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Engagement in Influencer Marketing

The importance of influencer marketing has been on a rise over the past few years and it is becoming one of the most reliable methods of marketing nowadays. Influencers, especially on YouTube have been extremely successful in helping firms reach their influencer marketing campaign goals easily. It is better to contact influencers in bulk as it can help you to save a lot of time of singularly contacting each influencer and explaining your plans to them.

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YouTube influencer pricing is mostly based upon how great their YouTube engagements is and firms should also decide the right influencer based on their YouTube engagements. This is because, the more engagement an influencer has got on his channel, the better will be the performance of your influencer marketing campaign. Hence, make sure that you thoroughly check and research about the influencer engagement rate before finalizing on an influencer.

Part 1. What Does ‘Engagement’ Means?

The influencers engagement is made up of the amount of likes, dislikes, comments, subscribers and views that an influencer gets. The higher the engagement of a channel, the better will be the performance of the influencer. More engagement means that more people are actively interacting with the content in form of likes, dislikes comments etc. It is one of the most important metrics on YouTube that helps the content creators or influencers to understand how well their contents have performed on the platform.

Businesses use influencer marketing engagement rate in order to decide which influencer will be better and how much they should pay for it. There are a lot of ways to check the engagement but one of the most reliable data is provided by InflueNex, which is an influencer outreach and influencer marketing management tool.

Part 2. How to Check Engagement Rate with InflueNex?

A company and an influencer analyse the performance of the channel on the basis of engagement. Although there are a lot of tools that can help you to get these data, their accuracy can be questionable. In order to get the most accurate influencer engagement rate, it is better to use InflueNex. This is one of the best tools for contacting influencers for collaboration and will help you to analyze them properly with the help of influencers engagement rates. It has a lot of other features that make it stand out of other similar tools like direct influencer outreach, the ability to send bulk invitations etc.

Key Features:

  • This is one of the very few tools that offer influencer outreach program for its users. You can also use it to contact influencers in bulk in order to save a lot of time.
  • You can analyze any influencer by viewing their stats and engagements on this tool.
  • It has a vast library of influencers from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • You can search for any influencer without any issue and can narrow down your searches with the help of various search filters that are present on the tool.
  • You can create a personalized dashboard on this tool in order to manage your influencer marketing campaign properly. The dashboard will provide statistics of your campaign along with the ability to contact your influencers.

The following is a step by step guide that will help you understand as to how to find the engagement rate of influencer using InflueNex.

Step 1. Open InflueNex and register on the tool

On your web browser, search for InflueNex and register on the tool. On the home page, you will find a search box, use it to search for the influencer whose engagement rates you want to see. You can also make use of the search filters given below in order to narrow down your search and save a lot of time on finding the right influencer.

How to Check Engagement Rate with InflueNex? - Open InflueNex and register on the tool

Step 2. Select the right influencer

Now, you will get a list of the YouTubers that match your description. Choose the correct one and open their profile. You can also analyze the engagement rate in batch by adding them to favourites.

How to Check Engagement Rate with InflueNex? - Select the right influencer

Step 3. Check their engagement rates

As now you have opened their channel, you will be able to see all their statistics on your screen, including subscriber count, average views, and average likes and dislikes along with the engagement rate.

How to Check Engagement Rate with InflueNex? - Check their engagement rates

Part 3. What Actually Counts As Good Engagement For Influencer Marketing?

The right engagement rate of influencers can vary from content to content and platform to platform. Bigger YouTubers have a bit lower engagement rate than the small creators due to the fact that small YouTubers have a much more active and specialized community behind them. On YouTube, an engagement rate above 2% is considered to be great and can be suitable for a mid-scale influencer campaign without any issue.

YouTubers can be largely divided into 4 different categories and all of them have different average rate of engagements. The following are the various categories along with their average engagement rates.

  • Nano content creators (1k to 10k subscriber count) = 6.7%
  • Micro content creators (10k to 100k subscriber count) = 6.2%
  • Medium content creators (100k to 1 million subscriber count) = 5.0%
  • Mega content creators (1 million and above subscriber count) = 4.0%

As you can notice, when the subscriber count goes up, the engagement rate declines rapidly. This is because bigger YouTubers will be tackling more audience and it doesn’t mean that they will be having lower impact than their smaller counterparts. In order to decide the right influencer, make sure you analyze them properly on the basis of their prices and suitability.


Engagement rate is the parameter on which the efficiency and suitability of any influencer is measured. Engagement rate over 2% is considered great and can provide great results. You need proper research about the engagement rate as most of the influencers ask for the fee based on their engagement rates. In order to get accurate engagement rates, it is better to use InflueNex as it provides accurate statistics and engagement rates about influencers from all the major social media platforms. IT also offers a lot of other useful features that can help you to track your influencer marketing campaigns properly and it also allows you to contact influencers in bulk.

Written by Christine Smith on the Apr 20,2020 11:35 am
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