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How to Hold Up a Good Interview

with Social Media Influencer

People always look forward to an interview with social media influencers, isn’t it? Conducting an interview with any social media influencer isn’t simple or straightforward as it sounds. First, you should be knowledgeable about the topic you are going to discuss with the invited influencer. Well; there are numerous tips you are likely to benefit from when interviewing a social media influencer.

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Part 1: Tricks and Tips on How to Handle Interviews with Social Media Influencers

These tricks and tips have been proven effective in helping people conduct successful interviews with successful influencers across different social media platforms. A good interview should be efficient and swiftly flowing. However, that’s not the case. There are some instances where people find it difficult to interview renowned and upcoming influencers. The below tips will simplify the entire process. These tips will efficiently prepare you for the interview. Let us dive in and look and these tips and tricks on how to handle interviews with social media influencers.

1.1 Look for potential Influencers

As we all know, there are numerous social media influencers across various online platforms. Therefore, it’s up to you to identify the right social media influencer for your interview session. Look for an influence with vast knowledge and experience in your topic of discussion. Secondly, have a limit in terms of followers an influencer must have. The amount of followers influencers have determine if they are renowned or not. The audience is always curious and ready to learn new things. Therefore, look for an influencer who can deliver entice your audience.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Look for Potential Influencers

1.2 Get their email address and reach out

Email is considered and official communication channel. Consider sending an email to your selected influencer. Influencers are more likely to respond to emails when compared to messages on their social media platforms. There are a couple of things worth considering when sending any official email to your selected influencer. First, be brief and straight to the point. You must praise your selected influencer for the good work. State your reason for reaching out. People reach out for different reasons. State you desire a fashion blogger interview or your respective field.

Highlight a couple of interviews you have handled to prove your intention is well. Go on and highlight the topic you want to discuss. This helps the influencer is comfortable with the requested interview or not. Don’t force an interview if the influencer isn’t ready or comfortable.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Get Influencers' Email Addresses

1.3 Give your selected influencer hint on what to expect

This step should only be partaken if your selected influencer has agreed on the selected influencer. Try and make your influencer as relaxed as possible. This makes the interview flow smoothly. Give them a sheet full of potential questions you are likely to ask during the interview. This gives your influencer an opportunity to polish up on topics he/she feels is not well equipped. Remember the aim of your interview is to make it as interesting and educating as possible.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Give Your Selected Influencer Hint on What to Expect

1.4 Don’t regularly interrupt your influencer when he/she is making a point

All influencers have a wide range of followers. The strong online following isn’t a coincidence. There are a couple of things which they did right. First, they know what to say to their followers. Secondly, they are knowledgeable and well informed on their specialized field. Therefore, let an influencer speak his/her mind when answering your question. Try and make your questions open ended. These questions don’t have a specific answer. Such questions allow social media influencers to speak their mind. This is one tip people should pay attention to if they want to conduct successful interviews.

1.5 Always choose an Influencer who is interested in the topic at hand

As earlier stated, influencers are specialized in different fields. Some influencers agree to interviews even if they have not specialized on the topic at hand. Other influencers accept any interview provided they are getting paid. The audience pays keen attention on how influencers respond to questions. Therefore, shortlist influencers who are interested on what you have to say. Consequently, he/she should share the same values and ideas. Such influencers are likely to positively impact your audience when compared to the rest. Therefore, conduct some research before reaching out.

1.6 Look for right audience

Generally, there are two ways fashion blogger interview questions can be asked. It can be either one on one or by inviting your audience. As we all know, there are numerous audience you can invite for any interview. However, be careful on the audience you hire. Go for an audience that understands what you are talking about. The response of the audience encourages or discourages an influencer from continuing with the interview. Interviews have a specific targeted audience, isn’t it? Therefore, go for an audience who will positively impact you or the brand you are talking about.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Look for Right Audience

1.7 Respect your Influencer’s answers

A lot of people don’t understand constant argument with the selected social media influencer during an interview ruins everything. We all have different thoughts and ideas on different topics. There are numerous situations you might differ with your invited social media influencer. Don’t develop a habit of arguing on each point. Allow your audience to listen to what the influencer has to say and be the judge. All influencers love to be heard and their opinion to be heard. Furthermore, numerous followers are always keen to listen to what they have to say. Therefore, let them have a say.

1.8 Let the influencer know the duration of the interview

Influencers have different taste and preference. Some of them are comfortable with both long and short interviews, whereas others are only comfortable with short interviews. Therefore, discuss with your invited influencer how long your interview should be. Try and adhere to the given time. Ensure all questions are well tackled and explained within the stipulated timeframe. Don’t develop the habit of speeding up interviews. This might bring out a negative reputation on the invited influencer and your audience.

1.9 What do you want to attain at the end of the interview?

We all have different goals when conducting interviews. Therefore, set goal on what you want to attain when interviewing your selected social media influencer. All queries including who are the influencers in your life interview questions, among others have a goal. Therefore, come up with questions which will help you attain your desired goals. Your goals can be either be short term or long term. You can also ask your invited influencer help you attain your desired goals.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Interview Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum at a very high rate. This is the reason talk shows; TV stations are constantly examining social media influencers. Their main aim is to help business operators and marketing experts understand a specific aspect relating this marketing strategy. Conducting interview with social media influencer isn’t complicated as many people perceive. You simply need to properly understand step by step guidelines on how to carry out interviews with influencers. Below are the guidelines you should follow when conducing any interview with a social media influencer.

2.1 Identify your goals

We all work towards attaining different goals. Therefore, you should come clean on what you want you want to attain once you are done interviewing your selected social media influencer. It can be either fashion or sales, among others. Your goals can be divided into either short term or long term. Your set goals influence the kind of social media influencer you go for. You should always go for influencers who understand what you are talking about. It would be better if you land an influencer who is specialized in the field you are venturing. They are also likely to assist you attain your goals.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Identify Your Goals

2.2 Look for right social media Influencer

The second and crucial step entails identifying the right social media influencer. As we all know, there are numerous social media influencers to choose from. There are numerous criteria you can use to identify the right influencer. You can use keyword to find the kind of influencers you are looking for. Alternatively, you can look at the amount of influencers a social influencer has. You can also look at their specialized field. The kinds of influencers you highlight on this step determine if you will attain your set goals or not.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Look for Right Social Media Influencer

2.3 Reaching out on the highlighted Influencer

A list of influencers will pop up depending on the typed keyword or the tool you have used to highlight social media influencers. In most instances, various social media platforms for influencers will pop up. The number of followers each influencer will also pop up. Click on the profile of your selected social media influencer. This is where you retrieve their contact. It can be either their email address of their social media handles. Reach out immediately so that you can plan something else they decline your offer. Be precise and brief on why you are writing to them.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Reach Out to Influencers

2.4 Details on why you want to interview them

Once they respond, explain to them why they are the best candidate for your interview. Highlight their achievements so that they know you have researched about them. Go ahead and explain to them the topics you want to discuss with them. It will be better if you can talk about the topics they have specialized in. This makes them comfortable during the interview. Don’t insist if a social media influencer declines your offer. Go on until you find the right influencer.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Details on Why You Want to Interview Them

2.5 Interview

The last step on how to conduct an interview with a social media influencer entails conducting the interview itself. You are recommended to conduct your interview in the presence of audience. Most influencers love talking in front of people who understand them. You should have duration on how long your interview will last. The allocated time should go hand in hand with the number of questions you want to ask your selected social media influencer. Don’t rush questions and answers because of time. Above all; you should give your selected influencer ample time to explain their facts.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Interview

Part 3: Things to Do and Not to Do when Interviewing a Social Media Influencer

Specific rules and guidelines must be followed if you want to run any successful interview. It can be either fashion blogger interview or any other interview. There are some things you should do and others avoid if you want to hold a good interview with your selected social media influencer. Here are some of these things.

3.1 Always find a right spot to conduct an interview

Don’t for a crowded or noisy place. Look for a quiet environment where you can conduct an interview. Those who desire some audience should commence and look for an open or closed space where the audience at hand can comfortably fit. There are some situations where social media influencer is far but desires to carry out the interview. In such situations, you can make a phone call or use a computer to carry out the interview.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Find a Right Spot to Conduct an Interview

3.2 Prepare interview questions in advance

Influencer marketing is quite huge. Therefore, you should prepare the questions you intend on asking the social media influencer. Preparing questions in advance will help you properly manage your time. You will know which questions to ask. We all have goals. Preparing interview questions will help you attain the results you are looking for.

3.3 Engage your audience throughout the interview

You can directly or indirectly engage your audience. It’s your audience that determines if the interview was a success of not. Therefore, use terms which will engage your audience while conversing with your selected social media influencer. Alternatively, you can spare some minutes for your audience to ask their questions. Invite the right audience if you want your interview to be a success.

Hold up a Good Interview with Social Medai Influencer - Engage YOur Audience throughout the Interview

3.4 Don’t argue with your influencer even if you disagree with their facts

Argument can ruin a good interview. Therefore, you should avoid arguing with your selected social media influencer. Influencers are experienced in specific fields. They should be given time to elaborate their points or make any argument. Remember they have huge fans followers when compared to you. This makes them very influential.

3.5 Don’t rush questions because of lack of time

It’s not a must you ask your influencer all questions. You can discuss a few questions provided the audience understands what brought them to the interview. Tackle questions procedurally.


Well, these are some of the best examples which show how to show respect to the influencers by writing a good thank you note to influencers. If any of your customer or influencer doesn’t show any interest in your product then make sure never show your anger because the choice is their not yours. By writing such thank you notes you can change their mind in the positive way.

Written by Christine Smith on the Sep 03,2019 15:21 pm
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