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How to Judge Instagram Influencer Quality

by Looking for His/Her Instagram Rating

Influencers are currently leading the marketing industry, and as their audience grows, they grow too. Twitter, despite the fact that it is one of the less commonly sponsored platforms, still does a pretty good job at raking in leads. All you have to do is find the right influencer in your field and let them help you present your product in the best way. How? For this, we have gathered some helpful tips to find and check your desired Twitter influencer's ratings easily.

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Part 1. Easiest Way to Check Instagram Rating

The easiest method in our list includes SocialBakers. This is an amazing tool to access Instagram influencer's profiles and check out their real-time analytic updates. You can also easily contact the said influencer and start interacting at any time. And finding them is pretty simple too, just search by hashtags, bios, account name or a specific keyword that resembles your product. They all come with a defined score of their Instagram engagements. You can give it a try for free and see how it works for you. Though to keep it simple, we have prepared a couple of steps that should give you a better insight of this tool.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality

Step 1. Select Your Region and Interest

Click on Select a Region to specify where you want your influencer to be located. Also Select an Interest that would suit you and your niche. This will help you find the best possible result for your brand.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Select Your Region and Interest

Step 2. Start Finding Influencers

Once you pick a Region and Interest, click on Find Influencers to proceed with the process of finding the most suitable creator for your brand. Only one step left to go before we can access the actual influencer tool.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Start Finding Influencers

Step 3. Fill in Your Contact Information

Now you will need to type in your Name, Work Email, Phone Number and Company Name to allow SocialBakers to access your personal information. When you're done click on Submit button to finally start browsing.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Fill in Your Contact Information

Step 4. Check Out the Provided Influencers

Unfortunately, SocialBakers' free plan only consists of providing three influencers who matches your niche with over 100,000 followers. Check out their profiles to see further information about their social presence.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Check Out Provided Influencers

Step 5. Request a Demo to Unlock All Influencers Stats

When you do enter their profile, you will only see limited information about their engagements, followers, posts, etc. Though instead of looking through a sample, you can access all of the influencer stats by clicking on Request a Demo.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Request a Demo

Part 2. Other Ways to Looking for an Instagram Influencer's Rating

Apart from SocialBakers, there are many other tools to help you learn more about an Instagram Influencer's rates and social audience. Some of these may be more advanced than the others and also require a paid subscription depending on which plan you rather work with. But otherwise, all of them are pretty useful to connect with the right influencer who can help you reach your campaign goal. So, here are 5 excellent tools to look for ratings of every Instagram Influencer.

1. Upfluence


Upfluence is a great influencer marketing tool with a huge database that contains over 10 million influencers from many platforms including Instagram. It gives each individual account a personal analytics and rating to help you understand which one would fit your brand the most. Apart from that you can send emails through this tool and check if they've been seen by the Influencer or not. And like many other tools, it also allows you to search for creators by keywords, hashtags or content. The cheapest plan starts with $795 per month for 500 accounts.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Upfluence



Peg is also a potential option to help you identify the perfect influencer who will be more than suitable for your brand. Each profile comes with further information about the said creator to see which one has a higher chance at presenting your product the right way. Also, you can check analytics to measure what has worked for you so far, keep track as well as compare the main demographics between other influencers.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Peg

3. HypeAuditor


Next tool on our list is HypeAuditor. This is mainly an Instagram focused search engine to help you connect with an influencer who appeals to you. To keep you updated, each analytic contains the real-time performance of every profile. You can list them all and sort by authority or other categories you're mainly focusing on. The information may include the influencer's current ranking, the topics they post about, their audience/followers, estimated engagements, and more. All you have to do is click on any user’s profile to see an overview of their success.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - HypeAuditor

4. Heepsy


Heepsy is another standard influencer search tool that provides its users to search for any creator by typing in a keyword, hashtag or name of a particular influencer in mind. It does have a pretty good database containing above 2 million profiles and enough filters to refine your search easily. And if you’d rather spend a low budget on such tools, Heepsy's cheapest plan costs $9 per month. Or you can go with their free plan and only access a limited number of features.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - Heepsy

5. TrendKite


As for our last tool, we recommend TrendKite. This is a suitable tool to analyze media engagement of desired influencers. It can also help you identify each creator and give you more opportunities to improve your business by targeting the right audience. To start connecting you can easily reach out to these influencers no matter their social status or authority. To test out their service TrendKite offers a demo, with this you can test out all these features before paying for a bigger access.

How to Check Instagram Influencer Quality - TrendKite


Taking all we’ve discussed into consideration, it is undoubtedly easy to find and judge Instagram Influencers according to their social engagement score. Especially if you try out the tools we have gathered, you can pick and connect with any influencer with the help of their advanced features. Also, if you try out more than one method, you might have a better understanding of which one would suit your business the best. So why not give the free plans a try and purchase for your own liking afterward.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:25 pm
Resource > Influencer Management > How to Judge Instagram Influencer Quality by Looking for Instagram Rating
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