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Most Helpful Tips You Need to Know

Thanks to the development of social media, you can bring your business to a large number of people all over the world. Social media marketing is a great way to make your brand or product more popular to people on the Internet. Instagram is one of the largest social media platform on the Internet and it has millions of influencers on this platform who can help to promote your business and products. If you're a beginner in social media marketing, you'll definitely need Instagram influencer outreach to get your work easier to be done.

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Part 1. Top 10 Tools to Help You Contact Instagram Influencers

It is very essential for you to contact Instagram collaborators in an effective manner so that they can start to advertise your products. Before you make an initial contact it is very essential to keep in mind several strategies which will help you write professional and engaging email to influencers. Through the help of proper Instagram influencer outreach email you can even stay in touch with collaborators after they’ve helped you in brand promotional event. Thus you can even contact them with great deal of ease second time.

10 Most Helpful Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips You Need to Know

1. Appropriate greeting

When you are contacting Instagram influencer for the first time then it is very essential to write a collaborative email with proper greeting. This way you can let Instagram collaborators know that they you seek them as real individuals instead of just business prospects. Appropriate greeting is also very essential to make genuine future contact and it is considered as first great step towards establishing great relationship in the future.


  • This tip is very easy to follow
  • You get to write compelling email through the help of this strategy.
  • You get formal look to your business email, which is very essential.


  • When you use formal addressing tone then it gets very hard to make casual business relationship with an influencer.
  • You need to pay great attention in writing a formal email or it may even make you look bad.
  • It is very essential that you remember the address with which you’ve personified collaborators in the first email.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Appropriate greeting

2. Complete information

While writing Instagram influencer outreach email it is very essential that you provide complete information about your organization. This process will allow collaborators to revert back and you will get to acknowledge whether they will collaborate with you in the future or not. By writing email which has correct contact information you get a professional looking mail which is considered as essential part when you are trying to make a first contact with influencer.


  • This trick will eventually help you to get into the good books of your preferred collaborators.
  • You will also get to write professional looking email to collaborator.
  • Influencers will be able to contact your organization right away.


  • If in case you contact fake influencer then it can cause nuisance for your company.
  • Fake influencers may even try to hack into the professional email provided in the message and steal important information.
  • The information needed to be precise or influencers will find difficulty in sending email.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Complete information

3. Use proper subheading

When you are contacting influencer of your choice then it is very essential that you use proper subheading to make them aware about the proposal. This Instagram influencer outreach strategy will provide you aid in giving engaging look to the email right away. Thus, your collaborators will read the email thoroughly and can even consult area of their interest again. You can even ask your collaborators about brainstorming through the email which will give you an advantage to get ideas for product promotion.


  • Through this email it is very easy for you to highlight the prospects which you want to offer and demand from Instagram collaborators.
  • It will help you to provide written information about business dealing to collaborator and earn their confidence.
  • By using proper sub-heading you will be able to get professional look to the email.


  • Subheadings need to be unique thus you may have to spend quite a lot time in writing them.
  • It is not necessary that all of the collaborators will get influenced by a specific set of subheading.
  • You have to include content as per the subheading mentioned and it is mandatory to do so thus, at a time it is very difficult to synchronize two of them.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Use proper subheading

4. Engaging subject

When you are making an initial Instagram influencer outreach then it is very essential for you to write compelling subject of the email. This will influence the Instagram collaborators to open the email in the first place. Thus, you will be able to get one step closer to your collaborators. With the engaging subject you get a chance to make your collaborators aware about the things which you are offering


  • With this trick you get a chance to attract all of the collaborators who have similar area of interest.
  • You get a chance to make them aware about the prospect right away which will give you a chance to start the campaign sooner.
  • This trick will lure most of the collaborators to open the email who are looking for similar business prospect.


  • In case a collaborator isn’t interested in business prospect then he or she will send your email right away in spam.
  • You need to be very careful in choosing right words to attract a collaborator.
  • Sometime collaborator also sees it as if you are bribing them for services.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Engaging subject

5. Correct fonts

It is very important to use correct fonts in the email when you are contacting Instagram influencers. You are required to use chosen few fonts like Verdana, Tahoma etc. this will give a well-organized look to your email. Thus, you can easily attract many influencers.


  • Correct use of fonts will let your email open in a proper format, thus professional influencers can read information easily.
  • You will immediately get into their good books and be able to present your organization in a better manner.
  • You do not have to choose from many formal fonts.


  • You do not get much versatility when you type down collaborative email as only limited formal fonts are present.
  • Through this technique you need to stick to formal tone of message as well.
  • Formal tone of message also makes them lack luster and you might not attract influencers who seek for informal business relationship.

6. Offering proposal

You need to write first few lines of your email compelling so that your collaborators will feel more engaged. For this you are required to make them aware about the offerings from your side after completion of the brand promotional campaign. This is considered as one of the most popular Instagram influencer outreach trick for big and even with well-established firms. Acknowledging the offer will influence the collaborator in the first place.


  • Your targeted influencer will read your proposal thoroughly.
  • Through this email the chances that the collaborator will get attracted to the proposal increases.
  • You can also send offering proposals to several influencers at a time.


  • After stating promising points in the start it gets very hard to make rest body of the email tempting.
  • Some influencers may even find this type of email as a fraud and they can mark you spam.
  • It also gets very difficult to place tempting offering straight away since your whole business depends on it.

7. Outreach directly through Instagram

You can effectively message influencers directly with the help of Instagram. This will help you save considerable amount of time as you can complete the task while on the go. With the help of this type of Instagram influencer outreach you can even have a look at their profile picture. Thus you will feel more engaged while you message them.


  • Through this trick you will be able to showcase influencer of your choice that you are an active user of Instagram.
  • This process will also help you to directly send message to influencer right from your android or iOS mobile devices.
  • The process is free of cost and you can even search large number of influencers at a single time.


  • Here you don’t be able to have a clue whether the influencer is genuine or not.
  • The contact information about your company can even be hacked by perpetrators over the internet and they can use for their benefit.
  • As compared to personal mail sending message through Instagram isn’t considered professional by some Influencers.

8. Use of bullet points

While you are contacting a collaborator for the first time it is very essential that you use bullet points in your message. This process will give you chance to make your message precise and compact. Influencers have to ready lengthy messages which are written in paragraphs and they even turn you down during the initial contact.


  • One of the greatest benefits of this type of messaging is that you will get a professional format.
  • You can also get engaged with Instagram influencers right away.
  • Influencers can even consult points which are of their benefit again.


  • When you writing bullet points in a much compact manner then sometimes influencers don’t be able to get big picture.
  • Bullet points needs to be well organized and it is recommended not to use too many of them.
  • The matter in the bullet points needs to be precise thus you waste lots of time in thinking precise and compact data.

9. Make them aware of your prospect

It is very essential that you contact influencers and make them aware about your goal. You need to be specific about why you are approaching them in the first place. This will instantly make them your true advocate and you will earn their confidence. Furthermore, through this technique you can even ask the prospects for brainstorming session.


  • You get a chance to engage quickly.
  • It provides you a professional look.
  • Through this technique you also get a chance to make prospects aware in products you are dealing.


  • Most of the influencers do not provide brainstorming for free.
  • They may turn you down after reviewing your product if they aren’t as per their expectations.
  • Professionals can even place you in archive files thus you can’t contact them in future.

10. Courteous tone

While writing an email it is very essential to keep courteous tone which will help you to get one step closer to professional collaborators. You also get a chance to contact several collaborators at a time, thus the overall chances of collaboration increases.


  • Collaborators who are interested will contact you right away.
  • You get to showcase the work culture of your company.
  • This will help you to give more texture to the professional email.


  • You should refrain from using too courteous tone or it will look as a fraud to collaborators.
  • At some level it also seems like a request instead of business prospect.
  • The tone sometimes also starts to seem as informal address.

Part 2. Top 10 Helpful Tools to Help with Instagram Influencer Outreach

Over the internet you will be able to come across several tools which will provide you perfect aid in Instagram influencer outreach without much of effort. These tools are very easy to use due to their GUI features thus you do not have to be an expert. Moreover, you can even try these tools for free before paying for the premium version. Thus, you will be able to acknowledge whether the particular tool will be fruitful for you or not. Through the help of these tools you can compare analytics of two different influencers.

10 Tools to Help with Instagram Influencer Outreach

1. HypeAuditor


Through the help of HypeAuditor it gets exceptionally easy for you to get automated follow up for your chosen Instagram influencers. Thus much of your time is saved which you can utilize for several other things. This is considered as one of the best Instagram influencer outreach tool which provides you aid in getting more than 25 metrics when you make a contact with collaborator for first time. You also get a chance to acknowledge whether the followers are genuine or not and save yourself from make false judgment.

Key Features:

  • This tool offers you great deal of help in accessing several media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • HypeAuditor also offers you initial review without any cost.
  • Through genuine and easy to handle tools you get a chance to find influencers of your choice.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - HypeAuditor

2. Buzzsumo


Through the aid of Buzzsumo, it will get too easy for you to judge which influencers are worthy enough to contact in the first place. This Instagram influencer outreach tool also provides you great deal of filters which you can apply on your search to get prospective collaborators. When you use this online tool then there is no need to download any additional plugins. You also get ease in making contact with collaborators who are blog writers, vloggers, etc.

Key Features:

  • Buzzsumo offers you a user intuitive search pattern to find influencers of your choice thus you will be able to save great deal of time.
  • On daily basis you will also get 5 searcher for which you do not have to provide anything.
  • You can also go through profile picture and analytics of every collaborator before making a contact.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Buzzsumo

3. Heepsy


On this Instagram influencer outreach tool you get a wide range of collaborators viz. near about 7 million in total. This offers you a chance to acquire collaborator as per the area of your expertise. Heepsy will also make you aware about several demographics, collaboration authenticity and branding capabilities of influencers. Furthermore, you also get a chance to find out influencers by checking their engagement rate as well as contacts.

Key Features:

  • Through this magnificent collaborator locating tool you can easily acknowledge about fake influencers.
  • Through the help of great UX and UI design you can easily operate the online tool and do not have to face any glitch.
  • Unlike many other tools you do not have to spend much amount when you purchase a premium version.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Heepsy



Here you will be able to find wide list of influencers who have years of knowledge about how to promote products on social media platform. The dashboard of this tool is very compact, thus it gets very easy for you to surf it through. You can also look at the profile of every other collaborator who has similar area of interest as yours.

Key Features:

  • Through it is very effective for you to acknowledge about total number of subscriptions, collaborator’s profile comments and total viewers at initial stage.
  • This tool also provide customized search where you get a chance to choose the business in which you are dealing at initial stage.
  • You will also be offered genuine email address of collaborators so that you can contact them right away.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools -

5. Awario


This is another Instagram influencer outreach tool which provides you ease in getting information about the influencers primarily without spending a dime. You will also be able to acknowledge about total number of views, subscribers and followers does an influencer has. Moreover you can even track down your advertising campaigns’ progress and talk to collaborators. Awario is very simple to use and considered as of great prospect in making collaborators aware about your interest area.

Key Features:

  • Here you will be offered large number of Instagram influencers.
  • You also get aid of different types of filters with the help of which you get aid in doing refined search.
  • Awario is also famous for excellent customer service where you can clear all of your doubts.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Awario

6. GroupHigh


GroupHigh is considered as one of the most effective tools for startups as well as for well established companies to find genuine collaborators on Instagram. This online tool offers you unlimited search option with which you can find collaborators for brand promotional events. Through this Instagram influencer outreach tool it gets more than easy to reach out to influencers through refined search. Here you can even look at the past performance of collaborators in detail.

Key Features:

  • Through the help of this tool you get a chance to get statistics for near about 50 social media sites, blogs as well as web portals.
  • This tool also gives you an opportunity to find out the followers of the influencer whom you have chosen in the first place.
  • Here you also get report in the form of graph which makes it very interactive to read.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - GroupHigh

7. Socialbakers


Socialbakers provide you a thorough artificial intelligence search so that you can find Instagram influencers right away. Here you will also be offered efficient customer care thus your advertising campaign didn’t suffer in between. This online tool offers you free demo during initial stage, thus you will be able to learn whether it would be a great endeavor to invest in it or not. You also get a chance for proper management of community and select the influencers which suit you best.

Key Features:

  • Through this tool it gets very effective and engaging to monitor the campaign results in real time.
  • You get profile picture of an influencer along with fraud detection software, thus much of your time and investment is saved.
  • Automated search of this online tool provides you efficacy in accessing several prospective influencers with few initial clicks.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Socialbakers

8. Trendkite


Trendkite is another Instagram influencer outreach tool with the help of which you can undertake automated search for collaborators who have similar area of interest. The UX and UI of this tool makes it very easy to use even by beginners, thus you can easily find influencers for product promotion in a small time interval. You can also acquire demo of the software in case you want to learn how it basically operates.

Key Features:

  • This tool provides you an aid to measure the past performance of an influencer through pie charts.
  • You get to cover several social media platforms to reach out to collaborators for product promotional events.
  • Through the proper aid of this tool it gets very easy to acquire authority of media and get influencers from paid web portals.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Trendkite

9. Klear


This tool provides you efficacy to outreach an influencer even on several social media. Moreover you also get aid in focusing on large number of prospective collaborators through the help of filters which provide refined search. Compactness of the dashboard makes it very easy for you to operate the tool without any difficulty. A proper analysis of collaborators’ profile through this tool will make you aware whether they are competitive enough or not.

Key Features:

  • You can use this tool on several platforms and even on mobile devices, thus you can even find a collaborator while you are commuting.
  • Through this tool you can analyze past performance of a collaborator through PDF report.
  • Klear also offers you advantage in monitoring the advertisement campaign.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Klear

10. Ninjaoutreach


Through the use of Ninjaoutreach tool it gets too effective to increase marketing API for the selected collaborator. This tool also offers you a chance to follow the influencers in automated manner and can easily monitor all of the brand collaboration campaigns in real time. You will also get thorough assistance, this will give you upper hand and the tool is very easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Through the help of this tool you can also conduct affiliate marketing projects with flying colors.
  • Here you will also get past analysis of selected collaborators in detail.
  • You can even contact collaborators right away and do not even have to pay a dime for the services.

Instagram Influencer Outreach Tips and Tools - Ninjaoutreach


In the world of fast internet connectivity it gets very easy for you to contact Instagram influencer right away by the help of several tools. They are easy to use and also provide you analysis of collaborators’ past performances. Moreover, there are several ways to which you need to keep in mind while contacting influencers as it will give you a boost in establishing great relationship in a short time span.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 14,2020 18:06 pm
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