your refined search list, you can now select the best influencers on the internet. You can either visit every channel one by one or you can mark favorites directly from the list by hitting Heart icon on right side of every influencer’s info. You can check all favorite marked influencers at one place i.e. “My Favourites” section given on top menu.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 -

Step 5. Analyzing the influencer

Once you land onto the profile of any influencer, it will look something like this as given in the picture below. You can check everything about them from number of subscribers to average video views. If you haven’t marked them favorite but want to, then simply hit that ‘Heart’ icon. If you want to send them a collab message then, click on “Send Invitation” button.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 - Analyzing the Influencer

Step 6. Send the invitation

After clicking on “Send Invitation” button you will be redirected to a new tab for sending a mail. Here you have to write subject and body of your invitation message and just hit the “Send” button. It is as simple as it sounds.

Latest Influencer Marketing Trends in 2019 - Contact Influencer


2019 is an interesting year to see the transformation and growth of the most creative and efficient of marketing sector i.e. influencer marketing. With social media marketing future trends as well as contemporary trends, the strong relation of brands and influencers is taking over the market. However, platforms like InflueNex play an essential role in this sector by offering necessary services which are super easy to use by people.

Written by Christine Smith on the Oct 17,2019 17:57 pm
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