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in 2019

Nowadays, most of the businesses do social media marketing to promote their brand, products or services. In the social media marketing, many businesses find out that it’s very difficult to target the right influencers for their business, and most of the businesses use a lot of time in the finding process. In this article, we’re going to introduce the most helpful influencer network services for business to target the influencers easily.

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Part 1. Most Helpful Social Media Influencer Agencies Online is one of the best influencer network services. It’s a very easy way to find influencers for your business on InflueNex. This website has over 1 million influencers in its database, and it offers you great searching features to help you target influencers easily. InflueNex is the best and easiest video market service finder website in 2019.

How to use to find a YouTube influencer

Step 1. Visit InflueNex and Create an Account

Firstly, visit within your browser. At the main page you need to login or create an account if you have not created yet. At the top right side of website click “Create an Account” option.

Influencer Network Service - Create an Account

Step 2. Sign Up with InflueNex

Now you will see a small popup box on the screen. Fill in the blanks and hit Sign Up button to finish the creating account.

Influencer Network Service - Sign Up

Step 3. Search Influencer

After creating the account you will be on the main homepage of the site. Now enter the search term which influencer you want to search. For example we have entered “Gamers” here. Now you can refine results using filters such as “Category, Country, Language, Subscriber, Price Range, Last Active Time, Avg Video View and Email”. Now click on the red color “Search” icon.

Influencer Network Service - Search Influencer

Step 4. Add Influencer to My Favourite

As we have searched for gamers you can see results of gamers in the screenshot. Now you can select anyone and mark it as favorite by clicking on the “Heart” button in front of every influencer.

Influencer Network Service - Add Influencer to My Favourite

Step 5. Enter My Favourite Tab

After selecting your favorite influencers you can find them in the “My Favorite” tab which is available at the top of screen. Click on it to enter in the favorite tab.

Influencer Network Service - Enter My Favourite

Step 6. View Detailed Information of Influencers

In “My Favorite” tab you can see all your selected influencers. Now click on the “View Profile” button to check their complete profile and if you like to connect with them then simply hit “Send Invite” option.

Influencer Network Service - View Details

Step 7. Send Email to Influencer

You can send an email to the influencer now. You’re able to write an email in any structure you want, and when you finish the email, just hit the Send button to send email to the influencer directly. The future communication will take place in your mailbox directly.

Influencer Network Service - Send Email to Influencer

Part 2: Most Helpful Influencer Network Services in the Market

There are many influencer marketing websites available on the Internet that help people to get the right influencer they want to cooperate with. We’re going to introduce the top 5 influencer marketing network sites in the following part.

1. Leaders


This website is one of the most popular video marketing services to help businesses in finding the influencers. Leaders has a wide range of influencer marketing network available on the Internet, and it offers a great influencer database which allows business to contact with ease.

Influencer Network Service - Leaders

2. PitchBoard


PitchBoard website is also very popular influencer network website where people can find the best influencers to promote their products and services. This platform also helps users to judge whether the number of followers of the influencer is true. Judging the real condition of the influencer is very important in influencer marketing as the numbers will business make decisions on choosing the right influencer.

Influencer Network Service - PitchBoard

3. Matchmade


Matchmade website is slightly different from the mentioned websites because it offers options for both influencers and advertiser to connect directly. Matchmade website specially developed to find the perfect gaming influencers for the gaming companies. This influencer marketing network website has a unique algorithm which matches the gaming companies the best gaming influencers according to the game of advertiser and audience of influencer.

Influencer Network Service - Matchmade

4. Collabary


Collabary website allows users to select from two types of services. On this platform, you can search for the influencer you need, or register as a creator to let the platform help you find business for cooperation. This video marketing service influencer site makes the connection between creator and brands straightforward.

Influencer Network Service - Collabary

5. Model Village


Model Village website is best influencer sites for finding the right influencers for the fashion industry. This platform offers you more than 5000 fashion models and the world’s leading modeling agencies. Model Village is really best for business related to clothing, footwear, etc. This platform has very strict guidelines so you must be the agency with over 1000 genuine followers on the Instagram.

Influencer Network Service - Model Village

Part 3: Most Helpful Influencer Database in the Market

Due to the popularity of social media sites influencer marketing is regularly growing now a days. Influencer database is really matter for the businesses because it helps them to reach their customer directly. Influencer database is actually software which allows companies to find the influencers around the world on different social media platforms. This software’s fetch details of social media accounts which have millions of followers from different niche and help business to search influencers at one place.

Difference between Influencer Database and Influencer Marketplace:

Influencer database is simply software or cloud based lists which contain data of influencers such as Email, contact, followers and social media accounts etc. This influencer database helps businesses to take necessary action to contact with influencer or not.

Influencer Marketplace is the platforms which work for the business and influencers at the same time. It connects the influencers and brands to work together. Using the influencer marketplace brands can directly give offers to influencers and then influencers can check these offers if it fits at the right compensation of their services.

Benefits of using an influencer database:

  • You can actually find the right influencer according to your business using influencer database because there is no count how many influencers are there in the world. Influencer data can directly find the related stuff.
  • There are various tools offered in the influencer database that helps you to compare different influencers according to the filters such as category, country, language etc.
  • Databases are actually available at very low cost.

5 Helpful Influencer Database Networks

1. InfluencEye


InfluencEye website is a very powerful influencer marketing websites which offers you accounts of influencers available on the YouTube, Instagram and some other social media sites. This website has a huge influencer database to find the relevant influencers. This website is paid but you can take a demo of the website to test its features and database.

Influencer Network Service - InfluencEye

2. Upfluence


Upfluence is another website for finding the relevant influencers from the social media sites. This website is developed by Kevin Creusy to help businesses to find the right influencers to fulfill their business needs. This company is present over internet since 2017 and regularly providing its services to the businesses. There are mainly two types of services offered by this website. First one is influencer marketing and second one is content marketing. Businesses can choose any service according to their business needs.

Influencer Network Service - Upfluence

3. NeoReach


NeoReach website is also a very nice influencer network site for finding the social media influencers across different platforms. On this website influencers are free to set their own influencing price as per their efforts. Usually these rates depend on per click basic.

Influencer Network Service - NeoReach

4. AspireIQ


AspirelQ is another powerful website that allows users to connect with millions of influencers on different social media channels. This platform was already very powerful and different from others when it went live first time. This software mainly offers three types of solutions: Influence marketing, fully managed campaigns and custom content for businesses.

Influencer Network Service - AspireIQ

5. Hypr


HYPR is a very advanced website which is based on the artificial intelligence. This website focuses on the success of both businesses and influencer. When mostly all influence platforms were focusing on finding the talent only that time HYPR started providing some advanced tools to the agencies and brands to analyze the talent of influencers.

Influencer Network Service - Hypr


With the all discussed platforms above now everyone can look for the best influencers for their businesses. Mostly all sites provides you influencers database but if you need to find the best according to the business category, location, followers, country etc then the website is best for you. This website has over 100 million users data from different social media platforms.

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