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Influencer Marketing in India

All Things You Need to Know

Influencer marketing strategy is currently trending. This marketing strategy has helped both new and existing brands efficiently reach their targeted audience. There are a couple of things worth noting down before handling any influencer marketing strategies. These tips and strategies are what will make you stand out from your fellow competitors. Check out the below tips for your influencer marketing India strategy. Make an effort of understanding these tips before executing any solution. This will make your brand stand out.

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Part 1: General Ideas about Influencer Marketing in India

There are numerous influencer marketing websites India platforms offering influencer marketing services. This has made brands and marketing experts curious on this marketing strategy. Generally, influencer marketing entails using an influencer to reach out to brand’s audience. Influencers attract huge followers on social media platforms. Brands should look for the right influencer who can interact with their audience.

There is a wide range of influencers across India to choose from. These influencers have specialized in different fields. Therefore, brands should look for influencers who have specialized in their field. Brands are required to present their marketing goals to their selected audience. Afterwards, the influencer will come up with the campaigns and post them on their social media platforms on behalf of their brands. Influencers are supposed to encourage their followers to try out the products they are marketing.

Influencers marketing strategies work differently for brands. Some brands attain instant results, whereas others have to wait for a while before they attain any results.

Part 2: Tricks and Tips about Influencer Marketing in India

Due to the growth of influencer marketing in India, brands should strive to stand out. Well; there are a couple of tips brands can use to enhance their influencer marketing strategies. Below are some of these tips worth paying attention to.

2.1 Defining your goals

All marketing campaigns including influencer marketing should have goals. These goals define the strategies brands are going to apply with an aim of attaining their goals. Brands should set both short term and long term. Brands mostly handle influencer marketing campaigns either three main reasons. It can be either introducing new brand, an existing product or about an offer. These goals direct influencers on how they should handle strategies in order to assist the hired brands attain the set goals. Your set goals also guide you on the influencers to hire. Influencers in India are specialized in different fields.

Influencer Marketing in India -Defining your goals

2.2 Identify your audience

Brands have different audience. All your YouTube influencers India experts encourage brands to identify a particular audience they want to reach out to. This helps brands strategize their campaigns in a manner it will attract the targeted audience. The products you are dealing with and location are factors which determine the audience for a brand.

Identifying the right audience simplifies tasks for influencers. It makes it easy for the influencer to connect with the audience at hand. Brands should always focus their attention on an audience who is interested in their products. Therefore, brands should conduct thorough research.

Influencer Marketing in India - Identify your audience

2.3 Carry out research on your influencers

The number of micro influencers India firms has drastically increased. Automatically, this increased the number of influencers to choose from. Influencers have different capabilities. This is in terms of their specialized field and the intensity of strategies they can handle. Therefore, brands should carry out thorough research on the potential influencers. The kinds of influencers you hire determine if your strategies will be effective or not.

You should also pay keen attention on the followers influencers have. Most of your marketing campaigns will target these followers. Please note that influencers in India charge different prices for their services. Always go for an influencer you can comfortably afford.

Influencer Marketing in India - Carry out research on your influencers

2.4 Conduct deep analytics on your selected influencer

Go an extra mile and carry out some research on your selected influencer. This is in terms of their general ratings. You should also check out how they were rated by their previous clients. This helps determine if the selected influencer can help your brand attain its goals. You should also carry out some research on the number of followers. Check out if the followers of your influencer have increased or remained stagnant over a specific time. A good influencer should attract more followers as time progresses. Go through the final report before determining if you will connect with your influencers or not.

Influencer Marketing in India - conduct deep analytics on your selected influencer

2.5 Learn about the aspects you should give up

All influencer marketing India statistics indicate that influencers love some sort of control. Therefore, brands should give up specific controls if they want their influencer marketing campaigns to be successful. Some brands want to command everything an influencer handles, including creativity. This is one of the reasons some marketing campaigns are not successful. Influencers understand the targeted audience more than the brand. Therefore, they should be given the freedom of choosing the content for their targeted audience.

Influencer Marketing in India - Learn about the aspects you should give up

2.6 Reach out to your selected influencer

Reach out to your selected influencer. It can be either through their social media handles or email. Go for a platform which guarantees you instant or quick response. State your reasons for reaching out if you are not using any influencer marketing platform. You should also highlight the category your brand falls under. This helps them determine if they will handle your task or not. Reaching out is the first step towards any influencer marketing campaign. You are not limited to one influencer. Brands can hire as many influencers as they deem necessary for their marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing in India - Reach out to your selected influencer

2.7 Check out their price range for a campaign

There is no fixed cost of influencer marketing India campaigns. It all depends on the influencer marketing platform you have used. Some influencers charge high rates when compared to others for various reasons. It can be either because of their experience in this marketing strategy or the weight their name holds. Therefore, brands should focus their attention on influencers they can comfortably afford. Brands should set a budget on the amount they wish to spend on this marketing campaign. Studies reveal that influencers who are compensated well thrive towards delivering excellent work. Please note that some influencers offer their services free of charge.

Influencer Marketing in India - Check out price range for a campaign

2.8 The drafting of marketing campaign

Brands should commence and discuss with the hired influencer on their marketing campaigns. All marketing campaigns have an objective. It can be either introducing a product or an offer. Therefore, your hired influencer should efficiently come up with a campaign that will help you attain your goals. These marketing campaigns are either blogs or videos. Afterwards, go through the applied campaign and determine if it meets the set quality standards. Your influencer will commence and share it on various social media platforms so that their audience can see it. It can be YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, among others.

Influencer Marketing in India - Drafting of marketing campaign

2.9 Analysis of the applied campaign

Some influencer marketing campaigns are effective whereas others are not. Therefore, all influencer marketing campaigns should be analyzed after a specific period. This helps determine if these strategies are heading in the right direction or not. The results of the analyzed influencer marketing campaigns determine if the marketing strategy should be changed or given time. Analysis of marketing campaigns should be carried out after a specific period. This is because some strategies take time to deliver results. The results of the analysis might require some brands to come up with new marketing campaigns.

2.10 Develop a relationship with your influencer

Some brands have a habit of only reaching out to influencers when marketing their products. Marketing is an endless process for all brands. Therefore, brands should learn to develop lasting relationships with their hired influencers. Influencers who have successfully handled marketing campaigns for brands are in a perfect position to deliver what brands needs. This also makes it easy for influencers to come up with strategies that will entice their existing audience. Therefore, brands should look for influencers they can comfortably afford for long term relationship.

Part 3: Tips on How to Find a Social Media Influencer in India

Are you still looking for a perfect social media influencer in India for your brand’s marketing campaigns? If yes, you are at the right place. There are a couple of ways you can identify a perfect social media influencer for your marketing campaigns. First, it can be through identifying the best influencer marketing platform in India and looking for the best influencer. There are numerous influencer marketing platforms in India brands can use to identify the best influencers. You simply need to create an account with your selected platform.

Afterwards, look for a category your brand falls under. Mostly, influencers are divided into categories. Clicking on the right platform increases the possibility of landing the right influencer. Reach out on the selected influencer and begin the marketing campaign. Secondly, you can find the right social media influencer by conducting your research on the internet. Afterwards, you must connect with the chosen influencer. Here, there is no a third party.

InflueNex is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in India. It has been offering influencer marketing strategies to brands across India. InflueNex has been offering marketing strategies on different fields. Therefore, any brand can benefit from these strategies. InflueNex has an easy to use interface. You should create an account with InflueNex to be able to use it. A brand must fulfill specific things regarding the marketing campaigns they need. Here is step by step guideline on how to use InflueNex to identify the right influencer

How to Find Social Media Influencers in India

Step 1. Log in InflueNex

Log in into your account and choose the category your brand falls under. These categories range from technology, style, travel, gaming, animation, science and personal products, among others. Here, influencers are divided into categories. Clicking on the right category increases the possibility of finding the right influencer. You can either choose the category based on your brand or the product you are dealing with.

Influencer Marketing in India - Log in InflueNex

Step 2. Using Advanced Filters

The second step entails using filters. Filters help brands identify the right influencer. This saves you from the tussle of clicking on various categories looking for influencers. There are numerous filters you can highlight. These filters range from language, country, prices and the number of subscribers, among others. Highlight the filters you desire before clicking on the search button.

Influencer Marketing in India - Using Advanced Filters

Step 3. Display Searching Results

After setting up the filters, you can hit the Search button at the right side of the searching column to start searching influencers. InflueNex will display the searching results in the homepage, and show the basic information of the influencer.

Influencer Marketing in India - Display Searching Results

Step 4. View Influencer's Profile

If you find an influencer you're interested in, you can click the name of the influencer to view the detailed profile of this influencer.

Influencer Marketing in India - View Influencer's Profile


Consider influencer marketing strategy today and take your business to the next level. Among all the influencer marketing platforms, InflueNex is regarded as the most helpful one. This platform enables you to find, manage, analyze and track influencers with detailed and accurate information. If you want to use a influencer marketing platform for your business, check InflueNex out.

Written by Christine Smith on the Oct 17,2019 16:42 pm
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