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10 Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies

in 2019

Sometimes, deciding on the best marketing strategy may require that you do some research on your own. The same thing goes for those who want to see success in influencer outreach. So, take a look at the 10 best influencer outreach case studies in 2019 examples we’ve compiled below, and stick around till the end to learn how you can put these strategies into practice for promoting your own brand/product.

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Part 1. 10 Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies in 2019

Case studies are a great way of seeing whether or not making use of certain strategies will work for you or not. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways of seeing the results of a campaign, and even if you don’t get to see what goes behind the campaign, the results tend to speak for themselves! That is why we’ve compiled a couple of influencer outreach case studies for you down below.

Top 10 Influencer Outreach Case Studies

1. #AmexAmbassadors Instagram Campaign


American Express recently began hiring influencers and celebrities alike in order to begin promoting their platinum cards. One of their chosen #AmexAmbassadors is a known influencer named Keke Palmer. She was hired to post sponsored content of her enjoying her life to the fullest. Her post alone was able to receive over 50,000 likes, and despite not having that high of an engagement rate, it was still pretty successful at increasing brand reputation and awareness.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - #AmexAmbassadors Instagram Campaign

2. BMW’s #RoadToCoachella Campaign


BMW decided to push their way into the industry this year by hiring influencers invited to Coachella to share their #RoadToCoachella campaign. In the sample image below, they worked with known influencer Ross Butler (the post was able to receive over 500,000 likes!) Marketing during events has been seen to increase visibility during campaigns such as this (because everyone is paying attention to what their favorite influencers are doing), so it ended up being a very successful campaign.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - BMW’s #RoadToCoachella Campaign

3. Coca-Cola's #ThisOnesFor Micro Campaign


In other news, Coco-Cola recently launched its #ThisOnesFor campaign with over 14 Instagram influencers. The intent was for them to create a sponsored post around the theme of ‘who they would share a coke with.’ It ended up being pretty successful! According to MediaKix, their campaign was able to receive over 173,000 likes with an engagement rate of 7.8%.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Coca-Cola's #ThisOnesFor Micro Campaign

4. MeUndies Marketing Campaign


MeUndies launched a similar campaign after launching memberships in hopes of increasing brand loyalty and driving more sales. Their main social network channel of choice was Instagram, and they reached out to an influencer in a variety of different niches (fashion, fitness, and even travel!) In the end, their campaign was able to amass over 700,000 likes and received a 7.13% engagement rate overall.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - MeUndies Marketing Campaign

5. EOS’s Flavor Lab Campaign


EOS is well-known for its trendy lip balms and they aren’t hesitant to try new things with their influencer outreach! In a recent case, they launched a campaign on Instagram with over 35 influencers (spread out over different categories but primarily micro-influencers.) With over 15 million followers targeted, the campaign received 750,000 likes — although the overall engagement rate was pretty low (at around 3.30% overall.)

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - EOS’s Flavor Lab Campaign

6. Pantene #BadHairDay and #GreatHairDay


Pantene decided to go out of its way to promote its new Gold Series collection by launching an Instagram and YouTube video-based campaign. They reached out to almost 30 different influencers of various niches and breadth of influence, and with around 2.5 million followers targeted overall, they were able to receive over 50,000 likes on Instagram alone! The engagement rate was pretty high as well, sitting at 12.26% on average, which is expected for video-based campaigns these days.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Pantene #BadHairDay and #GreatHairDay

7. Fabletic’s #KICKBUTTLOOKCUTE Campaign


Again, we have another social media hashtag Instagram-based campaign. This time, with the clothing company called Fabletics. They launched their campaign after hiring 12 different female influencers (all of from different backgrounds — to promote diversity.) With only about 170 thousand followers targeted, the campaign received almost 60 thousand likes, and got an engagement rate of 9.41% overall.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Fabletic’s #KICKBUTTLOOKCUTE Campaign

8. PlayStation VR Headset Campaign


This is another one of those video-based campaigns (launched on both Instagram and YouTube) involving both micro and mid-tier influencers. Focusing on the Instagram campaign, they targeted around 200 thousand followers and received over 12k likes — with the posts receiving an average of around 3.64% per post.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - PlayStation VR Headset Campaign

9. Ancestry DNA #DNATravels Campaign


Ancestry DNA came up with a campaign that is wondrously filled with meaning by setting up their #DNATravels hashtag! They did a pretty good job staying true to the purpose of their brand, and despite being a relatively small campaign (with only a million targeted followers) they did a pretty good job. Overall, all the posts received almost 50k likes with an engagement rate of 6.10%.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Ancestry DNA #DNATravels Campaign

10. Wearing Warby Campaign


Warby Parker, a brand for trendy seeing glasses, launched its “Wearing Warby” campaign this year as well. They hired mostly micro-influencers and received 55k likes for all their posts (with the engagement rate at around 3.45% for all the posts.)

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Wearing Warby Campaign

Part 2. Outreach Influencers Easily with InflueNex

Now that you have an idea of what you can expect from influencer marketing through the case studies that we introduced, you can put it into practice by launching your own campaign. For this, we recommend InflueNex. It is, as we’ll be showing you below, perfect for influencer campaigns, as it provides the following features.

Key Features:

  • Influencer search tools for finding influencers to work with.
  • Outreach tools for quickly and easily contacting influencers.
  • Outreach management tools for keeping track of the campaign.
  • Influencer insights and analytics for research and strategy development.

How to InflueNex to Accomplish Influencer Outreach

Step 1. Visit Homepage of InflueNex

Go to, and click the I'm a Brand button at the upper right corner, then create an InflueNex account.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Visit Homepage of InflueNex

Step 2. Use Keywords to Find Influencer

Once you’re on the InflueNex website, you can proceed with your search for an influencer. A search bar is provided for typing down keywords, names and so on which are related to the type of influencer you want to work with.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Use Keywords to Find Influencer

Step 3. Make Your Search More Specific

You can make your search more accurate by using the filters provided. There're 8 filters in total, and you can select them for the search.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Make Your Search More Specific

Step 4. Contact Influencer

Clicking on an influencer from the results will lead you to their dashboard. Besides the influencer's stats, you can also click the Send Invitation button at the upper right corner to send the collaboration email to the influencer.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Contact Influencer

Step 5. Write Your Outreach Message

InflueNex offers a email service for you to contact influencer. You'll only need to finish the email and click the Send button to send the outreach email to the influencer.

Best Influencer Outreach Case Studies - Write Your Outreach Message


Because influencer marketing is still relatively ‘new,’ there is still a lot that we can learn from it! Strategies are changing every day, and as a marketer, it’s important that you keep track of them! Still, even the classic examples we introduced in the list of case studies above should be more than fine for starting out. So, don’t be afraid to start experimenting today, and take advantage of tools like InflueNex to simplify the process.

Written by Christine Smith on the Nov 15,2019 17:48 pm
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