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According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, every $1 spent on influencer marketing campaigns equate to about $5.20 earned in media value — and that’s just the average! There are brands out there who make the most of influencer outreach strategies and influencer outreach tools in order to increase their earned media value to around $18 per $1 spent. If you’re interested in learning about the most helpful outreach strategies and outreach tools out there, continue reading.

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Part 1. Most Helpful 7 Influencer Outreach Strategies in 2019

To start off with, let’s take a look at some of the most common and popular influencer outreach strategies in 2019. These strategies are meant to encompass some of the most important things to remember when getting into influencer marketing — be it the type of influencer to collaborate with or the type of collaboration you might work together on. On this list of 7 outreach strategies, we’ve included a description of the strategy, how it may benefit you, and an example of the strategy being put into effect on social media.

Top 7 Influencer Outreach Strategies in 2019

1. Don’t Forget Micro Influencers/Mini Influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing and campaigns, it’s easy to get sidetracked by numbers. Of course, it’s nice to know that your campaign will reach many viewers, but there’s no reason to not include “Mini-influencers/Nano-Influencers” on your campaign.

For example, in a campaign exacted by Forever 21 for their new Plus Size apparel, they hired a variety of micro-influencers, like the fashionista Kristal Heredia (currently with 90k followers, although at the time she had only 14k), to put their clothes on display on her feed. Her post got over 3,000 likes, 130 comments, and a glowing engagement rate of 25.1%.


  • It allows for highly targeted marketing.
  • Engagement rates tend to be higher with micro influencers.
  • The rate of micro-influencers is also far lower, and you’ll be able to host more campaigns.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Use Micro/Mini Influencers

2. Hire a Brand Ambassador for Long-Term Brand Awareness

In another example of a successful influencer outreach strategy, we have Marc Jacob’s hiring of top-of-the-line Beauty influencer Nikki de Jager, also known on YouTube as NikkieTutorials, as their new brand ambassador. This collaboration has huge long-term potential when it comes to spreading brand awareness as she is charged with talking about their brand to her audience and her audience ‘to come.’


  • Huge long-term potential when it comes to increasing brand awareness.
  • Creative control of content is to be expected.
  • Contracts are a lot more flexible, and so are the rates.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Hire a Brand Ambassador

3. Establishing Connections with Influencer Early

A good strategy to always keep in mind is to establish connections with influencers as early as you can. Not only communicating with influencers publicly good for your brand’s public image, but it’s also a great way to plant seeds for future collaborations. So, set up a brand social media account now (if you didn’t have one already) and assign a social media manager that will boost your connections and push you ahead of the curve!


  • Great for establishing long-term relationships with influencers.
  • Has the added benefit of increasing brand awareness.
  • It also boosts your brand’s image to communicate with known influencers in your niche.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Establish nConnections with Influencers Early

4. Partner with People who Love Your Brand

Another ‘strategy’ that brands tend to forget is to partner with people who already use and love their brand. If the influencer is already known for talking about your brand, the collaboration will look so much more organic (which has been known to increase sales.) So, look around social media to see which influencers are already talking about your product and set up a big collaboration that their audience will no doubt enjoy!


  • The ad will look more organic in the eyes of the influencer’s audience.
  • Chances are, the influencer’s review of your product will be incredibly positive.
  • It also opens up avenues for a potentially bigger collaboration.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Partner with People who Love Your Brand

5. Consider Content Type Before Outreach

Before reaching out to an influencer, it’s important to take note of what kind of content you want them to post. For example, for an Instagram post, it may be standard to hire an influencer for a simple image-based ad. However, you should not forget the value of Instagram stories or video-based posts as well! A great example of a powerful video-based campaign is a collaboration between Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Their 9-part-video-based campaign is expected to result in over $30 million in profit.


  • Planning out your preferred content-type early on will make for easier strategizing.
  • There are pros and cons to different types of content to consider.
  • Taking advantage of the strength of a specific type of content can help you earn big.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Consider Content Type

6. Do Your Research on the Influencer

Of course, and this is pretty much common sense, you should definitely do research on the influencer that you want to reach out to before getting in touch with them. Not just their stats, which you can do with analytic tools (the example shown below is InflueNex), but also their content-type and their interests. This should hopefully ease your outreach campaign.


  • Eases the conversation during the outreach campaign.
  • Will help you plan the marketing campaign.
  • It makes it easier to connect with the influencer and their values.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Do a Research on Influencer

7. Use an Outreach Tool to Manage Conversations

If you don’t want to have to deal with long conversation threads on a possibly already-crowded business email, then you should consider taking your outreach somewhere else. For example, with the outreach tool InflueNex, you can contact influencers directly and manage your conversations as they occur — which is great for keeping tabs on communications with important business transactions.


  • An outreach tool makes the management of conversations easier.
  • A tool like InflueNex will also make it unnecessary to have to manually find their contact information.
  • The bulk outreach feature allows you to contact multiple influencers with easy steps.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Use an Outreach Tool to Manage Outreach

Part 2. Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Tool in the Market

Now that we’ve gone over the best influencer outreach strategies for 2019, let’s start looking into outreach tools! For our most recommended influencer outreach tool, we have InflueNex. This is the tool to try if you’re looking for something that will cover all your bases. That includes the following features:

Key Features

  • Outreach Email composer feature that will allow you to contact influencers on site.
  • Supports bulk outreach with communications management features.
  • It will allow you to connect with millions of micro and top influencers in your niche.
  • Easy-to-use search engine feature for discovering the right influencer(s).
  • In-depth analytics and stats page for all influencers on their index.

How to Use InflueNex for Influencer Outreach

Step 1. Use the Search Bar

If you’re looking to reach out to a very specific influencer, then the best tool to use is the search bar. With that, you can type down the influencer’s name (or the name of their channel, videos, etc.), to access their dashboard.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Use the Search Bar

Step 2. Use the Advanced Filters

If you’re still in the process of looking for influencers, then take advantage of the advanced filters offered on the search tool. You can use this to discover influencers based on their niche, location, language, subscriber count, etc.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Use the Advanced Filters

Step 3. Send Invitation to Start Outreach

Once you’ve found the influencer you want to reach out to, you can then use InflueNex’s Send Invitation button (found at the top of the influencer’s InflueNex dashboard.)

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Send Invitation to Start Outreach

Step 4. Compose Your Outreach Message

Keeping in mind the outreach strategies we went over in the first part of this article, you can now compose a message inviting the influencer to collaborate with you. Please note that with InflueNex, you can manage communications after they have been sent/received and save emails as templates to use for future collaborations.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Compose Your Outreach Message

Part 3. Another 5 Helpful Influencer Outreach Tools

For this last portion, we’re going to introduce 5 other outreach tools that you can use if you’re looking to startup an influencer marketing campaign. Not all of these outreach tools will be the same, and you’re likely to see a lot of differences when it comes to the features that they offer, however, any one of these can be used for either the initial outreach or throughout the campaign.

Most Helpful 5 Influencer Outreach Tools

1. Full Contact

First up is Full Contact, this is not a tool specifically designed for influencer marketing. However, it ended up being that way for many. See, just like with InflueNex, Full Contact can be used in order to manage your contacts and keep track of the influencers that you’re cooperating with. This can be used for FREE, but it imposes limitations that will greatly restrict your capabilities. Instead, you will probably have to consider one of their premium subscription packages (their starter package, at $99, allows 2,500 contacts.)

Key Features:

  • Centralizes all communications in one single platform.
  • Great for keeping track of the influencers in your care.
  • Provides different subscription plans for different user levels.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Full Contact


Next on our list of Outreach tools is This, much like with Full Contact, was designed for the initial outreach. It’s not as feature-rich as some of the other outreach tools out there. However, if you’re struggling to find the email address of the influencers you want to collaborate with then this is the tool for you. With this, you can find an influencer’s contact information in order to perform the actual outreach.

Key Features:

  • Email Address locator (provides the email address connected to a domain.)
  • 100 searches available for FREE each month.
  • Available as an easy-to-use plugin for most browsers.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools -

3. Ninja Outreach

Next is Ninja Outreach. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular outreach tools available in the market right now. It’s big for influencers and brands of all kinds as it will allow you to automate your outreach completely. Whether it be looking for influencers you want to collaborate with or actually getting into contact with them and managing those conversations.

Key Features:

  • FREE trial available for testing out all of its features.
  • Works for Instagram and Twitter-based Influencers.
  • Communicating with influencers can be performed directly on the platform.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Ninja Outreach

4. Outreach Plus

Again, we have another popular outreach tool in Outreach Plus. Yet again, we have an outreach tool that was designed very specifically in order to start successful outreach campaigns and manage the influencers that you want to collaborate with.

Key Features:

  • Locates emails for outreach.
  • Live-monitoring of results are available
  • All sent outreach emails and the responses are stored in one central inbox.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - Outreach Plus

5. BuzzStream

Last on our list of outreach tools is BuzzStream. Again, whilst BuzzStream was not necessarily created for influencer outreach, it will allow you to find influencers, get their contact information, and manage your transactions. It’s also known for its ability to provide the stats and analytics of influencers that you’re working with, which is always good when setting up or managing the results of your outreach strategies.

Key Features:

  • Locates influencers and provides their contact information.
  • Central inbox available for managing outreach messages (sent/received.)
  • Stats and Analytics dashboard provided for all influencers in their database.

Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Strategy and Tools - BuzzStream


Don’t be afraid to experiment with the strategies we mentioned in the beginning and don’t forget to take advantage of outreach tools like InflueNex along the way! You’ll never know what type of outreach strategy will win you the public awareness that your brand needs, so don’t hesitate and get in while the market is sizzling hot!

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 11,2019 11:18 am
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