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Content Marketing is a thing of the past, or so some may say. However, it’s seeing a significant revival with the enforcement of influencer outreach! As consumers grow smarter and pickier about the products that they’re using, it becomes ever more important to increase brand and product awareness in ways that will be taken as ‘organic’ by the general populace. This can be done quite easily by reaching out to influencers and pushing for content marketing to be your number one goal.

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Part 1. Influencer Outreach Saves Content Marketing

Influencer outreach is usually taken as a process meant to persuade influencers to participate in a collaboration. However, that is not always the case! Sometimes, influencer outreach can simply mean reaching out to someone who has authority on a specific subject and helping them create their content in a way that will benefit your own brand’s public image. It’s a very tricky process, but if done properly, this can lead to an effective content marketing campaign.

5 Reasons why Influencer Outreach Saves Content Marketing

1. The Sharing of Information

A large part of content marketing is reliant on the person of authority having information on the subject or product in question. With the proper use of influencer outreach strategies, you can provide this information and make them more likely to speak about it.

2. Staying Organic

A lot of consumers dislike the idea of their favorite influencers being paid to talk about products. In this sense, content marketing that is helped along by perfectly timed outreach wins out naturally.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

Even if the influencer does not end up sharing information on your product. Influencer outreach can lead to potential growth for the future as it increases brand awareness in the influencers that you contact.

4. Stimulates Interests

No matter how small the spotlight on your brand ends up being, even a small mention from an influencer can stimulate interest in the consumer and help you close the deal on a future sale.

5. Foot in the Door Effect

Going back to our last statement, influencer outreach that leads even to the subtlest and smallest content marketing campaign can cause what is called the ‘foot in the door’ effect. This psychological effect can help close deals on future (and potentially larger) marketing campaigns.

Part 2. Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Templates for Content Marketing

In the next part of this article, you will be introduced to a couple of templates that can simplify the influencer outreach stage and encourage a successful content marketing campaign! Each template will have their moment to shine as we break down how the template is meant to be used and what the benefits are of using said templates.

Top 5 Influencer Outreach Templates for Content Marketing

1. Expert Opinion Template

When reaching out to an influencer for content marketing, asking them to provide a statement is one of the best possible ways to go about it. The template below shows one way that you can make this happen without coming off as rude or demanding. Remember, in this case, you are asking to be spared time that the influencer may or may not have. Still, it’s not a bad move if you need testimonies to push yourself out there.


  • Having expert testimony from a known-influencer will make your content more credible.
  • If done correctly, you’ll be able to offer evergreen content to push to your audience.
  • It will encourage a working relationship that can lead to potential collaborations.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Expert Opinion Template

2. Warm Approach Template

In some cases, the best way to go about your outreach is to dive in with a warm and personalized approach! This is shown in the template below, where the writer starts off by mentioning the fact that they have been following this influencer for quite some time before heading into the actual point of the email.


  • Being courteous and kind can get you far.
  • The template does a good job of being both to-the-point and sparing no detail unsaid.
  • Writing personalized email to target influencer improves your success rate.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Warm Approach Template

3. Mutually Beneficial Template

With the template below, you are promising benefits in exchange for a review (and thus promotion) of your product. You’ll see a lot of influencers these days claiming that they were “reached out to by a brand to review their product…” but that the video was in no way a “sponsored post…” In all likelihood, a message, like what is shown below, was sent to the influencer promising them FREE products to use and giveaway (in exchange for a review — positive or otherwise.)


  • This will encourage the influencer to talk positively or kindly about your brand.
  • The giveaway portion of the message also helps with stimulating interest.
  • This kind of collaboration looks more natural than the sponsored posts.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Mutually Beneficial Template

4. Personalized Approach Template

We already discussed previously how sending a ‘warm’ message will encourage more positive relationships. With the personalized influencer outreach email, you'll be able to able write more specific to the influencer, and make your goal more clear. The template below shows this in action by starting out with a warm message about the writer’s thoughts on the influencer and their content. It also doesn’t introduce any expectations and focuses more on establishing a connection between two parties.


  • It comes off as very kind and companionable.
  • This template is meant to encourage long and friendly working relationships between brands and influencers.
  • A influencer-specific collaboration email helps to increase your success rate.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Personailized Approach Template

5. Send Notice for Created Content

This template is not used for the first-time connection, it's a notice after establishing campaigns with the influencer. It works for all the campaigns the influencers have created for you. With this template, you can ensure that the content you create will be shared on the influencers' channels.


  • This will increase awareness of your own published content.
  • This template establishes a positive relationship between you and the influencers.
  • This template will make your brand closer to the influencer's audience.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Send Notice for Created Content

Part 3. Most Helpful Influencer Outreach Tools for Content Marketing

For this last portion, we’re going to cover 5 influencer outreach tools that you can use along with the templates that we listed to connect with influencers for attempts at content marketing. Despite these tools having similarities when it comes to their purpose, they can’t be any more different from each other. So, keep that in mind as we go through them one by one.

5 Helpful Influencer Outreach Tools for Content Marketing

1. InflueNex


Our first pick on the bunch is InflueNex. This is an all-in-one influencer marketing tool, and it features on influencer search, influencer management, influencer analysis, effect tracking and more. With the help of InflueNex, you're able to make the whole collaborating processs much easier. The key features of InflueNex are listed below:

Key Features:

  • Search influencer and find their contact information with easy clicks.
  • Built-in influencer email contacting form to help you contact influencers directly.
  • Advanced influencer management system to help you manage influnecers with customized groups.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - InflueNex

2. Ninja Outreach


Ninja Outreach is also a helpful influencer marketing platform. It’s a tool designed for both marketers and influencers that are interested in content marketing. With this tool, you can automate and simplify your outreach process — helping you reach more people than you could have reached without it. Ninja Outreach comes with the following functions:

Key Features:

  • Influencer search engine for both Instagram and Twitter.
  • Automated outreach messaging for easy marketing.
  • Outreach management functions for processing business collaborations.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Ninja Outreach

3. Full Contact


Full Contact is going to be a bit different from the two tools that we just mentioned. See, instead of being an ‘outreach manager,’ Full Contact is better described as a contact information manager! It pulls together all your contacts from various networks and compounds them all in an easy to use ‘address book’ for your outreach process.

Key Features:

  • Automatically compiles contacts from a variety of social networks and platforms.
  • Offers functions for tracking and monitoring your contacts.
  • It has a large contact information database that helps you to establish collaboration easily.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - Full Contact

4. BuzzStream


BuzzStream is closer to the first two programs that we discussed. It’s primarily an influencer search engine meant to be used for discovering influencers to collaborate with. However, it does also act as a ‘centralized database’ that you can use in order to store email addresses and keep track of outreach progress.

Key Features:

  • Acts as a centralized database for contact information (much like Full Contact.)
  • It can also be used for discovering new influencers to work with.
  • There are extra functions provided for keeping track of outreach progress.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing - BuzzStream



For the last tool on our list, we have It’s not as complicated as a lot of the other tools on this list, but that’s what makes it works so well! is a browser plugin that you can install in order to discover the email address of those you are interested in reaching out to.

Key Features:

  • It’s available for FREE (limited use only.)
  • Capable of extracting contact information.
  • This platform works well online.

Influencer Outreach in Content Marketing -


Influencer Outreach can be the one thing that will keep your content marketing strategies alive! You just have to be fervent about it! Of course, if you’re concerned about the amount of work that this will inspire, feel free to try out one of the tools that we recommended at the very end! Using something like InflueNex or taking advantage of one of the templates that we shared should ease the demands of the market somewhat! So, make your move now while you still can.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 14,2019 15:20 pm
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